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32 Fun And Exciting Pop-Up Card Ideas For Kids

Pop-up cards are especially popular among kids, as they’re a fun and exciting way for someone to show their appreciation.

Not only are they an exciting gift to receive, but they’re also fun to make too.

32 Fun And Exciting Pop-Up Card Ideas For Kids

While they may seem challenging, if you want to encourage your kids to make a fun pop-up card for a special occasion, then you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled our favorite pop-up card ideas for kids to make at home or school.

Here is a selection of 32 of our favorite cards that your kids can make for their parents, teachers, friends, or other relatives.

We hope you enjoy our selection of brilliant cards that your kids can show off to their friends. 

1. Dinosaur Pop-Up Card

There are so many different ways to design a dinosaur pop-up card. You could either focus on the face of your dinosaur or the whole body.

The most important thing is that you surprise whoever you make this for. A dinosaur card is perfect for any child looking to make a fun birthday card for their friends or family. 

2. Pop-Up Bat Halloween Card

Nothing says Halloween like bats. Scare your friends by giving them a fun Halloween card where a bat pops out.

You could also vary the size and include other design elements inside such as a haunted house. Using darker shades of purple and contrasting colors can make the bats stand out. 

3. Sunshine Pop-Up Card

While it is a simple design, it’s also fun for Valentine’s cards. Inside the card is a pop-up of the sun with a backdrop of clouds in the background.

Decorate the sun with googly eyes and smile at it, and this card will be a sweet gift for your loved ones. 

4. Pop-Up Pumpkin Halloween Card

You can make a pop-up pumpkin card for Halloween with ease. Use a piece of black construction paper, cut out a pumpkin, and turn it into a Jack-o-Lantern.

You can add a little ghost popping out of the top of your pumpkin to surprise your friends too.

5. Ice Cream Pop-Up Card

If you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, we recommend giving them an ice cream pop-up card.

You can give it to anyone of any age, and as they open the card, they’ll see an ice cream 3D effect. This is a great gift, especially for friends born in the summer. 

6. Pop-Up Butterfly Card

Butterfly pop-up cards are a classic design for anybody who likes insects. Inside the middle of this card is a 3D butterfly that will emerge from the card.

You can make this card as in-depth as you like by incorporating patterns on your butterfly’s wings. Whoever receives this card will be impressed with your dedication to making this card.

7. Peacock Pop-Up Card

While it may sound complicated, this peacock pop-up card is easy to create. It’s not too realistic and has a cartoon aesthetic.

This greeting card is fun to receive and create, it’s a fun design that you can easily incorporate into a simple card, and you only need a few different colors of construction paper. 

8. Personalized Photo Pop-Up Card

A cute idea for a pop-up card is to include a photograph of your child in the card.

This is a great card for a parent to receive from their child, regardless of whether it’s Mother’s or Father’s Day. This is a sentimental card that any parent will be happy to receive. 

9. Thanksgiving Turkey Pop-Up Card

Thanksgiving is a time for family, and what’s a better way to celebrate with your family than by giving them a pop-up turkey card?

To make this card, you must fold brown, red, orange, and yellow construction paper. The biggest challenge is decorating the turkey.

You can even display these on your Thanksgiving table, depending on how many are visiting.

10. Reindeer Pop-Up Card

No Christmas gathering is complete without you giving out Christmas cards.

We recommend making an adorable reindeer pop-up card with a white base. However, you can also use a green base and include flecks of white paper for the snow.

You can include different colors for your trees to make the colors pop.

Not only is this fun for your kids, but it can be a fun bonding day for the whole family as you make and write Christmas cards to send to others. 

11. Pop-Up Flower Card

There are many types of pop-up flower cards; you can make them with as much detail as you want.

You can position your flower in the center of your card using any color you prefer. A blooming flower will appear when you give it to your loved one.

The best thing about this card is that you can give it to anyone for any occasion too.

12. Handprints And Hearts Pop-Up Cards

Whether you want to give this card to your parents or grandparents, there’s nothing more sentimental than handprints and love hearts.

This pop-up card is perfect for younger members of your family, as you can involve them in making their handprints.

At the same time, you focus on building the love hearts to pop out at your relatives. 

13. Pop-Up Bunny Card

When you think of Easter, one of the first things that come to mind is the Easter bunny.

We recommend going with the traditional pop-up bunny if you want a cute Easter card. Your bunny can hop out of the card, and you can even have it hold an egg too.

You can decorate the surroundings of the card with eggs and a thorough background too. 

14. Rainbow Pop-Up Card

Rainbow cards are easy to make; all you need is the right colors. You can also add clouds to your card to emphasize the work you’ve put into it.

It’s a great way to test if your kids remember the order of the colors in the rainbow. You can give this card to someone for their birthday, or it also works as a heartwarming Get Well Soon card. 

15. Pop-Up Birthday Cake Card

Everyone has an image of something popping out of a birthday cake, but never of a birthday cake popping out of a card.

A great gift to anyone is this pop-up birthday cake card. While it may seem difficult, you can choose the number of tiers you include on your cake.

