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20 Fun Activities For A Teen Girl Sleepover Party!

Teen girls love their sleepover parties.

It’s a chance for them to stay up late, talking about anything and everything, having a laugh, bonding with one another and doing loads (or a few) super fun activities that they’ve been waiting forever for an excuse to do.

20 Fun Activities For A Teen Girl Sleepover Party!

Just be sure to plan it for a weekend night, so they don’t have to worry about getting up early in the morning, and they can have a nice lie-in and have brunch instead of breakfast.

This also means they can be allowed to stay up later, which they will love.

And the good news is that many teen girl sleepover activities don’t need to break the bank, a lot of them will cost next to nothing.

This article is going to round up some of the most typical girl sleepover activities, and some truly memorable ones too. From playing silly games to making scrumptious snacks, this list has it all.

Please, have a browse through all the fun sleepover activities listed here, and maybe show your teen as well, and her friends. I’m sure they’d love to have a say in which activities are picked.

Let’s get straight to it!

1. Movie Marathon!

Now, this has to be the easiest activity to arrange – the difficult part is choosing what to watch – there is just so much to choose from!

Harry Potter is a good choice with all that magic, relatable characters and teenage growing up. And they go on for hours.

Or they could do the Insurgent series, the Hunger Games series, the Percy Jackson series. Or if they’re old enough, they can watch back to back episodes of Vampire Diaries.

If they go for this activity, I recommend preparing a yummy snack tray full of yummy delights to pick at as they watch, totally absorbed with the movie.

2. Doing Each Other’s Hair

Girls often love to do one another’s hair. In fact, there are some hairstyling tools that are aimed at teenage girls. Ask them if they’ve ever tried crimping their hair.

Braids are fun to do, too, regular braids, French braids, inside-out braids, the list goes on.

They could get the flat iron out and practice straightening their hair on each other in front of the mirror. Smart and sleek is never going to go out of style.

Then there are curls, curls look super fun and playful. And there are different ways to do them, they could get out a curling iron, or maybe try out some funky curlers. Just have fun with it.

If their parents allowed, maybe they could even use some of those wash-in wash-out hair dyes on each other.

3. Doing Arts And Crafts

If you’re planning on the kids doing arts and crafts, you’re gonna have to pitch it right if they are teens.

They’ve probably grown out of those felt kits, stickers, badges, basic origami, and beaded jewelry making aimed at 8-year-olds.

Instead, you should consider preparing a more memorable experience. For example, you could pick up a kit for making mosaics, friendship bracelets, scented wax, or candles, or soaps, or bath bombs.

But it’s best not to surprise them with the kit, check to see if they would be interested in it first.

And make sure that they’ll have all the bits and pieces they need. It would suck if they’re excited to have a go but end up frustrated because they can’t just because of one missed item.

4. Make A TikTok Video

TikTok’s videos are all the rage in recent times. There are so many different things they could do in the video, and there’s plenty of inspiration out there.

If they can’t think of a unique video to do, they can jump on the bandwagon and do a copycat video.

They don’t need fancy equipment to do it, a regular smartphone will do. They can all take videos. 

They may wish to have music in the background or as a central feature. Or play some well known audio pieces and just act them out.

Just to be sure the room is clean and tidy before they shoot!

5. Playing Classic Board Games

There’s a lot to be said for classic board games. It just feels so much more interactive than video games (more on that later).

But for teens, you have to recognize that certain board games are going to appeal way more than others.

For example, you should steer clear of the likes of Ludo or snakes and ladders. But you could consider some niche, “cult” board games…

For example, you might be able to get your hands on a Monopoly board game based around your local area, or a place the girls would love to venture to (or better yet, are planning on going to).

22 Fun Activities For A Teen Girl Sleepover Party!

6. Play Video Games

Video games are not just for boys. Girls love having an excuse to get competitive against each other, and games where they play against one another rather than having to take turns can go down incredibly well.

If you’re not a fan of shoot-em-ups or Grand Theft Auto, they might want to consider a racing video game or a soccer video game.

Or maybe they could go retro, and play modern versions of Mario, Sonic, and more.

One type of video game that’s often more popular with girls than with boys is the Sims series, where girls can play out things they might like to happen without the risk of doing it in real life.

7. Doing A Photoshoot

The Selfie stage is still on full throttle, it’s not going anywhere.

Girls can have fun together wearing clothes they like, pouting for the camera, learning about photography and trying to get the lighting and the camera angles right.

And if any of the photos are less than perfect, that isn’t really a problem.

With all the filters that there are on the social media apps these days, there’s no doubt they will look good in every single picture.

It also gives the girls something to remember the night by. And it’s also a fun way to celebrate the activities that they’ve been doing together, such as doing their hair and/or doing their makeup.

Just be sure that none of the girls are insecure about their appearance beforehand. You don’t want to exacerbate a problem if there already is one. But mostly it’s just harmless fun.

