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55 Homecoming Poster Ideas That POP

Homecoming is one of the most important events in the school calendar. With this huge event comes a lot of preparation.

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Aside from the hair, makeup, and outfits, there are the all-important matters of promposals and voting homecoming king and queen.

55 Homecoming Poster Ideas That POP

One of the most fun and easy ways to do a promposal or encourage people to vote is through the use of posters.

Using posters as a medium for asking someone to go to homecoming with you or to encourage people to vote for you or a friend allows you to be super creative.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 55 homecoming poster ideas that POP and are sure to make you stand out.

Homecoming Queen Posters

The first section of posters that we are going to look at is for homecoming queens. Gaining votes is the key to becoming homecoming queen so an eye-catching poster is a must. You can keep it fun and feminine or get witty and cool.

1. Victoria’s Voting Secret

Victoria’s Secret already lends itself to puns quite well, so this homecoming queen poster is a fun and clever option.

You could make this poster by painting cardboard, or using a genuine bag to make the poster.

2. Football Homecoming Queen

If you or your friend who is bidding to be homecoming queen enjoys football, this could be the perfect poster to help garner votes from your classmates.

3. Cheerleading Queen

If the wannabe homecoming queen is on the cheerleading squad, this could be a fun and clever way to get people to cast votes in their favor.

4. Royal Heritage

If you have a name like Victoria or Elizabeth, you can use the royal heritage of those names to create a fun and witty homecoming queen poster.

5. School Chant Queen

If your school has a chant that they use at competitive sporting events, it can be a good idea to incorporate that into your homecoming queen poster.

6. Catchy Rhyme

Another smart way to get people to pay attention to your homecoming queen poster is to use a catchy rhyme. If the rhyme is catchy enough, it will stick in the minds of your classmates.

7. Snapchat Queen

It can be a fun idea to incorporate your favorite social media platforms into your homecoming poster. This Snapchat (see also “The Yellow Heart On Snapchat: What Does It Really Mean?“) poster is a great idea.

8. Google Search Results Poster

Another way to incorporate the internet into your homecoming queen poster is through the iconic Google search results bar. Simply search for the homecoming queen and make all the results your name.

9. Cute Stop Sign

Stop signs are designed to get our attention when we are driving. Therefore, it makes sense that they would also get people’s attention at school to encourage them to vote for you.

10. Snow White Theme

The build-up to homecoming and the process of getting all dressed up can make you feel like a Disney princess. A nod to the classic Snow White fairytale can be a fun way to acknowledge that feeling.

11. Gilded Writing

Another great aspect of homecoming is all the glitz and glamor of the event. You can bring this into your homecoming queen bid poster.

12. Colorful Comedy

If two things are likely to stand out from the crowd of homecoming queen posters it’s color and comedy. The poster grabs attention with color and the wit is memorable.

13. Cutout Helmet Poster

Another option for the homecoming queen hopeful that loves football is this cutout helmet poster. This might take you a while with all the cutting out.

14. Queen Lyrics Poster

Focusing on the queen part of homecoming, this clever poster uses lyrics from Queen songs to grab attention and garner votes.

15. Bring It On Poster

Bring It On is one of the most iconic cheerleading movies of all time. Making a homecoming queen poster based on this movie is a really fun idea if you are a cheerleader.

16. Just Do It

If you are a fan of sports, sportswear, or are even on the track and field team at school, this Nike-inspired poster could be a great, fun option.

17. Bubblegum Queen

If you are bidding to become homecoming queen and are known around your school for always chewing gum or always having gum, this could be a fun poster option for you.

18. Don’t Go Bananas

This is another fun and eye-catching homecoming queen poster that is perfect for the wannabe queen that has a fun personality.

Homecoming Friend Proposal Posters

This section of homecoming poster ideas is all about friend proposals to get the perfect date for the dance.

19. Me, Myself, And I

This me, myself, and I poster pulls at the heartstrings of your potential homecoming date. This is a very sweet friend promposal.

20. Spotify Proposal

If you and your friends have shared Spotify playlists or a great love of music, this could be the perfect poster for you. You could choose your favorite track for the design.

21. Milkshake Poster

If you and your potential date have a history of getting milkshakes whenever you get together, this could be a cute proposal poster. You can use any type of food you normally get.

22. Football Puns

This football puns poster is a fun option for friends who love to watch or play football together. You can get really creative with the puns you use.

23. Brighten My Day

This is an incredibly sweet friend proposal poster. Letting your closest friend know that they can brighten your day is a lovely way to ask them to the homecoming dance.

24. FRIENDS Poster

FRIENDS is one of the most iconic shows in the world, you and your friends probably quote the show to each other all the time. Use the show to ask someone to homecoming.

25. Riverdale Poster

If you and your friends are fans of the show Riverdale, this can be a fun way to make your promposal extra personal. You can use your own favorite characters for the poster.

