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The Yellow Heart On Snapchat: What Does It Really Mean?

The world of Snapchat emojis can be equally thrilling and confusing. It’s super fun finding out where you stand in terms of activity with your friends.

There are several different emojis that will appear next to a person’s name on the app, many of which are symbolized by hearts. But what exactly do they mean? 

The Yellow Heart On Snapchat What Does It Really Mean (5)

Snapchat emojis essentially exist in order to show you how close you are to another user. For example, if you regularly send snaps to another person, chances are that you’ll soon see a heart next to their name. 

The thing is however, there are so many different emojis that it can be difficult to know what each symbol means. This is where we come in.

If you want to find out what that little yellow heart represents, we’ve got the answers. Simply keep reading below to find out more. 

What Does The Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat? 

So, let’s just jump straight in and answer the titular question, what does the yellow heart really mean on Snapchat? To put it simply, if you see a yellow heart next to one of your friends on the app, it means that you’re super close.

You love to send snaps to one another on a regular basis, and you feel lost when you don’t have contact with one another. 

The yellow heart essentially means that they are the person that you send the most snaps to, out of everyone else on your contact list.

The reason why Snapchat has chosen a yellow heart to represent this? We’re guessing because the color of the app itself is yellow. 

Why Has The Yellow Heart Gone Away? 

Sometimes, you might notice that the usual yellow heart that you see next to a particular user has disappeared. This means that you haven’t been interacting with your friend at the same frequency as usual. 

Perhaps you’ve been contacting and sending snaps and messages to another person instead. In this case, the yellow heart might appear next to their name instead.

The yellow heart is not a permanent fixture, and will change and move based on how often you interact with any given person on your contact list. 

How Long Will The Yellow Heart Last? 

If you’re wondering how long the yellow heart will stay on your Snapchat, the answer is two weeks.

Once you’ve become best friends with someone on the app after frequently exchanging snaps, you’ll see the yellow heart make its appearance. 

It will remain for longer than two weeks if you and your friend maintain your daily snaps. Infact, if you and your friend remain best friends on the app, the heart will actually turn red to signify this. 

If however, you start sending more snaps to another person, it will change and appear next to this person’s name instead. 

Can I Change The Yellow Heart? 

If you want to get rid of the yellow heart next to one of your contacts, there is a way in which you can do this. Perhaps the yellow heart isn’t your jam, and you’d like to have another emoji to signify your friendship instead. 

Don’t worry this is completely possible. In order to change the yellow heart, all you need to do is click on settings, then go to additional services, then following this, click on manage, then friend’s emojis. 

You will see a whole host of different emojis appear, that you can then select from. Perhaps you and your friends have an inside joke that is symbolized by an emoji, or a favorite food that you both share?

This way, you can choose an emoji that’s more symbolic of your friendship. 

What Do The Other Emojis Mean On Snapchat? 

Now that we’ve covered what the yellow heart emoji really means, we can move on to discuss what the other heart colors denote.

If you want to find out where you stand in terms of friendship with another user, simply keep reading below, as we’ve compiled a handy guide. 

Red Heart Emoji 

As we mentioned briefly above, the red heart emoji is the one which follows the yellow heart emoji. You’ll see this red heart make an appearance after you’ve shared more than two weeks of friendship with another user. 

This means that your friendship is super strong, and you both love interacting with one another on a regular basis. 

Double Pink Heart Emoji 

This is the ultimate signifier of friendship on the app. Many users won’t get to have the double heart emoji make an appearance on Snapchat, purely because they talk to a variety of different people and varying frequency. 

If you see these hearts, then you know that your friendship is the real deal. You will witness this emoji make an appearance after two consecutive months of interacting with another person.

This is Snapchats way of letting you both know that you’re besties. 

Purple Heart Emoji 

The Yellow Heart On Snapchat: What Does It Really Mean?

Another heart emoji that you might see on Snapchat, is the purple heart emoji. This heart emoji is a signifier of your birthday.

If you input your birthday on Snapchat when you first joined, it will make an appearance on the app when it’s nearing the date. This means that other people will be able to tell when your birthday is coming up. 

Blue Heart Emoji 

The blue heart emoji means that you have a friendship with a male. It is not necessarily considered to be a direct indication of gender, but rather a symbol of a platonic friendship between two different people. 

Black Heart Emoji 

The black heart emoji can be set on the platform to show that you’re going through a difficult time. Perhaps you’re feeling unhappy, sad, or upset, the black heart can be set to represent this. 

Green Heart Emoji

If you see the green heart emoji on Snapchat next to somebody’s name, this one means that they are environmentally conscious.

Perhaps they’ve been participating in some acts which benefit mother nature, or have a desire to change the planet for the good of mankind.

When they feel passionately about these subjects, they’ll place a green heart next to their name in order to demonstrate. 

Gray Heart Emoji 

Another kind of emoji that you might find on Snapchat, is the gray heart emoji. This one shows that you have an incredibly strong bond with another person.

This could be a romantic bond or platonic. Perhaps you’ve set the gray heart emoji in order to show that you’re close to a particular family member. This is a common one on Snapchat. 

Brown Heart Emoji 

If you see the brown heart emoji, it will often be used in conjunction with The Black Lives Matter Movement. This one was especially popular when the movement first began, and was a way for people to show their support. 

