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Party Ideas Based On Euphoria, As Well As Outfit Ideas

The HBO hit show is really increasing in popularity, and many parties are basing their themes on it! 

Euphoria is a show that follows teens through their transition into adulthood and covers many prominent issues, such as drugs, sex, and friendship. 

Party Ideas Based On Euphoria, As Well As Outfit Ideas

This show shows a lot of parties that follow a prominent theme that revolves around bright lights, and a dark aesthetic.

This theme works well for any kind of party, such as teen birthdays, (see also “21st Birthday Ideas – 54 Cool, Amazing, And Fun Things You Can Do“) college summer parties, and even adult parties for those who are fans of the show (and there are many!). 

This party trend is based on the party scenes you see on the show and involves lots of glow-in-the-dark balloons, metallic decorations, and sequined party outfits. 

Keep reading for some tips on how you can create the perfect Euphoria-themed party, as well as what you should wear for one based on the different characters!

The Decor 

Euphoria’s aesthetic is very cool and dark, and the parties shown, always involve glow-in-the-dark balloons, strobe lights, and disco balls, and that is exactly what you want to create at your own party in order to follow this theme. 

The decorations you choose for your Euphoria-themed party are the most important things to consider, so we’re going to break them down below. 

The Backdrop 

The first thing people are going to do when they enter your party is taking a photo against a backdrop, so it must be totally instagrammable.

In order to mimic Euphoria as closely as you can, you should opt for something that is iridescent, pink, or metallic. 

You could find some glow-in-the-dark balloons, or a pink metallic fringe curtain, or incorporate both of them! 

Some metallic balloons wouldn’t go amiss either…


Even if you decide to feature balloons in your backdrop, you’ll need to scatter some around the party area too. 

Grab some LED balloons to create an awesome aesthetic, and you can even create a balloon arch with some pink and purple colors, as these are some of the ones that appear most on the show. 

Disco Balls 

No Euphoria-themed party is complete without a few disco balls doing their thing. Get people to dance by hanging a few different disco balls from the ceiling. 

These will really give the entire area a cool, disco vibe, and will really get people dancing. 

Buffet Table 

No party is complete without a buffet table. You need to stick to the metallic theme here to really resemble what we see in Euphoria.

The parties we see on the show revolve around metallics, warm pinks, and a cool high-school prom feel (see also “24 Beautiful Prom Hairstyle Ideas And Accessories“). 

You don’t need to break your bank account in order to create the perfect buffet table. Simply grab a fold-out table, drape a dark tablecloth over it, and add some metallic skirting all around it.

This can be silver, purple, pink, or whatever you fancy.

Purchase as many red cups as you can, as well as metallic cups, and plates, and they’ll really reflect all the other bits of shiny decor you’re scattering around. 

Add A Makeup Station

By including a makeup station at your party, you can help your guests re-create looks from the show. 

The makeup we see on Euphoria is always vibrant, and unique, so having this station available for all of your guests will really add to the Euphoria theme. 

Make sure you include plenty of metallic eyeshadows, glitter, and stick-on diamond gems for your guests to have some fun with. 

You can also include some stylish hair accessories such as glitter hair extensions, some LED hair scrunchies, and some satin hairbands. 

The Music 

Luckily for you, you don’t need to worry too much about music, because Spotify has provided you with a Euphoria playlist that will fill your ears all night long! 

Here you can expect music from stars such as Lorde and Madonna, and the entire playlist runs for a good 12 hours and 25 minutes, so you can press play and forget about it! 

The Outfits 

Party Ideas Based On Euphoria, As Well As Outfit Ideas

As important as it is to make your decor follow the Euphoria theme, you also need to make your outfit resemble what we see on the show. 

Dressing Like Rue

Rue is the star of the show, so you may want to dress like her when you attend your party. 

Her style follows the tomboy aesthetic, so think oversize t-shirts, tie-dye designs, graphic print tees, or anything that’s baggy and comfortable. 

She usually wears cargo pants, joggers, or bicycle shorts – again, anything that’s comfortable. 

She also usually wears her iconic maroon hoodie, so if you want to complete this look, you’ll need one of these! 

Dressing Like Cassie

Cassie’s style follows more of a girly-girl style. The colors you should incorporate in your outfit should revolve around pastels such as baby blues, pastel pinks, and lavenders. 

She also loves wearing crop tops bodysuits, and two-piece sets. 

Depending on the weather, you could also opt for a mini dress, different kinds of skirts, and anything with ruffles.

She also loves to wear rhinestones in her hair, so try creating a wavy, voluminous look and slip in a few rhinestone clips in different sections. 

The idea here is to create a girly, flirty look! 

Dressing Like Kat

As you probably know, there are two sides to Kat. Her daytime vibe follows a kind of tomboy theme, but at night she turns into this sexy dominatrix. 

Her daytime outfits tend to feature a midi denim skirt or flared jeans, biker boots, and a cropped, bright green cardigan. 

At night, however, she wears a tight corset, red leather, fishnet stockings, suspenders, and bright red lipstick. 

If you want to attend your party wearing an outfit that’s inspired by Kat, then you can mix both styles up a little. 

Try some high-waisted flare jeans, along with a black corset top and some red lips. You can even wear a cropped green cardigan over this outfit, and you’ll be portraying both sides of the character of Kat.

Dressing Like Maddy 

Maddy has a cool-girl vibe about her, and always wears a signature winged eyeliner, so it’s crucial that you mimic this if you’re following her style when it comes to your outfit. 

She also loves a two-piece cropped outfit, so finding a tight-fitted one will really adhere to her style.

You could also opt for a tight, mini-dress, and some long gloves. Don’t forget the signature high ponytail! 

Dressing Like Jules 

Dressing like Jules is for those of you who enjoy the alternative look. She loves wearing mesh shirts, colorful tank tops, and combat boots. 

Her look is very 90s-inspired, and she also loves layering. You could opt for a bright-colored tank top and a black mesh shirt over it with a plait skater skirt and some combat boots. 

She also always wears her signature yellow backpack, so you can’t forget this if you’re trying to re-create her look. 

For accessories, she often wears a lace choker necklace which really stands out against her bright blonde hair! 

Dressing Like Lexi

Lexi’s style resembles that of a prep school aesthetic. Therefore, you can opt for some plaid, some trousers, a colorful cardigan, and some collared shirts. 

She also usually wears a mini shoulder bag, so you can’t forget this as it’s part of her signature style. 

Final Thoughts 

Euphoria is one of the most popular shows available right now, and many people are trying to recreate its aesthetic at their own parties. 

In order to keep to the Euphoria aesthetic, you should ensure your decorations involve many metallics, deep pinks, various disco lights, and instagrammable backdrops. 

A makeup station will also ensure your guests can recreate some of the signiature looks seen on the show, where they can cover themselves with all the glitter they want! 

We hope this article has given you some inspiration for your next party. 

Simon Lewis