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Ideas For Homecoming Proposals

Homecoming can be a stressful time for the teens involved, but it can also be a time of joy and fun.

Ideas For Homecoming Proposals

It’s that chance for that guy or gal to ask their crush if they want to go to homecoming with them, a staple of this occasion that has affectionately become known as homecoming proposals.

Around this nerve-wracking, but fun part of the whole song and dance around homecoming (outside of the actual songs and dances that may or may not happen) is the creative ways that kids across the country have come up with to make these homecoming proposals.

We all know about the cute bundles of flowers and banners, but there is plenty of room for creativity here.

After all, if you or your child are going to want to ask a person they care about to this event, laziness just won’t cut it here.

With that in mind, here are our picks for some of the most adorable homecoming proposal ideas that people have had for you to draw inspiration from!

What A Good Homecoming Proposal Idea Should Do

Before we get any further into this list, we should probably cover a few ground rules as to what goes into a good proposal for homecoming.

You’re effectively working on the same principle as a date, in that you’re trying to show that special person in your life, whether they are a prospective girlfriend, boyfriend, or just a best friend, why you and them would go to homecoming together.

And perhaps the best way to show that is to use an idea that is something personal to them. It shows that you have thought about them as a person, and want to show that you care.

So, a good homecoming proposal will take this into account, and show it back to them. It can be small, it can be big, but at the very least, it should be thoughtful.

Ideas For Homecoming

So, with that out of the way, let’s start covering some of the ideas that you can use in your proposals.

Even if none of these seem to work quite right, they should at least start to get you thinking a little more creatively about what your proposal can be like.


They say that food is a gateway into the heart (or is that eyes? The jury’s still out on that one.), so finding some way to include food in your homecoming proposal is a solid idea that might just get them to fall for you, hook, line and sinker!

Try and use a food item that you know your object of affection (romantic, platonic, or otherwise) will love. Have they perhaps dropped a mention of it in conversation at some point?

Do you see them eating something happily often? Maybe there is an in-joke between you and them about a certain food? A funny/cute incident, perhaps?

Whatever it is, make sure that it is something that will demonstrate a level of care and attention. Of course, make sure that whatever food you give to them isn’t something that they are allergic to!

Food/Letter Combo

Also, you could combine this idea with that other classic staple homecoming proposal: The banner/letter!

Perhaps you can create a banner made from their favorite food that spells out your proposal (this might get a little messy, so be careful!).

Alternatively, give them a box of their favorite treat that, once it is finished, reveals a letter underneath that was hiding your proposal all along.

And, again, make sure that the food is something that they are not allergic to!

Cheesy Pizza Proposal

For our money, we love this idea that was used by someone who has a good sense of humor.

Come on. How could you not find something like that at least endearing?

This can be dropped off at the person’s home, or simply given as a gift at a casual time. It is a versatile little idea that you can further play around with for yourself.

Wings Proposal

If you’re struggling to think of a solid idea, you may want to try the following idea.

  • Grab a set of your proposal’s favorite chicken wings, loaded with their favorite toppings.
  • At the bottom of the wings, have the message: ‘I’m gonna wing it and ask you to out to Homecoming with me!’

(Not recommended for vegan proposals. Your results may vary.)

Ah yes, the classic method of proposing to take someone out for homecoming. It’s a staple tradition for kids to make that special person in their eyes the perfect banner.

There are plenty of banner ideas out there for you to pull inspiration from, but these are some of our favorites

Shark-Based Pun Banner

Talk about a classic vintage meme!

The meme might be a little out of date by this point (the left shark meme is 7 years old at this point), but the pun that this banner used is still a top-tier one as far as we are concerned.

Ideas For Homecoming Proposals

Plus, the combo of a pun-based banner and left shark costume is an adorable combination, especially if it is part of a joke that both you and your proposal person are both in on.

Movie Quotes/Messages

Who doesn’t love a witty movie reference from someone that they care about?

Movie quotes are another easy way into someone’s heart. A good and well-placed quote from someone’s favorite movie is a sure way to get a reaction out of them.

A corny option? Perhaps. Very Endearing? Almost certainly. A great move to pull when proposing to go to homecoming with someone?

Well, there’s only one way to find out!

Some of our favorite messages that we’ve found while searching are:

  • Will you be the beast to my beauty for homecoming? (A cheeky reference to Beauty and the Beast by Disney. You can always swap them around if you’re worried about hurting their feelings!)
  • I think we’d be a marvelous pair. Homecoming? (A solid marvel reference right here)
  • I’m looking for a date for Hoco, but Yoda Obi-Wan I want. (Very solid Star Wars pun here for a proposal)
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Homecoming? (Part inspirational Wayne Gretzky quote, one part internet meme. And equal parts cute quote.)
  • On a scale from 1 to 11, how good would we look at Homecoming together? (A subtle Stranger Things reference, but a good one nonetheless)
  • I Loki think we’d look pretty good together. Hoco? (Yes, it is another marvel quote. We just couldn’t help ourselves!)

Of course, you can always combine this idea with the banner concept from the last section, if you’re looking for the biggest impact.

Who doesn’t want a massive Star Wars or Stranger Things referencing quote tagged along a 7-foot wide banner for homecoming?


While not necessarily a surefire idea for everyone, most people have at least one sport that they love to at least watch and talk about, if not play and interact with themselves.

This leaves you with a massive amount of potential proposal propositions for you to ponder over.

There are plenty of ideas that you can combine with any of the previous inspirations we’ve mentioned, from sport-themed foods and treats, to team banners-style proposals, as well as some classic sports quotes (again, shout out to Wayne Gretzky for an absolute banger of a quote).

However, if you want to go even further down this road for your proposal, there are even more ideas to use depending on what their favorite sport is.


This one involves having the right materials to make a banner with. Make sure that plenty of good baseball memorabilia is drawn or attached to the banner, while the center of the message reads one of these ideas:

  • I’d have a home run if we went to Homecoming together!
  • This might be a strike-out asking, but will you go to Homecoming with me?


Make sure that plenty of water and fish-related imagery is across your banner when you right one of these messages on your banner:

  • Want to take the plunge with me to Homecoming?
  • I don’t need goggles to see how cute we’d be. Homecoming?

You get the idea with these banners. Brainstorm some good puns, workshop shop them with a trusted buddy or your family, grab your arts and crafts, and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are a plethora of ways that you can propose to that special someone in your life for Homecoming.

Just remember that all of these ideas are in the spirit of fun. This is a great way to bond with that someone, even if they perhaps already had plans to go with someone else.

It is as much about showing appreciation for them as it is a chance to get closer to them.

And don’t make us pull out the Wayne Gretzky quote again, because it’s just as true for Homecoming proposals as it is for hockey. You’ll never know if you don’t shoot your shot, so go for it!

Simon Lewis