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Teen Hand Signs That You Should Know

Raising a teenager can be confusing and worrying, especially as trends change and life is so much different from when you were growing up.

Teen Hand Signs That You Should Know

One of the ways teenagers communicate these days is through hand signals. Understanding these hand signs can help you understand your child more and get a better insight into what they’re communicating to the world.

As a parent, it’s important to notice the changing attitudes and behaviors of teenagers so you can make good decisions for them and communicate with them effectively.

To help you do so, we’ve created this guide to show you common teen hand signs and their meanings.

1. Applause

A round of applause indicates support, approval, and good will. It’s popular and in style.

Clapping the hands together produces this expression. One expresses appreciation for a specific deed by making repeated staccato noises. It represents harmony and collaboration.

The younger generation prefers to judge the actions of others by this sign. By the way, it’s possible that your teenagers have become accustomed to appreciating your work via this indicator.

2. Call Me Sign

Nobody is unaware of the significance of this sign. This distinctive symbol is used by people all around the world to convey a feeling of intimacy and friendliness.

The sign suggests that someone will be conversing on the phone because it resembles a handheld phone.

The thumb is held close to the ear and the little finger is pointing at the mouth. It’s widespread among young people. Therefore, if you observe this hand signal in your teens, you can feel at ease.

3. Come Here Hand Sign

Coming here is indicated in a highly formal way. With a few exceptions, calling someone is a positive action.

This gesture is made by curving the index finger in the direction of the palm. However, because the gesture is inappropriate in some countries, teenagers could use it to make others feel inferior or animalistic.

You can read your teens’ feelings and attitudes as they express themselves to determine whether they are taking a good or negative approach.

They are undoubtedly giving out a bad feeling if they are in a rough and violent frame of mind.

4. Crossed Fingers

You may have encountered the crossed fingers symbol innumerable times in your surroundings. That’s because everyone enjoys using it and it’s a common gesture.

This indication’s meaning is highly significant. It is used as a good luck charm.

Your teenagers might use it to send well wishes to their friends or special people.

Seeing your children interact with others in a generous manner might make you happy. But keep in mind that it’s considered quite offensive behavior in other countries.

5. Drinking Alcohol Hand Sign

This is another despicable act by your teens. For the sake of your kids, you must decipher the sign as quickly as possible. They get used to making these motions whenever they consume alcohol.

In fact, they encourage others to drink alcohol by sending out signals. They hold their little finger in this position with the thumb pointing in the direction of their mouth.

In order to suggest sipping from a bottle, the other three middle fingers are curled inward.

6. Eyelid Pull

Another positive indicator that you could observe in your teenagers is the pulling of their eyelids. This gesture denotes the readiness to flee any dangerous circumstances.

They alert others by lowering their lower eyelid even deeper and pointing one fingertip in a specified direction.

The kids’ accountability, integrity, liability, and other moral traits are in fact revealed by the sign. Therefore, if you notice this gesture in your teenagers, you shouldn’t look down on them.

7. The Fig Sign

When you make the fig sign, you place your thumb between two closed fingers in a closed fist.

Although there are numerous connotations that vary across nations and date back a long time, one of the most common ones is that of a penis entering the female genitalia.

Additionally, it’s utilized to mock other people, reject an offer, and ward off negative energy.

You must make every effort to get your adolescent son back on the correct path because the offensive intent of this gesture may be to tease girls.

8. Finger Gun

A violent and awkward hand gesture is the “finger gun” (see also “Protecting Teens – Why Stopping Gun Violence Is Important!“). Teenagers frequently make this hand motion.

The signal specifically conveys the feeling of wanting to kill oneself. They frequently exhibit such a worrying sign when a boy or girl experiences startling depression and feels apathetic toward leading a typical life.

They simulate a handgun with their hand to convey this posture, hence the name “finger gun.” If you manage to spot the indicator, you can protect your teenagers because it is perceived as a threat.

