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Top 19 Hilarious White Lie Party Ideas To Copy

Have you been invited to a white lie party? Or are you planning on yourself? Perhaps you have never even heard about this kind of party before. 

If any of these are you, then you have come to the right place!

Top 19 Hilarious White Lie Party Ideas To Copy

We are going to tell you all about white lie parties, including what they are, how to organize an event like this, and some fun ideas for what you should write on your shirt. 

Keep reading to find out all about white lie parties! 

What’s A White Lie Party? 

A white lie party is (as you might’ve guessed), an event where the theme is white lies that you might tell others. 

Everyone attends the party wearing a white T-shirt, on the front of which you have written a white lie about yourself.

Most of the time, the lie is about something humorous or unimportant like “I don’t care about drama” or “I like to party”. 

People’s relationships, physical appearances, or inclinations are often the subject of the “white lies” they tell when they write on their t-shirts.

Other common topics include “I haven’t talked to my ex,” “I’m a natural redhead,” and “I hate attention.”

Planning A White Lie Party

If this party theme sounds fun, then you should use it at your next big event! 

Your main responsibility as the host of a white lies party is to ensure that all of the guests dress appropriately for the occasion.

Inform everyone in advance that they are going to have to write write a humorous fib about themselves on a simple white T-shirt to wear to the party. Luckily, this kind of outfit is very cheap, so people will be even more included to come!

People generally use a strong Sharpie marker to write their white lies on their clothes.

While this is the simplest and fastest option, some people like to go the extra mile and will have shirts made to order instead. While this will cost more money, it will make the outfit a bit more unique. 

You might also want to consider sending your guests some examples of amusing white lies that they can write and wear on their shirts. 

It’s possible that some of the attendees at your party have never heard of this kind of party before. You could forward them this post, or you could tell them to search the #whitelieparty hashtag on social media so they can see how hilarious it can be.

Ideas For Amusing White Lies 

Do you find yourself struggling to come up with ideas for what to write on your t-shirt? The following are some of the most creative and hilarious suggestions we’ve come across when looking at what people say at white lie parties. 

1. I Can Give Up Coffee 

How hilarious would it be to stroll into the party while wearing this t-shirt and holding a big Starbucks cup?

2. We Just Hugged 

This is such a fantastic T-shirt idea for a white lies party (see also “Amazing “Anything But Clothes” Party Ideas“), especially if your pals have been questioning you about your most recent hookup. 

3. I Have Never Been Committed 

The comedy in this one leans toward the gloomier and darker side, but for people who are used to your humor, they will probably find it very funny.

So long as you feel comfortable making light of the circumstances, this white-lies t-shirt concept is one that is sure to attract attention at the party.

4. It’s Called A Perm

Anyone who has ever had curly hair understands how exhausting it can be to continuously avoid the question of whether or not their hair is naturally curly.

For the white lies party, you may make light of the issue by writing “It’s a perm” on the front of your shirt.

5. I’ll Pay You Back

Do you routinely fail to pay back your pals for the goods or cash they’ve loaned you? If you walk up to the white lies party wearing this shirt, they will have no other reaction except to laugh at you.

6. My Stomach Is Not Very Big

This is a really humorous concept for you to try if you are not at all self-conscious about showing off your enlarged belly.

If you were wearing a shirt that was too small for you, making a joke about your stomach would be extra amusing.

7. I’m 5’11”

We can’t help but believe that this is one of the most hilarious takes on the classic “white lie” shirt concept for males.

It is general knowledge that 5 feet 11 inches are a height that many men claim to be, even if they are actually far lower than that.

If you are a short king, this is the shirt for you! 

Top 19 Hilarious White Lie Party Ideas To Copy

8. I’m A Size Medium

To tell this white lie at a party while wearing a t-shirt that is far too small is a humorous white lie party idea for everyone (see also “Hilarious Ideas To Bring To An Anything But A Cup Party“)!

9. I Don’t Like Blondes

Have you found that you tend to date people that fit a certain profile? That is an excellent concept for a white lies T-shirt then, wouldn’t you say?

This is such a fantastic concept since, rather than blonde, you could go for just about any other physical attribute that you typically go for.

10. I Can Drive 

This concept for a white lies t-shirt is sure to garner some chuckles, particularly if you are known within your circle of friends as the person who drives the most recklessly.

11. I Don’t Like Older Guys

This would be an extremely amusing white lies T-shirt concept for you to use if you have a thing for older men.

12. I Hate Attention

Do you feel the need to always be the focus of everyone’s attention? Putting the phrase “I hate attention” on your white lies t-shirt would be a humorous lie to tell.

13. I Can Stop Talking 

Do you feel like you talk too much? Or do you love to gossip with friends? Then you should definitely print this on the front of your t-shirt as a harmless little white lie.

14. I Have Not Broken The Girl Code

Have you ever dated a friend’s ex or family member? If this is the case, you have certainly violated the girl code.

As long as both sides can joke about it now, it would be hilarious to put this on a t-shirt. 

15. I Can Drink A Lot

Are others aware that you have a reputation for being unable to control your drinks? Pretend like you are not a lightweight for the night by wearing this shirt!

16. I Am Not Just With You For Your Money

How absolutely hysterical is this shirt? We love a good gold digger joke.

17. I Have A Normal Family 

This shirt’s message is quite obvious if you ask us! If your family is a bit rowdy and out there then this is the perfect white lie for you to tell. 

18. My Tan Is Natural

Do you apply a thick layer of self-tanner? This is a really funny lie to put on a t-shirt, especially if you have gone to get a fresh tan that week! 

Take it up a notch by wiping some fake tanner across it to really sell the lie.

19. I Won’t Post About You

Some people are very online, and make posts about everything and anything that is going online.

Whether your favorite platform is Twitter, TikTok, or anything else, this is a funny shirt for you to wear if people have seen your posts. 


White lie parties are very fun events where you and your friends can have a giggle about your lives.

It is all in good fun which is why the shirts never go too deep into secrets. The point of this kind of dress code is to have fun and laugh at each other (in a nice way of course!). 

If you are looking for a theme for your next party, then you should give the white lies theme a try! Try out any of the above white lie ideas if you are a bit stuck on what you should say.
Simon Lewis