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23 Under Bed Dorm Room Ideas To Make Your Dorm Room Better

Going off to college is an extremely exciting time. You’re finally gaining some independence, you’re studying something that you love, and you’re experiencing life on your own two feet for the first time.

23 Under Bed Dorm Room Ideas To Make Your Dorm Room Better

However, there are lots of stressful things that come with college, and one of them is the lack of space in your dorm room.

No matter how hard you try, finding enough space for all your stuff seems to be an impossible task once you’ve got settled in. 

It might seem like a losing battle, but we promise you there are tonnes of ways you can utilize the space in your dorm room to make it feel bigger and we’re going to go over 23 ways right now! 

23 Under-Bed Dorm Room Ideas To Make Your Dorm Room Better

Most of the time, in order to come up with the best ideas, you just have to be a bit creative and think outside the box.

If you are struggling to come up with any ideas and you’re lacking in inspiration, then this list is definitely going to help you! 

1. Shoe Rack

If you have enough room under your dorm bed, why not turn it into a shoe rack? This is an especially good idea if you love shoes but you have absolutely no idea where to keep them all. 

A shoe rack allows you to keep all your shoes in one place and it’s a great way to keep them organized.

By having a shoe rack under your bed, you avoid your dorm room getting messy and your shoes are ready to go whenever you need them! 

2. Dorm Bed Skirts

This is a great idea if you’re looking for a way to hide your under-the-bed storage and give your whole dorm room a cleaner look (see also “21 Awesome Ideas For Guy’s Dorm Rooms“).

You can find lots of dorm bed skirts online and they come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can make them personal to your own tastes. 

Dorm bed skirts give the whole dorm room a cleaner look and if you have a lot of stuff under your bed, this is a great way to hide it all from view. 

3. Storage Cubes

If you like your space to be clean and organized then storage cubes are a fun way for you to go about it.

Not only are they great for storing all your things, but they also hide the space underneath your bed, so it looks cleaner and more organized. 

You can find plenty of different storage cubes online and they come in plenty of different colors and sizes, so you can make sure they fit in with your whole design aesthetic. 

4. Under The Bed Bins

If your bed is a bit low but you have lots of clothes and stuff, shallow plastic bins are a great option for you to try.

They are small enough to fit underneath even the lowest beds, and you don’t have to worry about keeping your clothes anywhere else.

You can fit more than one shallow plastic bin under your bed as well, and they aren’t too expensive to get hold of. 

5. Mirrors

Regardless of if your bed is high or low, mirrors are another creative way to hide the space underneath your bed. If you have a high bed, you can use a full-length mirror, which is absolutely essential for any dorm room! 

Even if your bed is low, smaller mirrors work great too because they give off the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. You can get quite creative with using mirrors in this way, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit! 

6. Mini Fridge

It’s pretty common for most students to have a mini fridge in their room. It’s convenient and a great place to keep everyday things instead of in the communal space where other people are more likely to use them.

But finding space for a mini fridge can be quite challenging, so why not use the area under your bed to store it? 

It will depend on the size of your bed though, so if you have a lower bed this might not be an option. If you haven’t got a mini fridge yet, make sure that you measure the space underneath your bed to make sure that it fits!

23 Under Bed Dorm Room Ideas To Make Your Dorm Room Better

7. Storage Crates

This is one of those ideas that is great because it’s not very expensive, there are many different options you can choose from, and when you get the design of your room right, storage crates are actually quite cute! 

You can place whatever you want in these storage crates as well! They work great for shoes, accessories, miscellaneous items, clothes, and much more! You are in full control over what you want to put in them!

8. Dresser Drawers

Dresser drawers are another great option, especially if you have a lot of clothes! They completely obstruct the view underneath the bed and they look sleek.

This is a perfect option for anyone who really wants their under-the-bed space to look organized and it also makes your bed look like it’s a lot bigger than it actually is. 

Lots of dresser drawers are quite expensive, but there are plenty of affordable options for you to look into too! Just make sure that you measure the area underneath your bed before you invest in them! 

9. Storage Trunk

Storage trunks are another amazing idea because they hold have so much space and they look super cute under your bed too!

They also double in use as an extra seat if you have any friends over, so you can just pull them out when you need to. 

This is a super practical option that has more than one use, without using up any extra space. It’s a sound investment that also makes your dorm room look organized and tidy! 

10. Fabric Storage Bags

If you want something a bit more practical, then fabric storage bags are the way to go. They are incredibly affordable and extremely easy to pack, and if you ever need to put them away when you’re not using them, you can just fold them up! 

