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Great Costume Ideas For Spirit Week – 47 Characters You Can Dress Up As

School can be a drag, which is why spirit week is so important.

Great Costume Ideas For Spirit Week – 47 Characters You Can Dress Up As

This is when pupils and staff dress up and have fun, mainly to bond with each other and liven up the school week a little bit. But what about character day?

Well, this is the day when everyone gets to dress up as their favorite character, whether it is from Disney, the Marvel universe, or just a character from your favorite movie.

All you need is that little spark of an idea and the sky is the limit!

Well, we’re hopefully going to provide you with that little spark by providing you with a bumper pack of ideas to get the gray matter flowing.

We have 47 great character ideas for spirit week, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get stuck in!

47 Great Character Ideas For Spirit Week

1. Blue’s Clues

Another retro classic on the Nick Jr. channel, all you need for these great costumes are pink and blue T-shirts with matching dog ears.

2. Sandy Cheeks

We really applaud this effort to encapsulate one of SpongeBob’s most iconic and lovable characters.

3. Mario And Luigi

This iconic computer game duo will be instantly recognizable if you get the costume just right.

4. Snow White And The 7 Dwarves

The great thing about this costume is that you can do it on a budget. If you have a big gang of friends, then this is the ideal costume set.

If you have more than 8 friends, then you can even make up some dwarves of your own!

5. Riverdale River Vixens

If you have ever imagined going to Riverdale, then you can indulge in your fantasy with just the right costume.

6. Proud Family

This is an amazing rendition of a classic animated sitcom. Penny Proud certainly would be proud of this one.

7. Thing One And Thing Two

If you like a little bit of Dr. Suess and have a friend who is willing to go along for the ride, then this is a great costume choice.

8. Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dumb

Tumbling down the rabbit hole into Alice’s Wonderland, then this costume is ideal.

9. Numbuh 5

This is another awesome costume that is very easy to replicate.

10. One Fish Two Fish

Another great costume for the Dr. Suess fans.

11. Incredibles

The absolute pinnacle of animation which comes with plenty of characters that you and your friends can choose from.

12. M&M

This candy-themed costume will get some heads turning.

13. Phil And Lil

Anyone remember the Rugrats? If so, then try this amazing costume.

14. Cheetah Girls

Another plain and simple costume that is an homage to this timeless girly film.

15. Arthur

Another cool Arthur costume. This time it’s just the main bear himself.

16. Willy Wonka

If you have enough time and patience, this is a great costume. But which Wonka will you choose: Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp.

17. Olaf

All you need to become Frozen’s greatest snowman is a white tee and baseball cap.

18. Mean Girls

This costume is great for four friends who just love to gossip!

19. Olson Twins

This iconic duo is easy to emulate, all you need are some denim dungarees and a few pink T-shirts.

20. Up Characters

The great thing about the film Up is that there are so many distinctive characters, you really are spoiled for choice.

21. Rosie The Riveter

She was an icon during the second world war, so why not give your costume that inspirational tint?

22. Napoleon Dynamite

Would you vote for Pedro? If so, then grab your curly wig and ‘Vote For Pedro’ T-shirt and the look is complete!

23. Cat In The Hat

This Dr. Seuss classic is instantly recognizable.

24. Woody And Buzz

We can’t find a person on the planet who doesn’t like Toy Story, so Woody and Buzz are guaranteed to get a positive reaction.

25. Monsters Inc Characters

We’ve covered some of the characters in this classic film, but there are so many more than you can choose from.

26. Alvin And The Chipmunks

Alvin, Simon and Theodore, which one will you pick? These costumes of great if you are working to a tight budget.

27. Minion

What Spirit Week wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory Minion costume? This is another one that is very easy to complete – you’ll just need a lot of yellow face paint!

28. Lilo And Stitch

As you can see from this picture, you don’t need the budget of Disney to emulate some of their best characters.

29. Orange Blossom

If anyone can remember the show Strawberry Shortcake, then you might remember the character of Orange Blossom, the brightly-colored neon orange girl with large hair and a permanent smile.

30. Aliens From Toy Story

These characters are synonymous with Toy Story (you could say they were the early versions of the Minions. All you need is a green face paint and some jumpsuits and the look is complete.

31. iCarly Character

If you want to go with a costume that will keep people guessing, then go as T-Bo from iCarly, you can even hand out real donuts!

32. Clueless

This is a cult classic from the 90s and there is a reason why it has stayed in the popular imagination. It’s full of great characters and cool, retro looks.

33.  Winnie The Pooh Costumes

Finally, what could go wrong with a Winnie The Pooh, Piglet or Tigger costume? You can either buy these from the store or simply make your own.

Other Spirit Week Costume Ideas

34. Ninja Turtles

This is a classic movie that most people will be aware of. Whether it is Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael or Michelangelo, there is a color and a character for everybody!

35. Arthur Characters

There were so many great characters in Arthur, that it is hard to choose one. But if you have a few friends, you can get the whole cast covered!

36. Mean Girls

This is a classic girly film with plenty of classic characters. However, we’ve decided to include the ‘She Doesn’t Even Go Here’ guy, with his distinctive lilac hoodie and glasses.

37. Doodle Bob

This is one of the classic characters from SpongeBob. All you need to make this work is a plain white tee and some fabric pen.

38. Monster’s Inc Character

We’ve got a 2319! This costume is so easy, but to those who get it, it will be hilarious!

39. Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy

Another comedy classic from SpongeBob (quite frankly, there aren’t enough of them for our liking).

40. Power Puff Girls

Who remember this dynamic duo from Nickelodeon? If you have 3 friends, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

41. Charlie Brown Characters

This is great for anyone who likes retro things. There are plenty of Charlie Brown characters for you to choose from (although our favorite is Snoopy!)

42. Spiderman

As you can see from this costume, sometimes one Spiderman is just not good enough!

43. Boo From Monster’s Inc

The cutest girl in all of animation history, Boo is a great and easy costume idea for you to get on board with.

44. Jimmy Neutron

All you need is to comb your hair into a nice big quiff. You might need the help of some wire to achieve this though.

45. 3 Blind Mice

This nursery rhyme classic is great to do with your friends. All you need are some ears and a couple of white sticks and the look is complete.

46. Golden Ticket

We all love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so why not prove what a special object you are by dressing up as a golden ticket?

47. Cute Up Costume

Up has rightly become a classic animation film and this costume is a great tribute to one of its best characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Spirit Week?

This is a relatively new event in school where there are different themes each day that staff and pupils have to dress up as.

For example, if Wednesday is deemed ‘Retro Day’, then you’ll have to think of a costume idea that represents something from the recent or distant past.

Spirit week is designed to bring pupils and staff together and promote general harmony within the class in a relaxed context.

Can I Make My Own Spirit Week Costume?

If you have the materials and the patience, there is no reason why you can’t make your own Spirit Week costume.

In fact, a lot of the costumes we have shown you above are made at home, just to give you some inspiration if ideas (and cash) are running low.


We hope that our list has given you plenty of ideas for your spirit week character costume day.

Maybe one of our ideas has reminded you of another of your favorite films, musicians or TV shows that you can dress up as.

You may also like these Wacky Wednesday ideas!

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