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Fun Ideas For Trampoline Sleepovers

If you’ve got a trampoline in your garden, then it instantly makes it a great spot for your kids to have a fantastic sleepover.

Fun Ideas For Trampoline Sleepovers

Everyone knows how much fun a trampoline is normally, but most won’t have thought that they’d be great for sleepovers.

However, the combination of a backyard slumber party and a canopied trampoline will make for some of the best memories your kids will have. 

In our fun guide below, we’ve got a collection of fun ideas for trampoline sleepovers, along with advice on everything you’ll need to throw the best trampoline sleepover ever.

What Are Trampoline Sleepovers?

To begin with, we need to make it clear just what a trampoline sleepover actually is. This fun event to throw for your kid’s next party is exactly what the name suggests – a sleepover on a trampoline! 

However, it isn’t just a case of sleeping on a regular trampoline, because the trampoline needs to be covered with a canopy. This turns the trampoline into a makeshift tent, keeping the kids warm and safe from the cold night. 

On top of that, you’ll want to decorate the trampoline with all kinds of lights, cushions, pillows, and more. Additionally, the kids will want plenty of snacks and drinks to enjoy!

How Do You Sleep On A Trampoline?

You’ll imagine that sleeping on a trampoline isn’t the easiest thing to begin with. After all, trampolines are notorious for moving about and bouncing people into the air!

However, the kids won’t be sleeping directly on the trampoline, but instead using inflatable mattresses and blankets that are placed on top of it.

Then, on top of those, they’ll be sleeping cozily in sleeping bags that will help to keep them extra warm in the cold air.

Trampoline Sleepover Checklist

We’ve already hinted at a handful of things that you’ll need for your kids to throw the best trampoline sleepover, but we’ve assembled a checklist of essentials for you to get.

  • Trampoline
  • Trampoline Canopy Covering 
  • OR Trampoline Tent
  • Inflatable Mattress
  • Blankets
  • Cushions and Pillows
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Fairy Lights 
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Bug Spray
  • Flashlights
  • Warm Pajamas
  • Warm Socks
  • Books and Games

How Safe Is A Trampoline Sleepover?

As we touched on earlier, sleeping on a trampoline isn’t the easiest thing, because they’re known to move about so much.

This is especially true when there’s lots of people on the trampoline at the same time, which is what is happening with a trampoline sleepover. 

As a result, it’s essential that you make the trampoline as safe as possible for the sleepover. This is especially true since it’ll involve lots of kids, who need to be looked after and kept safe even more than adults.

For a start, you need to make sure that your trampoline has a trampoline enclosure.

You’ll have seen these on lots of trampolines, and they’re basically high walls that go all around it and help to keep the users enclosed – stopping them from falling out and hitting the ground below. 

It will be an upsetting end to the sleepover if somebody turns over in their sleeping bag and falls off the trampoline, so make sure it’s enclosed and safe!

On top of this, you need to give all the kids at the sleepover an explanation beforehand about safety and what not to do.

For example, if everybody is sleeping on the trampoline, there shouldn’t be a mischievous kid who gets up and starts bouncing while everybody else is lying down.

This would be extremely dangerous, so you need to lay down firm rules before the sleepover begins.

Making The Trampoline Sleepover Cozy And Comfy

Once your trampoline is safe and secure, you’ll need certain additions to make it cozy, warm, and comfortable! 


For a start, you’ll need to get a canopy that goes over the top of the trampoline. This will help to keep the kids inside much warmer during the night, rather than letting the cold air seep in from outside and chill them.

Trampoline Tent

Alternatively, get a trampoline tent. These are regular tents that specially go inside your trampoline enclosure, which come with cables that connect to the trampoline and keep the tent sealed down. This tent will provide a cozy place for the kids to sleep in.

Blankets And Cushions

A sleepover is all about comfort, so you’ll need to dress your trampoline in all kinds of warm blankets and comfy cushions.

The kids relax on these while they chat or look up at the stars, and they also add comfort to their sleeping bags.

The blankets also help to cover up the bouncy part of the trampoline, stopping kids from bouncing on it and risking hurting the others.

Trampoline Sleepover Activities

There are plenty of fun activities for the kids to enjoy during their trampoline sleepover. For one thing, get a mini projector and show a movie in your garden.

Alternatively, give them fun books, as well as board games and card games. Telling spooky stories is also fun, or looking up at the beautiful stars above.

Setting Up Your Trampoline Sleepover

Finally, it’s time for a complete guide to setting up your trampoline sleepover!

  • To start, make sure your trampoline is clean for the kids. This means sweeping off dirt, leaves, branches, etc. When getting rid of the dirt, spray it and then let it dry before continuing.
  • Ensure your trampoline has an enclosure keeping the kids safe and stopping them from falling out and hurting themselves. If you don’t have a net enclosure, then throw blankets over the tent to act as an enclosure, or add a mosquito canopy. Curtains are also a good idea.
  • If you have a trampoline tent, set it up on the trampoline and ensure that it’s got enough room for all the kids at the sleepover.
  • Start to put lots of blankets down. The idea is to make the place totally comfortable and soft! Put down all blankets you have, even duvets, and create a layered situation where the kids will be in cozy bliss. Better yet, a layering of blankets should stop the trampoline from being dangerously bouncy.
  • If you have any inflatable mattresses, inflate them and put them down on the blankets.
  • You’ll also want to start laying out plenty of cushions and pillows to give the kids even more comfort.
  • Now set up fairy lights! Stretch these over the top of the top of the trampoline enclosure, and they’ll look like stars to the kids looking up at them. It creates a magical atmosphere! Make sure, however, to keep these electrical lights away from the kids and any liquids.
  • You’ll need to put out food and drinks, too, and you should put them on serving trays.
  • You’ll also need to give the kids some flashlights so that they can safely see in the dark whenever they need.
  • Additionally, each kid will need to have cozy pajamas and socks to keep them warm outside.
  • Finally, ensure there is bug spray to hand so that the place is free of insects.

Final Thoughts

Trampoline sleepovers are great for kids! Ensure the trampoline is safe and follow our tips to throw the best sleepover.

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