This is a great option, especially if you are saving up for something a bit more expensive because they will do the job in the present situation.

They look really organized as well, so you don’t have to worry about them looking bad. In fact, you might like them so much that you will just keep using them! 

11. Shoeboxes

If you don’t want to use a shoe rack, then another great option is shoeboxes. This is a great way for you to store all your shoes so they don’t get messy and they won’t collect dust.

This idea is especially good for anyone who has a lot of shoes and cares a great deal about them! 

You don’t have to use these shoeboxes for shoes though. They also work great for toiletries or any miscellaneous items that you don’t want on full display.

Shoeboxes are incredibly discreet and they will make the underneath of your bed look clean and organized. 

12. Galvanized Metal Rolling Under-Bed Storage

If you are going for a rustic theme with your dorm design, then galvanized metal rolling under-bed storage bins are a fantastic option you can go for.

For most dorm rooms, they are the perfect size as well and they can fit lots of things in them. 

Whether you’re looking for clothes storage, shoe storage, or anything else, you won’t be disappointed if you go for this option.

They also keep everything off the floor, so you won’t have to worry about your things getting dirty. Because they are made in a rolling design, that means they are on wheels, so access to them is super convenient too. 

13. Collapsible Storage Ottoman Bench With Seat Back

This option is specifically designed for use in a dorm room. This style of ottoman be folded into not only under-the-bed storage, but also a fully functional chair, so if you ever need extra seating, this is all you will need! 

Considering it’s meant more for functionality, these collapsible storage ottomans are quite cute when they are in their chair form, and you’ll definitely get plenty of use out of them.

When they are in their chair form, you can still leave your things in them too! These collapsable storage items are incredibly practical and not too expensive either.

23 Under Bed Dorm Room Ideas To Make Your Dorm Room Better

14. Use A Tension Rod

This is a genius idea if you have a high-rise bed with lots of under-the-bed storage. All you need is a tension rod and you can essentially use it as an under-the-bed closet.

You can hang all your immediate items of clothing underneath and they won’t get dirty or crease. 

The effectiveness of this idea does depend on how much space you have under your bed though, so if you have a low bed, this may not be the best option for you, but experiment a bit and see how much space you have!

15. Fabric Shoe Organizer

This idea is very similar to fabric storage bags, but it is designed for shoes instead.

This idea is massively helpful for anyone who has a lot of shoes and it keeps them all in one place and completely organized. 

They are perfectly designed for small spaces and you can store more than just your shoes in these bags too! They are a great place to store your toiletries, for example. 

16. Platform Bed Frame

You will probably have to get permission from your college to do this, but if you do get permission, turn your bed frame into a platform bed frame.

These bed frames let you lift up your bed and store things inside. This is an especially good idea if you have things to store that you only need to use once in a while, and it keeps your space organized and tidy.

17. Repurpose A Bookshelf

This idea uses out-of-the-box thinking to turn an old bookshelf into under-the-bed storage space. All you have to do is take an old bookshelf and flip it on its back to create under-the-bed compartments.

Just make sure you measure the bookshelf before you bring it into your room! 

18. Use A Tapestry As A Bed Skirt

If you don’t like normal bed skirts, use a tapestry instead! You can find plenty of wonderful tapestries that come in lots of shapes, sizes, and most importantly, colors.

You can really make the space your own by using a long tapestry as a bed skirt. 

19. Woven Storage Boxes 

This is another idea for anyone who wants a rustic look. Woven storage boxes have plenty of space and they look beautiful as well. You won’t have to worry about keeping your under-the-bed space clean when you use these boxes! 

20. Vacuum Bags

Vaccum bags are great because they let you have even more space to store things. They are especially good if you have stuff to store you won’t be using very often and they stop dust, moisture, or anything else damaging your things!

21. Three-Tier Storage Cart

If your bed is too small for a three-tier, two-tier storage carts also work really well. Most of these storage carts come with wheels as well, so you can easily access them whenever you need to! 

22. Ottomans

Ottomans come in many different shapes and sizes and they are perfect for keeping under your dorm bed. You can keep whatever you want in them too and they keep the whole space looking clean and tidy. 

23. Foldable Laundry Hamper

You will need to keep a laundry hamper in your room, so why not get a foldable one you can easily keep under your bed? This will save so much space and it’s easy to assemble whenever you need it! 


Try some of these under-the-bed dorm room ideas for yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment a bit to see what works for you!

Simon Lewis