9. Fist Bump

Another common hand motion is the fist bump. It has a unique meaning that is clear to everyone.

Greetings are exchanged with others using the sign. This teen hand signal can be used by adults as well.

Fortunately, its significance hasn’t changed over time. There’s no reason to get upset if your teenagers have mastered the art of greeting others, because doing so is always positive.

10. Four Fingers Up Hand Sign

Modern youths frequently use the four-finger up hand sign. Football players typically hold up four fingers to announce to the crowd that they will win the game in the final period.

It’s a way for teenagers to express interest in something. Additionally, the desired item may be legal or illegal.

Every time a young boy or girl displays the gesture, it is seen negatively overall. It might be a display of destructive tendencies.

You should therefore keep a close check on them if they frequently make these gestures.

11. Hands Up

Not only is the hands-up gesture used to arrest an offender, but it can also be used to convey weakness. When teens submit to their friends or anyone else, they display this gesture.

This symbol shows a positive intention rather than a threat. When one is defeated, one gives in by raising both hands.

To be completely honest, this gesture is useful in every nation on earth. If you try to catch your kids for any reason, they might display this behavior in front of you.

12. Heart

The most well-known and widely used symbol on earth is the heart. Its significance will always be good.

This expression alludes to friendship and love for others. There is therefore no cause for concern if your teenager frequently displays it.

Every time a teen falls in love with someone, they frequently reveal this gesture. In addition to being in love with people, people can also fall in love with objects, scenery, media, costumes, and anything else, especially with things that are deserving of tremendous adoration.

13. Hole Sign

People with common sense do not enjoy the “hole” sign. They don’t like it because they are aware of the sign’s unfavorable connotation. But they have a really flawed conception.

The sign alludes to a silly game that youngsters frequently engage in. At the time of playing, they swap this sign with a specific message.

Playing the circle game, represented by the hole sign, seems to be popular among the younger population.

14. Hook ‘Em Horns

The sign is not as bad as it may seem. If they exhibit this behavior, you shouldn’t be concerned. The meaning of this hand signal is quite straightforward and condensed; it just signifies enjoyment.

The sign means “rock on” in a nutshell. It is utilized at events like concerts and celebrations. The motion can also easily draw the attention of others.

15. I Love You

The sign “I love you” is self-explanatory. Its significance is akin to that of the heart symbol.

Teenagers frequently use this sign to communicate their affection, feelings, and love.

The youth prefer to use it because it is a kind gesture and helps them express what is on their minds. It is derived from American Sign Language and is simple to understand.

16. Ice In My Veins

The teenagers convey their maturity, bravery, and composure with this hand gesture. It mostly clarifies something trustworthy and reputable.

The younger generation uses it to demonstrate to others their ability to maintain composure under duress. It also describes the capacity to deal with trying circumstances.

A professional athlete reaches out to this symbol to reveal a deeper aspect of themselves. They use this motion to check their pulse and show their followers that they are completely honest.

It might also indicate something bad. But each person will interpret it differently. You should, above all, view it favorably.

17. Loser Hand Sign

Everyone is familiar with the loser sign. Since it has been widely utilized all over the world for decades, you might already be aware of this.

This symbol has been used quietly by the younger generation to degrade others. It expresses someone who is a loser specifically. The letter “L” is a symbol for the word “loser.”

The thumb and index finger are used to make this symbol. The palm is facing the viewer. The symbol can be interpreted either positively or negatively. However, most of the time, teenagers misuse it.

18. Middle Finger Sign

One of the most popular hand gestures among teens is the middle finger. It has an offensive and severe meaning.

In the event that your kids frequently use such offensive gestures, you should be worried about them. To use this phrase is to suggest violent sexual penetration.

To serve as an example, the sign displays expressions of anger, dissent, and exhilaration.

When your kids start to display these negative behaviors, you need to take extra care of them in order to get them back on the right track.