Smiling Face Emoji 

Another common emoji that you might see on Snapchat is the smiling face emoji. This one appears quite frequently on the app, and might be seated next to multiple different people.

It essentially means that you share a lot of snaps with this person, but you’re not best friends. If you see this smiling face emoji, it means that you and the other person are close. 

Sunglasses Face Emoji 

The Yellow Heart On Snapchat: What Does It Really Mean?

Another emoji that you might witness featured frequently on the app is the sunglasses face emoji. This means that you have mutual best friends with another person on Snapchat.

Essentially, one of their best friends is also a best friend of yours too. 

Grimacing Face Emoji 

This one is similar to the sunglasses face emoji, but means that their top best friend is also yours. The reason why the face is grimacing is to show that you’re both in competition with one another for that person’s affections. 

You both share snaps with the same top best friend on a regular basis, and are both considered to be a best friend of theirs. 

Smirking Face Emoji 

This one is one of the harshest face emojis on the platform, and only makes an appearance when you send less snaps to another person that they do to you. For example, if you appear as their top best friend, but they’re not yours. 

This means that you’re interacting more with users who aren’t them, and sending them more frequent snaps, subsequently granting you a different top friend. In terms of how you’ll appear on yours, this might be signified by a yellow heart. 

Birthday Cake Emoji 

This emoji is pretty self explanatory in nature if you ask for our option. Basically, if you see a birthday cake emoji next to someone’s name, this means that (you guessed it), it’s their birthday today.

If you see this emoji pop up, make sure that you take the time to send them birthday wishes. 

It’s an incredibly handy tool that Snapchat has employed that reminds you of your friends birthdays, which you otherwise might forget. 

One Hundred Emoji

If you take and send a snap on Snapchat for one hundred days, you will see the one hundred emoji make an appearance. This one really shows your love of the app, and that you enjoy using it on a daily basis. 

The one hundred emoji appearing essentially means that you have what is called a ‘snapstreak’. Some people make an active effort in order to achieve this emoji making an appearance next to their name. 

Fire Emoji 

The Yellow Heart On Snapchat: What Does It Really Mean?

This emoji also makes an appearance when you’ve been partaking in a snapstreak. This one, however, isn’t as long as the one hundred day streak that we mentioned above.

Instead, you can expect to see the fire emoji if you’ve been engaging in a snapstreak with another person for at least 3 days. 

Once the snapstreak finishes, you’ll witness the fire emoji disappear, so make sure to keep it going!

Pushpin Emoji 

The pushpin emoji is more practical than anything else. It essentially shows you when you’ve pinned a conversation that you want to keep at the very top of your feed.

You can do this for chats that you have with another individual person, or for multiple people in a group chat format. 

If you want to remember some important information that you’ve shared with another person, or perhaps even just a funny conversation you’ve been participating in, pin it to keep it easily accessible. 

Hourglass Emoji 

Snapchat can be helpful in all manner of different ways, not just for reminding you of your friends birthdays. Infact, it can also let you know when your snapstreak is due to end.

There is nothing worse than taking a snap 70 days in a row, only to forget about it one day and be back in square one. 

Thankfully, you’ll see the hourglass emoji each time this happens to let you know that you need to keep up with your streak. It will also appear to let you know that your streak with another person is coming to an end. 

Gold Star Emoji 

Another emoji that you might witness on your Snapchat is a gold star emoji. This emoji helps to let you know whether your snaps have been replaced by another person or not.

Perhaps you sent somebody a hilarious snap, and they’ve chosen to play it back to witness again, in this case the gold star will appear next to their username. 

This will also appear next to your name on their snapchat if you replay one of their snaps too. 

Baby Emoji 

If you see a baby emoji on the platform, this essentially means that you’ve just become friends with someone. If you’ve added a new user on snapchat, and they’ve gone ahead and accepted you, the baby emoji will make an appearance. 

The more you interact with this user after adding them, the quicker the baby emoji will disappear. You’ll then get another emoji from the ones listed above to replace it, depending on how often you interact with one another. 

Eyes Emoji 

You might also witness a pair of creepy looking eyes appear on your Snapchat. This one means that lots of people are rewatching your snap, or at least more than one person.

This means that whatever snap you decided to send, it was popular with other users, as they wanted to see more of it. 

Zodiac Emoji 

Another emoji that is witnessed frequently on Snapchat is the zodiac sign emoji. Zodiac signs help to tell us when somebody is in their birthday month.

As soon as their birthday begins to approach (see also “18 Unique Birthday Party Ideas Your Teenager Will Praise“), you’ll witness the applicable star sign appear next to their name. 

How To Delete The Yellow Heart Emoji On Snapchat

There are a few different ways that you can remove the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat if you don’t want it to appear there anymore.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply block the user, then unblock them quickly afterward. This will make the yellow heart disappear. 

In addition, you can cease snapping the other person, or change the emoji using the method we outlined earlier. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the yellow heart emoji essentially means that you’re best friends with another person. You and the other person snap each other on a regular basis.

If you maintain this regular snapping for more than two weeks, the yellow heart emoji will turn to two pink hearts instead. Keep the friendship going for two months, and the heart will change to red. 

Simon Lewis