26. Disney Poster

There are so many people who are fans of Disney movies that this is a great poster option for most people. You can use your friend’s favorite Disney characters.

27. Balloon Poppin’

Making a homecoming poster that gives your intended date a wonderful complement is a lovely way to make them feel special.

28. Bob Ross Poster

The surprising cult favorite painter Bob Ross makes for a fun homecoming poster that can appeal to your more creative friends.

29. Netflix Poster

If you and your friends spend a lot of time hanging out and watching Netflix, this could be the perfect poster to ask your friend to come to homecoming with you.

30. The Office Poster

Another show that still has an amazing following of new fans is The Office. If you and your friends love the show, this could be a funny poster.

31. Joey’s Signature Line

Another FRIENDS reference that can work really well for a friend’s homecoming proposal. The famous line can make a fun poster.

32. Nun Sister Poster

If you are going to go to homecoming with your girlfriends, this can be a really fun way to ask your friends to accompany you.

33. Goat Poster

If your friend is a lover of animals, or you simply think that they are the greatest of all time, this could be the perfect homecoming poster. (with or without the goat).

Homecoming King Posters

Homecoming kings also need to make an effort to get votes from their classmates. These are some fun and creative posters to give you inspiration for your own homecoming posters.

34. Voting Campaign Poster

A cool poster that can help you get votes from your classmates can be a presidential voting campaign-style poster. This is great for someone who has been class president.

35. Sports Fan Flags

If you are a sports fan, on a school sports team, or otherwise involved in sports, this could be a perfect poster. The shape is eye-catching too.

36. Football Player Poster

If you are on the football team, this poster that focuses on the things that you have done for the team and school could be a creative idea. Use lots of cool photos.

37. Lollipop Poster

If you want more of a fun poster than a serious one, this lollipop design could be what you are looking for.

38. Basketball Poster

If you are into basketball or even on the school team, this could be a fun poster to get people to vote for you to be homecoming king.

39. Hands-Down Poster

This hands-down poster could be a fun way to grab attention and get more votes. Especially if you like to play cards with your friends.

40. Cents Poster

Everyone loves a good pun and they could be really useful in helping people to remember your campaign for votes.

41. Don’t Trash Your Vote

Speaking of clever posters, this “don’t trash your vote” one is sure to grab your classmates’ attention and make them remember it.

42. Don’t Pick Your Nose

Another really clever poster is this “don’t pick your nose” joke that is definitely going to stick in the minds of your classmates and encourage them to vote for you.

43. This Drink Is On Me

This poster works when you put it up in a specific place above a water fountain. It is eye-catching and memorable which is perfect.

44. Cell Phone Poster

Cell phones play a huge part in high school students’ lives. Therefore, this is a fun and clever poster that will grab attention and get votes.

45. Wheel Of Fortune Poster

Everyone loves a good game show, so this wheel of fortune-inspired poster is sure to be a hit with all of your classmates.

46. In And Out Burger

One of the best things about being in high school is eating fast food whenever you want. If you love a particular chain, you can incorporate it into your poster.

47. Backward Writing

If you want to get a bit clever and make sure that people are really paying attention to your poster, writing the words backward is a great idea.

Homecoming Dance Posters

This section is full of posters that didn’t fit into the other categories. This is a mix of some of the greatest homecoming posters that are sure to catch people’s eye.

48. Whale Pun

Again, who doesn’t love a pun? This whale pun poster is clever, fun, and adorable. Perfect for a friend’s promposal.

49. Ballet Theme Poster

If you or the person you want to accompany to homecoming loves ballet, this could be the perfect poster for you.

50. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Another food-themed poster that can make a fun and personal homecoming proposal is this Famin’ Hot Cheetos poster. You can use whatever your date’s favorite food is.

51. Hamilton Musical Poster

This one’s for all the musical fans out there. This Hamilton poster is a great option for fans. You can choose any musical you want.

52. Fork Pun Poster

This is a poster that combines two things that people love, puns and food. The fork pun on this poster is incredibly memorable.

53. Sushi Roll Pun

Another great food-themed poster is this sushi roll one. If your intended homecoming date loves eating sushi, this is the perfect poster.

54. IT Themed Poster

For the horror fans out there, this IT-inspired poster is great. There are so many different things that you can do with the IT movies and other horror movies.

55. Starburst Poster

If you think that your intended homecoming date is the sweetest thing at your school, this starburst-inspired poster is a great idea. You can also use other candies that you know the person likes.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different things that you can do with homecoming posters. Whether you are looking to get votes for homecoming king or queen, or you are asking someone to homecoming (see also “200 Questions You Can Ask To Get To Know Someone Better“), there are tons of ideas.

Use your imagination and get as creative as possible to make yourself stand out from all the other posters at your school.

Simon Lewis