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Is Homeschooling Hard?

Traditional education and sending your child to a school isn’t for everyone. However, there is a lot of debate surrounding the quality of education when it comes to homeschooled children.

Is Homeschooling Hard

It isn’t an easy decision to homeschool your children, but you need to think about what will be best for them.

There are many pros and cons to homeschooling, and there’s a lot to think about. Homeschooling can be challenging, since education and teaching your children isn’t always the most simple and straightforward thing to do. 

In this article, we will discuss if homeschooling is hard and why this may be the case. 

What Is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling simply means that you are teaching or educating your child from home. Hence, they aren’t attending a public or private school.

Thus, parents become solely responsible for the education of their child. You may teach your child yourself, use online classes, or hire tutors. 

There are various reasons why a parent may decide to homeschool their child.

This could be down to your child needing special educational needs which the school cant meet. Or any health issues your child is facing which makes going to school difficult. 

Can Homeschooling Be Difficult?

There are some challenges when it comes to homeschooling which can make it difficult. Below, we have gone through a few of the top reasons as to why homeschooling could be difficult.

Home Is Now School

With all the supplies you need to be able to educate your child including textbooks, notebooks, pens, and other materials, you need to keep everything organized.

It can be challenging to keep everything together and to not let all the resources spread around the home.

While you may wish to keep the education to one room, it is easy for it to spread.

Then your home becomes school, and it can be difficult for some children to get motivated to do work as they know they are at home. 

Huge Commitment

Homeschooling is a massive commitment, as you need to ensure that you meet your child’s educational needs. You need to be able to explain things clearly and in depth, so they fully understand the topic.

However, children don’t always understand things straight away, so you need to remain calm and find other ways to explain topics. 

In addition to this, you are adding more responsibility to yourself. As now, you now have to create lessons, organize activities while meeting all your other needs as a parent.

Thus, you will spend every moment with your child, which can easily lead to stress and fatigue. 


Something not many people mention is the fact homeschooling can be hard on your finances. Since one parent will need to leave their job to educate their child.

Also, as you will be spending more time at home, your electricity bill can increase, and you will need money for textbooks as well. 

Furthermore, you will have to pay for each exam you wish your child to take.

You have to pay for the exam itself, and you may also have to pay the exam center if you wish your child to sit their exam there. 

Can Homeschool Be Worth It?

Is Homeschooling Hard

While homeschooling can be difficult, there are some benefits to it which may make the harder days worth it. Below are the top reasons that can make homeschooling worth it. 

Personalized Learning

A major benefit from homeschooling is that the learning can be personalized to suit the student. 

Thus, you can customize how you teach lessons in a way that you know your child will enjoy and get the most out of.

This could include spending more time outside and compelling more physical activities than sitting indoors all day reading from a textbook. 

It is proven that when education is personalized for the individual, then they will become more engaged from it.

Also, if your child struggles with particular subjects, you can spend more time on this than they would in a normal school setting. 


Homeschooling can be quite flexible, as you can teach your child whenever and wherever you please.

Also, as your child doesn’t need to get up early to get to school on time, they are allowed to lie in, so they are less tired when they do start their school day. 

Building Stronger Connections

You can build stronger connections and relationships with your child with homeschooling. This is since you spend so much time with one another.

As a result, your child will build a deeper bond with you and any other family members that they are taught by or with. 


Homeschooling can be difficult as there is a lot of pressure on you to ensure you meet your child’s educational needs.

While it can be a challenge, there are many benefits to homeschooling as well. 

Whether to homeschool or not is a huge debate, and should be made on a child by child basis. This is since homeschooling doesn’t suit everyone and their family lives. 

We hope you have found this article insightful on the challenges behind homeschooling.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Many Children Are Homeschooled In America?

It is believed that around 3.1 million children are homeschooled all over America.

Is Homeschooling Becoming More Popular?

In recent years, there has been a rise in more children being pulled from public schools to be homeschooled.

This is down to various reasons, and the main one being that parents were unhappy with the quality of education offered to their children. 

Is Homeschooling Expensive?

Homeschooling typically costs between $700 and $1,800 per student each academic year. This covers the cost of the study materials, educational trips, and extracurricular activities. 

This is an average, so this number can easily fluctuate up and down depending on any educational needs your child may have. 

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