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22 Funny No Backpack Day Ideas

During spirit week in high school, a popular whole-school activity is No Backpack Day.

If your school is holding a No Backpack Day and you’re looking for some inspo on what you should use, then check out this list of 22 funny backpack alternatives!

22 Funny No Backpack Day Ideas

We have options available for you whether you want to spend the entire day pushing around a stroller, paddling around the halls in a kayak, or transporting your notebooks in other fun ways.

But first…

What’s No Backpack Day?

No Backpack Day is a day with a theme that is typically celebrated during spirit week.

On this particular day, rather than bringing their backpacks to school, kids are encouraged to bring in a different way of carrying their school supplies.

In recent years, this topic for spirit day has gone viral because of the funny backpack alternatives that skids have been using.

Students are known to bring more bizarre items to school with them year after year, including sleds, shopping carts, and even a microwave at times.

No Backpack Day is an activity that all children can participate in during spirit week since it encourages them to be creative and encourages them to stand out more.

No Backpack Day Ideas

Here are 22 of the funniest ideas we could come up with for No Backpack Day that you should steal for spirit week.

1. Dog Crate

On No Backpack Day, it would be entertaining to transport your school materials in a dog cage.

Your pet probably won’t even bat an eye if you borrow their box for the day so you can carry out this funny plan.

2. Shopping Cart

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Shopping Cart

How ridiculously funny would it be to spend the day pushing all of your belongings around in a shopping cart?

If you want to avoid getting in trouble at school, make sure that you have someone else’s permission to use the shopping cart (and that you don’t steal from local supermarkets).

3. Stroller

An awesome idea for a no backpack day is using a stroller instead. You can even strap in your school supplies using the buckles so nothing moves around.

In addition, there are wheels, which make it much simpler to move all of your stuff from one classroom to another.

4. Trash Can

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Trash Can

Bring all of your belongings to class in a large garbage can for some laughs from your classmates

Just make sure that it has been well-cleaned before you put all of your belongings inside! You do not want to be the student that stinks out the entire classroom.

5. Mop Bucket

Moving around a mop bucket from one class to another is a surefire way to catch people’s attention. Not only is this idea funny, but it is also practical.

The mop bucket will be big enough to put all your school supplies in, and it’s on wheels so you can easily push it around the halls.

6. Fishing Net

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Fishing Net

Carrying all of your belongings throughout the day in a fishing net is another really entertaining idea that you may try.

It is also pretty original so you may be the only one with this plan, making you stand out even more.

7. Suitcase

One of the finest alternatives to bringing a backpack for No Backpack Day is a suitcase.

It is easy to carry, it has wheels, and it will keep all of your school supplies secure inside while you are at school all day. A suitcase is something that nearly everyone has in their home, so this is a pretty cheap option as well.

8. A Wagon

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Wagon

A wagon is another very convenient No Backpack Day idea, so long as you don’t get a massive one that will take up the whole hallway.

The fact that it has wheels, it is large enough to hold all of your goods, and it has a handle that you can use to move it about makes using a wagon an extremely simple way to carry your school supplies around.

Just keep an eye on what’s in your wagon to make sure no one takes things from it as you walk around your school. It is easier for individuals to take things out of it because there is no covering over the top to prevent them from doing so.

9. Pop-Up Laundry Hamper

How original is this concept for No Backpack Day? Make use of a pop-up hamper to transport your personal stuff from place to place.

Because it has two handles, it may be carried like a backpack without much effort. When you wish to carry it on your back, be sure you have a reliable method to fold it up into a more manageable size.

10. A Guitar Case

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Guitar Case

On days when backpacks are not permitted, a guitar bag or any other larger instrument case is an excellent item to carry your school supplies in.

You can easily store everything you need for the day in the huge compartment that this bag has. Additionally, the handle makes it very simple to transport it from one lesson to the next.

11. Pizza Box

Do you want to have a good laugh? Use a pizza box as your bag for the day. Pizza is always a good idea.

This concept is not only original but really hilarious! Just be sure to get one that is not overly oily and does not have pizza crumbs all over it.

It would be unfortunate if by the end of the day your notepad was splattered with marinara sauce.

12. Picnic Basket

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Picnic Basket

How adorable would it be to carry all of your belongings with you throughout the day in a picnic basket? It is without a doubt one of the most aesthetically pleasing suggestions on the list.

The fact that there are handles to make it easy to take it with you throughout the day is one of my favorite features.

13. Laundry Basket

For No Backpack Day, consider bringing a wash basket instead of a backpack.

It is large enough to hold all of your school materials, plus it features handles that make it much simpler to carry about wherever you go.

Also, you probably already have one at home, so this is another idea that will save you money as you don’t need to buy anything new.

14. Pillowcase

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Pillowcase

Are you looking for a straightforward item that can accommodate all of your various school supplies? Then a pillowcase is one of the best options for you!

Even while this isn’t the most absurd suggestion, it’s still very entertaining. It is also a very convenient way to carry all of your supplies to your different lessons.

15. Microwave

A microwave is yet another hilarious suggestion for this school event.

It will most likely be inconvenient to carry around, but you will certainly have a great deal of fun with it.

16. A Sled

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Sled

If you want to have a good time on No Backpack Day, this is sure to be a way to make your classmates laugh. Put all of your belongings in a sled and pull it behind you!

17. A Childs’s Car Seat

Do you happen to have an extra car seat lying around your house? Make use of it throughout the day as your “backpack”!

18. A Traffic Cone

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Traffic Cone

Do you want to take things to a whole new level? On No Backpack Day, you may carry your belongings in a traffic cone instead of a backpack to get some chuckles as you walk around the school.

19. A Wheelbarrow

Here’s another amusing suggestion: pack all of your school supplies in a wheelbarrow! This is not only surprising and ridiculous, but it also works out really well for our purposes.

Because they have wheels and handles, wheelbarrows are quite simple to maneuver along the corridors, though they are a bit heavy so your arms might hurt at the end of the day.

20. Crate

Another inventive option for a backpack that works well with this goofy spirit day theme is a crate that has handles.

Just remember to pick one that is not only small enough to be easily carried around all day but also roomy enough to accommodate all of your supplies.

21. Cereal Box

Funny No Backpack Day Ideas - Cereal Box

How ridiculously funny would it be to transport all of your textbooks and other school supplies in a box of cereal?

If you have a lot of things to bring for school, you should use a “giant” or “family-size” cereal box.

When walking around school with your cereal box, be sure to hold it by the bottom.

Because these boxes aren’t designed to hold too much weight, there is a chance that the bottom could break open, spilling your supplies all over the floor.

22. Shopping Bag

It’s important to reduce, reuse, and recycle, right? Instead of bringing a backpack to school with you, grab a shopping bag from the last time you went to the mall and use it instead.

Not only is it incredibly convenient to take around, but it also allows you to demonstrate your excellent taste when you go shopping for clothes.


If your school is having a No Backpack Day, then try some of the options above to get some laughs out of your friends!

Simon Lewis