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Top 30 Creative Team Building Activities For Kids

The initial anxiety about meeting new people at the beginning of the school year is very tough.

Sometimes, you’ll see your kids searching for an old face or someone to relate to and find that they can’t figure out who to talk to in the room. 

Top 30 Creative Team Building Activities For Kids

Team building activities are one way that you can engage students and support those who are struggling with their communication and social skills.

We have compiled a list of some very useful team building activities for kids which will engage students and support those who struggle with building their social skills.

These games are suitable for the first day of school, as well as throughout the year to ensure that your students are building positive connections with their classmates.

Let’s get started!

1. Silent Line Up

Silent games are perfect for both parents and teachers!

There is nothing better than your kids being happy because they are playing a game, while also keeping you happy because they are being quiet! 

In this game, students have to line up based on certain facts about themselves. This can be anything from birthdays or age. 

2. Hula Hoop Pass

In this team building activity, the students will need to use their bodies to pass a hula hoop. It is perfect for shy kids, as it provides them with an activity that they have to collaborate on. 

To play, put a hula hoop on the art of the first person in the line.

The students will need to get the hula hoop down the line without letting go of each other’s hands. This will certainly result in plenty of laughter! 

3. Team Scavenger Hunt 

This is a great team-building activity for kids. These scavenger hunts require teamwork and communication skills.

To play this game, you will need to divide the students into 3 or 4 teams and provide the kids with clues to see who can solve the scavenger hunt the quickest.

4. Trust Ball 

Trust ball is another great game for kids. It encourages them to work together as a team and utilize their teamwork skills. 

In this game, students will be required to stand in a circle and pass the ball around without using sounds or words.

The game aims to pass it to everyone without it being dropped. If it drops, they will have to start again! 

You can encourage the students to compete over how many times they can pass the ball without dropping it.

5. Build It Challenge 

Teamwork is a very good way to improve team-building skills among kids, and this game is very teamwork based. 

You will need to fill baskets with lots of random items, such as sticks, tape, and popsicles.

The students will then be encouraged to build the tallest tower using the materials that they have been given.

Compare the towers of each team, and the team who has made the tallest tower wins! 

6. Blind Mice 

This game is perfect for testing the teamwork and problem-solving skills of your kids. To set up this game you will need to organize an obstacle course and break the students up into different teams. 

One member of the team will be required to complete the obstacle course, and the others will give verbal instructions to get them through the course. 

7. Lego Challenge 

Lego is a great toy that all kids absolutely love! It is also a great tool to use in team-building exercises. 

Break your students up into different teams and challenge them to create a certain structure within the time limit. Be creative with the things you ask the kids to build! 

8. Community Projects 

Community projects are a perfect way to build on the kids teamwork skills, while also providing a service to others.

Kids will definitely build communication skills while they are doing something good for the local community!

9. Relay Races 

Relay races are perfect for team building as they encourage the kids to cheer each other on. It is also very fun and challenging for the kids.

You can play lots of different relay races, including hurdles.

10. Marshmallow Challenge 

This activity is very simple in theory but difficult in reality! Teams will have to build a tower using marshmallows and toothpicks. They can also use string and tape. 

The team that has built the tallest standing tower wins the competition! 

11. Lean Walk Challenge 

The lean walk challenge is a great team-building activity. You will need to mark out a finish line and put the kids into pairs. 

The students will then be required to lean on each other and attempt to get themselves to the finish line. This will be done shoulder-to-shoulder. 

12. Compass Walk 

The compass walk activity requires a large amount of trust. This game requires you to split the kids up into pairs.

Students will need to rely on the guidance of their partners. You should give them a certain object to walk towards, and one of the students should close their eyes or be blindfolded.

Their partner will then need to walk alongside, guiding the students in the right direction.

13. Rock Paper Scissor Challenge

This is a great team-building activity! For this game, you will need to split the kids up into pairs. The pairs will start out playing a round of rock, paper, and scissors.

The winner of each pair will then play each other, and the kid who loses the round will then be the cheerleader of their initial partner. 

Eventually, you should have two people competing for the winning title, and everyone else should be supporting the people they lost to!  

14. Shrinking Classroom 

This game requires you to divide your class into two groups. You should use ropes to lay out boundaries for each group.

Then you can begin moving the rope to make the classroom much smaller, forcing the students into a very small space. 

The kids will have to work together to figure out how to fit into the smallest space!

15. Making Connections 

In this game, students are required to complete a task while looking for common interests with the other students.