19. Money Gesture

One of the main causes of conflict between parents and teens is money. The teenagers talk about money using this sign. As a result, it is also known as the “Pay Me” gesture.

They subtly request money by running their thumb over the tips of their middle and index fingers. Coin-running is another way to convey this gesture.

Do not be alarmed; it does not imply that they are engaged in theft or robbery. It is a legitimate symbol that is widely used all over the world.

20. OK Sign

Both good and bad things can be indicated by the OK sign. Positively speaking, it communicates agreement and obedience.

If you live in the United States, this implication applies to you quite well. Therefore, if your teenagers make this gesture, you don’t need to be offended.

However, if you reside in Greece, Brazil, or Spain, you may find this disturbing because it implies calling someone an asshole. In several western nations, it also denotes zero or nothing.

21. Open Palms

The significance of the open palm hand gesture is subconscious and psychological.

It is employed to imply adherence, transparency, and trust. It’s without a doubt among the best types of nonverbal communication.

This sign’s behavior is consistent with its intended purpose. Simply opening one’s palms expresses curiosity and admiration.

This motion may be imitated by your teens to convey their enjoyment, liking, innocence, and independence.

22. PIV

You may think of the PIV sign as a sexual sign. It represents the excitement of sexual acts.

One can suggest that they desire to insert their penis inside a vagina by making this gesture.

Others find it offensive and it’s an inappropriate position. Making a circle with the index finger and thumb of one hand reveals the symbol.

One attempts to convey the sexual proposal by slipping the index finger of another hand inside the circle. The constant movement of this sign could put young boys in risky situations in a variety of areas.

23. PLUR Hand Signs

The PLUR sign, which has one of the most striking meanings of all the hand signals, is deserving of the highest praise. The letters PLUR stand for love, peace, unity, and respect.

Of course, you’ll become very proud of your teenagers. If your children display this sign in front of you, you may imitate them.

It’s frequently used at numerous festivals and raves in different communities. There are numerous ways to convey these inclusive signs.

24. Peace Sign

A peace sign always connotes tranquility. Teenagers frequently use it as a staple.

They tend to exhibit this behavior regularly to convey the significance of their contentment and stillness. Through the peace sign, even maturity and composure are displayed.

The protestors, who were against the Vietnam War, would make this gesture. Since then, it has gained international recognition.

The youngsters took advantage of the opportunity to promote harmony and peace.

25. Pinky Up

Pinky up might signify a variety of things. It’s challenging to pinpoint a precise interpretation of its meaning.

In general, though, you might think of it as mimicking tea drinking. Your teenagers may also be experiencing new love if you notice them raising their pinky frequently.

In several nations, it also connotes anything ostentatious. This gesture can also be used to show affection for women. We may not be aware of many such crude and peculiar connotations.

26. Praying Hands

It’s time to talk about this accommodating and devoted gesture; praying hands, which is the most common way to ask for forgiveness, relief, regret, submission, and many other positively affecting goals.

This gesture is made by placing two hands at chest or head level, lowering the head toward the hands, and keeping the elbows pressed against the side.

This statement is used during religious prayers by all major religions. You should be pleased if you see your kids expressing themselves in this way since it shows that they are obedient and devoted.

27. Smoking Weed Hand Sign

Marijuana use is a bad sign for your teen. This hand sign’s meaning always makes you nervous because it makes it clear that your teen is involved in marijuana use.

They grip a joint with their thumb and fingers while making this sign. The other three fingers are raised. Bringing their connected two fingers to their mouths, they demonstrate pretending to take a hit.

28. Suck It Sign

The “suck it” sign is employed by many wrestling groups, but teenagers have recently taken a shine to it. It has a straightforward but important meaning. The symbol can easily convey hundreds of words.

This gesture is used professionally to convey supremacy over others. It all comes down to creating the letter “X.”

Anyone can use this signal to dominate others by clasping their hands together over their groin.

