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How To Be Cool In Middle School

Do you remember being a middle schooler and the struggle to try to fit in? Are you now getting ready for your child to enter that age where looking cool is of utmost importance?

How To Be Cool In Middle School

Middle school can be an intimidating time for children as they transition from elementary school. It’s a huge step in your child’s life, and it comes with many new experiences. 

Making friends, competing academically, and avoiding social drama are all important factors when attending middle school. 

As adults, we want to make sure our children are equipped with the necessary tools for success. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to stay cool during those long years of middle school. 

We will go over strategies such as increasing social circles, prioritizing academics, developing self-esteem, and more. 

How Exactly Do You Be ‘Cool’ In Middle School?

Reputation Building

Having a good reputation in middle school is important for many reasons. One of the best ways to build a good or great reputation is for your child to do their best in school. 

Doing their homework and turning in all their assignments on time is important, and finding a healthy balance is cool. 

If your child has a habit of rule breaking, this could lead to a troublemaker reputation instead of a cool one.

Another way to build a good reputation is to embrace individuality. The people who are cool are usually those who understand themselves and their unique qualities. 

Maybe they are good at drawing, or have a particular eye for fashion, or are a good runner. Focus on methods of best expressing those qualities. 

For example, if fashion is their thing, they may want to wear outfits that are unique; if art is their passion, they could draw illustrations for their local school paper, and it may be an appealing cool thing to be a part of; or if running is their strength, they could try out for their track team! Doing these things will help show others what’s interesting about them.

Having Loads Of Cool Friends

How To Be Cool In Middle School

Making friends can be a challenge, especially in middle school, when everyone is trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in. 

To aid your child in being seen as cool, it’s important that they try and be friendly to people from different social groups. They could take the time to get to know each person they meet, no matter what clique they’re a part of. 

Being cool is about more than just being popular; it’s about staying true to yourself no matter who else is around.

It’s also important to avoid gossip and sharing secrets. They can choose the coolest option and walk away if someone around them is talking badly about someone else. It’s always best to ignore the conversation if they can’t find a way to ask them to stop.

They don’t want their reputation tarnished by getting involved in rumors and other drama. They should be careful what they say about other people, too, so they don’t unintentionally become the source of any rumors themselves. 

Looking Cool

Looking cool in middle school is all about taking care of personal hygiene and styling their hair. To make sure they always look and smell fresh, keeping up a daily routine that makes them feel good about themselves can improve confidence.

When it comes to styling their hair each day, taking a few minutes in the morning to make sure it looks great can be a simple step to being cool. 

They can make use of styling products like gel, mousse, or salt spray to help them achieve the look they want, but remember to tell them not to use too much product as this can overwork the hair. 

If they are allowed to have a hair straightener or curling iron, these tools can also be used to style their hair each day for a more polished look.

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Are There Any Extra Tips To Know?

The best tip for being cool and popular is to treat everyone well. Showing kindness and respect to those around them will make them stand out positively. 

If they make jewelry, for instance as a hobby, they could consider giving them away to kids who aren’t as popular. This can be a great way to show their generosity and may even cause others, including more popular kids, to take notice and want them too.

It’s also important not to try and be someone they’re not or lie and break rules in order to impress people. 

Chances are that this will only lead to trouble for them and the person they were trying to impress in the first place. The biggest key to being cool is simply being themselves; it’s the surest way of finding happiness and acceptance from those around them.

What Should You Stay Clear Of?

It is important to be aware of the potential consequences of our actions. We should think twice before doing something that could have a negative impact on our reputation or safety. 

One warning is to be careful about pretending to be friends with people who don’t seem to like them. 

This can hurt their reputation and make life more difficult in the long run. It is also important to remember not to tell secrets, as snitches have bad reputations and some secrets can lead to someone getting hurt.

Another warning is for them to use their judgment and talk to an adult when needed. Sticking up for others can be risky, but it does look cool and is appreciated by others. 

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Final Thoughts

Being cool in middle school is all about taking care of your hygiene, styling your hair, and treating everyone with respect. It’s important to remember not to try and be someone you’re not or lie and break rules in order to impress people.

Additionally, it’s important to stay away from potentially dangerous situations, such as pretending to be friends with people who don’t seem to like you or telling secrets. 

With these tips, your child can start middle school with confidence and prepare themselves to enjoy their teenage years while still focusing on their future goals.

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