You will need to choose one student who can start the connection, and this student will need to stand with one hand on their hip, and then speak the statement about himself.

If this statement applies to another student, they should establish contact with the student. After this, this student should share a statement until everyone is connected!

16. Guess Who 

This game is great for team building as it requires listening skills, memorization, and communication skills.

In order to prepare for this activity, students will be required to write down one fact about themselves. The students will then have a set time to find and discuss their facts with their partners. 

The students will then be required to match most facts with the correct students. Whoever is able to match the most facts to the right students wins! 

17. Over The Electric Fence 

This game is great for team building as it requires the students to work together to find a way to get over the electric fence. They must do this while remaining connected to one another. 

To make the ‘electric fence’, tie two chairs together with a rope. The students should have a set time to work out how to get over the fence in the best way.

18. Escape The Classroom 

In this game, you should split the kids up into different groups. They will then be required to figure out how to escape the room.

This is the same as an adult escape room, but aimed toward kids! 

Place clues around the room for the kids to solve, and see if they can find the way out of the classroom!

19. Blind Artist 

This is a great team-building activity that requires students to rely on each other and trust that they will communicate well.

You should pair the students and have them sit with their backs to each other. 

During the game, one student will need to instruct their partner to draw a picture, while the other one draws the picture.

They will then need to compare their drawings to see if they are similar.

20. Falling Trees 

Falling trees are a great team-building exercise that tests the trust of the students.

One student is required to stand in the center of a circle and fall forward or backward.

As the student falls, one of the classmates will be required to catch them and push them to the other side of the circle. You should attempt to not drop the student! 

21. Build A Story 

This is a great team building activity that will help the students work together. It will help the kids develop their skills, and it can be played from a very young age.

Teams will be required to use their teamwork skills to write a story, and each student will need to contribute.

22. Crossing The Line

In this fantastic team building activity, students will need to figure out how to get across the line at the same time as each other.

This game requires a lot of patience and strong communication skills! 

23. Karaoke

Karaoke is a fantastic activity that will allow you to have some fun together, encouraging you to build up lots of bonds.

To play this game as a class, you should split the kids up into teams, and then each team will perform a song. You can encourage the kids to create dance routines, too!

24. Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries are a great way to get kids working together. They are also great fun! You can even have your kids dress up as the part that they have been given.

Make sure that you choose a kid-friendly murder mystery, because a lot of them tend to have adult themes running through them!

Choose one that is related to the interests of your class, to make it even more entertaining for the kids!

25. Thankful Challenge 

This is a great team-building activity for the kids that you can do a few times throughout the year. In this game, you should put the kids in pairs.

One student will be given a set time limit to find something in their room to give to their partner as a gift. The students will have to find and wrap this within the time limit! 

26. Card Towers

This is a classic game that lots of kids love to play, so why not make it into a team-building activity? Students should build a tower as tall as they can while only using cards.

27. Stack Cup 

This is a simple activity which requires some cups, string and rubber bands! It is great as a team building activity for kids.

The kids will be required to stack the six cups using the strings.

Each student in the team will get a cup and they are responsible for stacking this cup using only the string that is attached to it. 

The first team to finish stacking all of their cups will win the game. 

28. Straw Bridge Challenge 

This game requires the students to work together to build a bridge using the materials they are given. This can include straws and tape.

The teams should plan and build their bridges together. They should try to design them so that they can withstand quite a lot of weight! 

29. Another Tower! 

This game is similar to the others on this list that require you to build a tower. It requires students to work together to build a tower using tape and pencils.

Again, they will need to make sure that this tower can withstand a large amount of weight. Choose an object that you expect their tower to hold.

30. Paper Chain Race

In this game, students should race to make a paper chain that is as long as possible. Set a time limit, and see how long they can make their paper chains! 

Line up each set of paper chains at the end of the time limit to compare who has made the longest chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Team Building Important For Kids?

Team building is very important for kids because it improves their confidence, and makes them feel part of the team rather than an outsider.

Some kids are more forthcoming than others, so it is important to make sure that you are encouraging the kids who are not so confident to make connections in the classroom. 

Having a confident class means that they will support each other’s learning and it will lead to much happier and healthier students!

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! This article has compiled a list of the top team-building games for kids.

These games are all great fun, and they will help the kids to forge connections and become much more comfortable with each other.

These games are essential for the kids’ development, and fun for everyone involved!

Simon Lewis

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