Your teenagers may regularly be seen flashing this message to anyone else.

29. Talk To The Hand

Teenagers frequently use the idiom “talk to the hand” in social media posts. It conveys disdain and contempt. They use this gesture to identify the individual they don’t like.

A palm extended in the direction of the person they despise the most reveals it. Additionally, this symbol can be used to openly insult someone.

If your teens exhibit it toward you, it indicates a significant communication gap between you and your kids.

30. The Shocker

The shocker is an indication of a sexual act. “Two in the pink, one in the stink” is how it’s referred to. A male will utilize this signal to pique a woman’s sexual interest.

The middle and index fingers are placed inside the vagina in this motion. While the other fingers are extended, the pinky finger is inserted into the anus.

If you see this bad behavior in your young child, you might worry about his morals and general way of life.

31. Thumbs Up And Thumbs Down

The majority of people use these gestures. Adults can also utilize these indicators to guide themselves in the proper direction, in addition to teenagers.

A thumbs-up sign indicates approval of something specific, whereas a thumbs-down sign suggests dislike.

These signs are produced by extending the thumb upward and downward. You must make these motions with great enthusiasm if you want to understand your teenagers’ minds.

32. Two Fingers Peace Sideways

The same meaning of peace is conveyed by the sideways peace sign. Although it is a more urbanized version of the true peace sign, It was originally used to get someone’s particular attention.

When they find someone they like, teenagers love to flash this signal. It’s unquestionably a good indicator, so you can feel happy if you see it in your teenagers.

33. Two Fingers Together

A creative sign is two fingers joined together. It is widely used in daily life to demonstrate shyness. Teenagers are free to use this symbol whenever they are embarrassed to express their thoughts out loud.

Additionally, it is used to express one’s emotions when one is preoccupied with work. You can maintain your composure if you notice the sign in your teen because it denotes an innocent person.

34. Two-Finger Salute

Most people equate the two-finger salute with the two-finger peace. But the meaning and expression are completely different. This sign displays the back of the fingers, whereas the peace sign displays the front.

On the other hand, it denotes utmost fidelity and submission to someone. The symbol can sometimes have clear significance.

35. V Sign

Depending on the nature of the presentation, the V symbol might have a variety of meanings.

Simply holding two fingers forward or backward in the shape of a V symbolizes victory. It truly draws attention to a person’s might and strength.

However, it bears malicious intent because the kids changed the sign’s original meaning. This indication is typically interpreted as suggesting oral sex by teenagers (see also “The Ultimate Guide To Giving The ‘Birds And The Bees’ Talk“).

It’s worrying. Therefore, you might need to take appropriate action to protect your child from dangerous habits if you happen to notice this signal from them.

36. Whatever

In dramas and movies, the whatever sign is used. The kids often mimic this gesture to indicate something irritating or pointless.

It is typically used to indicate something that isn’t worthwhile investing time and effort in

Additionally, it displays a lack of interest in anything. The thumb and forefinger of both hands are used in this motion, and it looks like the letter “W.”

If you compel your teens to do tasks, you might notice this indicator in them.

37. Zoltan

A common hand signal is “Zoltan”. All facets of society can access and embrace it.

Even famous people, religious leaders, and other notable figures display this indicator. That’s because it’s an indication of trust, dependability, and credit.

It is made by opening both hands’ palms and stacking the tips of one thumb on top of the other. Making the letter “Z” with both hands is the key to displaying the Zoltan symbol.

Final Thoughts

Every parent owes it to their children to keep a close check on their mannerisms, actions, feelings, and conduct.

Teenagers must be protected from undesirable habits and behavior that could harm their character.

Teenagers frequently use hand signals and other bodily gestures to convey messages. Additionally, the signs might carry many meanings depending on the situation.

They might try to communicate their arrogance, rudeness, intent, anger, and friendliness. However, you must understand the true implications as parents.

Simon Lewis