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13 Hairstyle Ideas For Long-Haired Teenage Boys

For teenage boys with short hair, life is sure a lot more simple, right? Roll out of bed, give it a quick brush, maybe gel it slightly, and boom, all done.

For those with long hair, the upkeep and styling can be a little more laborious, but that isn’t always a bad thing. And long hair can be tamed and made much more manageable with the right hairstyle.

13 Hairstyle Ideas For Long-Haired Teenage Boys

Long hairstyles often look fantastic on teenage boys, as long as they know what look they are going for.

Once you purchase yourself a few hair products and a hair tye or two the whole world is your oyster, there are so many different looks you can go for that won’t always take you an age to style or sort out. 

Below, you’ll find 13 long hairstyles that will be easy to maintain and will look fantastic. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get straight into it. 

13 Long Hairstyles For Teenage Boys

1. Light Middle Part

For medium-long hair, you won’t find an easier hairstyle to upkeep. All you’ll need to do each morning is brush your hair and create that light middle parting. You can also use a few products to give it that purposefully playful messy look. 

It’s stylish and crates a good look that looks effortless. It definitely gives off surfer chilled-out vibes and looks fantastic. 

2. Heavy Fringe

For boys whose hair is pretty long at the top swooping it to the side in a heavy fringe can create a great look that is super easy to style. 

Again, all that it requires is a brush of the hair. You’ll brush all that extra long hair to the side until it’s all to one side. It should then fall quite naturally over your cheek. 

This style looks great and gives off skater-boy vibes. It is worth noting that this probably isn’t a great option for those with sensory issues as you will have a lot of hair on your face. This can also make it a little harder to maintain. 

You need to remember that if you’re constantly touching and moving your hair that you’ll cause it to go greasier quicker too, meaning it will need to be washed more regularly. 

3. Long All Over

I sometimes refer to this as the lazy-boy hairstyle, in that for those that do not want to bother dealing with their hair and styling it all the time it’s perfect.

The ease and effortlessness of this style make it a very popular choice amongst many teenage boys. 

Literally, all there is to it is just ensuring that all hair is tucked behind your ears and head, other than that it’s pretty much free to sit as it pleases.

Top tip, this style looks so much better when the hair is cut just before your neck and back connect. 

Of course, for boys that enjoy styling their hair, there is still plenty of options to do so. You can certainly get a little more creative with the hair on the top.

Try experimenting with different brush ups and see which suits you best. 

4. Heavy Side Swept Undercut

Pretty similar to the heavy fringe, this style keeps all the length of the hair from the top of the head swept to one side of the face. The main difference here is that the sides are buzz-cut to be kept incredibly short. 

Some teenage boys prefer this style where there is a more clear separation of hair on the head. It also makes it a little more manageable as you really only have a slight area of longer hair to upkeep. 

And styling it has never been easier. Simply brush your hair to one side and voila, all done. 

5. Long Hair Side Part

This hairstyle reminds me of a young Leonardo Dicaprio, and we all know how handsome he looked. So for boys with medium-long hair, you can be sure to look super stylish with this side part. 

For this trendy hairstyle, you’ll leave all your hair long and just add a defined side parting to your hair. This adds extra height and volume and looks fantastic.

To elevate the look further, you could always get some volumizing hair products to help give a really flowy effortless look. 

6. Pulled Back High Pompadour

If you have long-ish hair that is a little closer to a medium length, then you really can’t go wrong with the pulled-back high pompadour style.

It looks amazing and was made a little more famous after it became popular boyband member Zayn Malik’s go-to look.

This is a relatively easy look to recreate too, though a few hair products will probably help you keep it secured for longer.

All you need to do is pull back the hair from both the top and the sides. The trick is to pull back the top but still allow for a little extra volume. 

You’re looking to gain a little height from the top section of your hair. Volumizing products and hairspray will probably be your best friend when recreating this incredible look.    

7. Man Bun

If having your hair in your face all day sounds like your own personal idea of hell, then the man bun might be your heaven.

It keeps all your hair far away from your face, is super easy to execute, and is simple to manage and maintain. The perfect option for particularly long hair. 

All you’ll need is a hairbrush and a hair tie. Scrape all of your hair back to the center of your head and then secure it in a bun.

Or for a more modern take on the man bun, you can buzz cut the sides and simply tie and secure the longer hair on top into a bun. 

8. Short Dreads Undercut

For black teens with long hair, a great way to style it is to opt for the short dread undercut. It looks cool and stylish and is easy to upkeep. 

All you have to do is twist the dreads and then leave them to naturally fall. It should create an even layer of dreads across the head that look great. 

For this hairstyle, there are no hair ties required, there’s no need for styling products. And it’ll stay easily manageable for a while. It’ll only need more upkeep once the hair starts to loosen up again. 

9. Half Up, Half Down

This hairstyle has always looked great on girls, but it looks amazing on boys with long hair too. It’s one of the best ways to have it all.

You can scrape the annoying hair that hangs in your face towards the back of your head but the lower sections of hair are able to hang loose and free. 

Executing it is super simple too. You’re going to section your hair into two parts. The section you’re keeping up and the section you’re keeping down.

This will help you not miss any hair and keep it looking neat and tidy. Then you’ll pull up the top section of hair and using a hair tie you’ll secure it into a bun. 

And just like that, you’re all done. 

10. Dreadlocks

For black teenagers, dreadlocks are always a great option. It allows you to rock the long hair look and look great while doing so. 

You’ll want to ensure that the dreads are pretty tight when creating them, and you’ll need to keep up the maintenance that comes along with them.

If you’re looking for an easy and effortless hairstyle, this might not be the one for you as upkeep is crucial. 

While it might not be one of the simplest hairstyles on this list, it is definitely one of the most stylish. So, it’s definitely a price worth paying! 

11. Curly Afro

If you’ve been growing out your naturally curly hair, then one of the best hairstyles to choose has to be the curly afro. 

You are guaranteed to look great with an afro. It’s always in style, it’s trendy, and it’s cool. However, much like the hairstyle above, a great afro requires dedication to upkeep and maintenance. 

All this hard work does not go unrewarded though, you’ll have one of the best hairstyles going! 

12. Messy Side Sweep

 Meticulously planned purposefully messy hair is all the rage right now. And for younger boys with straight-wavy hair, it’s the perfect option. 

A messy side sweep is essentially very similar to a light side parting, however, you’re only really sweeping the longer pieces of hair to one side. 

With the help of some matte or volumizing hair products, you can get that really nice messy look that looks amazing.

When brushing your hair remember not to go overboard, neat isn’t quite the look you’re trying to achieve. 

13. Fringe

For medium-long hair, a simple fringe style can go a long way. It’s so simple to create too. Literally, all you’ll need to do is comb your hair towards your face and let it fall over your forehead. 

For a more modern twist, you can always keep the sides pretty short and just keep your hair longer and brushed forwards on the top. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great styles to choose from for boys with long hair.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a roll-out-of-bed and be-ready kind of style, or spend-a-while-in-front-of-the-mirror perfecting it style, there’s an option for you here. 

All of these look absolutely amazing so the only real challenge now is deciding which one to pick!

Simon Lewis

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