Not only is this a good card for birthdays, but it’s perfect for any celebratory event. 

16. Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card

Christmas tree cards always look more challenging than they are. Instead of focusing on how complicated it looks, focus on the design of your tree.

You can use any color paper, but it’s best to stick with traditional Christmas colors. It’s an easy card to make that will get pride of place on the mantelpiece. 

17. Balloon Pop-Up Card

Balloons are the ultimate tool for all celebrations, with everyone feeling a sense of joy when they see them.

Perfect for birthdays and other celebrations, this card requires a small selection of balloons within the card, and they will appear as if they are flying out of the card.

It’s a simple card that goes a long way to impress your loved ones.

18. Pop-Up Cat Card

There is nothing cuter for a cat lover than a cute pop-up cat card for them to appreciate. While it may seem complicated, you’ll find that it only requires a little bit of patience.

Design your cat, and it will pop out of the card and sit and stare at you. It’s an adorable card that is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a Congratulations, Good Luck, or a Happy Birthday.

19. Pop-Up Shark Card

We recommend a shark card for anyone who loves sharks or enjoys the Jaws films.

When you give someone this card, the focus is on the shark coming towards you with its mouth wide open. This is a fun card for everyone to enjoy. 

20. Pop-Up Rocket Card

If you know someone who loves space, they will love this cute rocket pop-up card.

This card is perfect for Father’s Day, Birthdays, or as a Good Luck card. It fully encapsulates the vibe of reaching for the stars and shows how great you think your loved one is.

21. Pop-Up Trophy Card

Sometimes, you wish you could give your friends and family a trophy for being there for you. But we can offer you the next best thing with this trophy card.

Using this card, you can reassure your friends and family that they’re number one. It’s better than any other trophy they could receive.

22. Penguin Pop-Up Card

We recommend a penguin pop-up card for winter to impress your friends and family for Christmas.

A penguin is the next best thing if they don’t want a traditional Christmas card. You can decorate it with Christmas trees in the background or customize it for your friends’ birthdays. 

23. Gingerbread Man Pop-Up Card

You can easily make a chain of gingerbread men to pop out of a Christmas card for your loved ones.

These cards are easy to make and perfect for your kids to make. Making a chain is easy, and you can decorate them to your heart’s content.

24. Father’s Day Pop-Up Card

Your father will love this specialized pop-up day card for Father’s Day. Personalize it with stars and images of your dad’s favorite things.

He will love the work you put into this card and appreciate you making him a card for the occasion.

25. Thank You Pop-Up Card

For a simple yet classic Thank You card, we recommend making a simple card.

Cut out a template that spells Thank You, and the words will pop out at your loved ones. While it may not seem like a big deal, it’s a card that they’ll appreciate for the effort of making your card.

26. Teacher’s Day Card

Do you have a teacher you appreciate for all their hard work over the school year? We recommend making your own appreciation card if you want to show your appreciation.

You can give this to your teacher and decorate it with stationery and their desk. It will show your teacher that you care, and students always love to receive homemade gifts from their students. 

27. Welcome Baby Pop-Up Card

Do you have a younger sibling on the way, or perhaps a cousin? If so, there are plenty of fun designs you can work with.

Our favorite is a card that welcomes its baby sibling by creating blocks that become 3D when you open the card. You can include a cute design on the back of the card too. 

28. Origami Pull-Tab Card

Regardless of the occasion, a pull-tab card is fun to open. Making this card is a unique experience that your friends and family will appreciate.

Decorate it with balloons and cakes to turn this into a great Birthday card. Your friends and family will appreciate your folding skills, and you’ll become an origami expert in no time. 

29. Pop-Up Card Explosion Box

Many people don’t realize you can create a pop-up box to impress your friends and family.

While it may be complicated, you can use this opportunity to work with your child on a fun project.

Kids will love how everything pops out of the box when you open it, and who can blame them?

It’s an exciting card, and your loved ones will appreciate the amount of effort you’ve given to this card. 

30. Graduation Cap Pop-Up Card

Do you know any relatives who are graduating soon? If you do, this is the best time to give them a graduation card they will love.

You can create this card by including the graduation cap inside the card and congratulations above it.

You can show how proud you are, regardless of whether you have an older sibling graduating high school or college.

31. Valentine’s Pop-Up Card

You can make an adorable Valentine’s card by focusing on a chain of hearts to link through your card. This is a great way to show someone you care about them.

They’ll appreciate your time to give them a homemade symbol of your appreciation.

32. Easter Chick Pop-Up Card

Bunnies aren’t the only sign of Easter on the way. You can also make a pop-up card with chicks and design them with your favorite colors.

A pop-up chick card is perfect for giving your friends and family a small gesture of goodwill during the season. 

Final Thoughts

There are many different pop-up cards that you and your children can make to gift to your loved ones.

No matter the occasion, a pop-up card can be a great way to impress your friends, family, and teachers and show how much you care about them.

If you’re looking for inspiration for other projects you can do at home with your kids, you’re in the right place.

We have a great selection of projects that you can do at school or at home. Feel free to check out our site for more ideas on how you can educate and entertain your kids. 

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