8. Get Baking Cake

Kids love to bake. There are endless things they could bake, I guess. They could make waffles, pancakes, pies or cookies.

But one thing I know that goes down really well with teen girls is baking cakes, icebox cakes, and cupcakes.

They could use special kits you can pick up at the store. You could ask them their favorite flavors and get the ingredients online.

They can have the fun of browsing different cake recipes beforehand and voting for which one they’re going to do.

And the fun doesn’t stop at baking the cakes, because decorating is loads of fun too.

9. Make Mocktails

Just because they’re not old enough for real alcoholic cocktails doesn’t mean they can’t make mocktails.

Mocktails are basically non-alcoholic cocktails. And there’s no end of different ones they can make together.

You just get in some items, such as sodas, juices, syrups, and pour them in different combinations to create non-alcoholic versions of some amazing cocktails, such as a tropical pineapple and coconut Piña colada Mocktail, or a Virgin Mary (a non-alcoholic version of a bloody Mary) and much more.

10. Karaoke

You may be pleased to hear that the kids don’t actually need a dedicated karaoke machine in order to sing their hearts out to their favorite songs. 

All they really need is a smart TV, and some YouTube videos of songs, or some Spotify songs, complete with lyrics running along the bottom, so they don’t have to remember all the words to the songs.

Country music is particularly popular to sing along too, or if they prefer they could do some pop or some soft rock.

You may want to censor what songs they see, so that there are no explicit lyrics or wanted lyrics causing confusion or, worse yet, being sung.

22 Fun Activities For A Teen Girl Sleepover Party!

11. Dance-Offs

Dancing the night away really gets rid of the cobwebs, it’s so energizing, liberating, and freeing.

The girls could challenge each other to dance-offs. Or they don’t have many moves just yet, they can watch some dance move tutorials on the smart TV and practice together.

They could copy dance moves of the big stars, including the likes of Michael Jackson, or maybe the more modern stars that the kids are into these days.

12. Chocolate Fondue Fun

If you have a chocolate fondue set in the house, don’t just let it gather dust! Get that thing out and use it. Or, even better, a chocolate fountain if you happen to have one of those.

The girls can use fondue sticks to put items in the chocolate fondue or chocolate fountain.

Examples of items they can coat in chocolate include marshmallows, strawberries, pretzels, cake pops, mini donuts, and more.

And it doesn’t have to be limited to milk chocolate, they can also include dark chocolate or white chocolate if they so wish.

13. Make A Cute Forte

Building fortes isn’t just for boys, girls love it too – they can use anything you happen to have to hand in the house, whether it’s blankets, duvets, sleeping bags, furniture, the list goes on.

Once complete, it feels like a secret hideout, which is exactly the right vibes for a teen girl sleepover.

14. Talk About Boy Crushes

I hate to break it to you, but you can’t hover over them the whole time. Sure help to set things up, but girls tend to have secrets that you may not be privy to, and that’s their right.

Give them some space to share their secrets with one another and let it be a bonding moment for them.

15. Do Each Other’s Makeup

Makeup can be quite tricky for beginners, but thanks to things like YouTube and social media, there are loads of tutorials available online that show girls how to create a range of different looks.

They can experiment with contouring, eyebrow shaping, different lipsticks, blush, smoky eyes, eyeliner. They can learn ways of hiding blemishes, or anything else they want to change.

They can do entire makeovers, complete with before and after photos.

16. At-Home Spa Treatments

You’re never too young for pampering!

Girls can have fun doing facials with scented face masks, painting each other’s fingernails, doing pedicures, doing a shoulder massage or a foot massage, making DIY spa treatments, the list goes on.

17. Make Your Own Popcorn

How about having a popcorn station? If you aren’t lucky enough to own a popcorn machine, you can just get microwavable popcorn.

And the girls can experiment with different popcorn toppings, such as butter, salt, pepper, melted chocolate, caramel sauce or toffee sauce, and all manner of herbs and spices.

18. Play Charades

Playing charades may not be an activity that’s totally out of the box, but is super fun. Not to mention super cheap to pull off.

The girls can choose whether to act out the names of movies, songs, books, whatever.

They can either come up with their own ideas, or you can source a store bought version. And if there aren’t enough people to make up two different teams, then each girl simply plays for themselves.

19. Do A Scavenger Hunt

If the sleepover starts off early enough in the evening, you could hide a few things around the house or apartment.

If you’re clever enough, you could even leave different clues at each hiding place, kinda like a treasure hunt. Super fun!

Just be sneaky about the hiding places and don’t give too much away. 

20. Give Out Party Favors

I just think this is such a sweet idea! What better way to end a sleepover than with a parting gift to remember their time by.

Don’t feel you have to do this, but the girls would find it a nice gesture. Something small will suffice, maybe some hand cream or same nail varnish.

Ideally, something that’s either pampering and soothing or joyful and fun.

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through my different sleepover party ideas.

It can be hard to decide which activities to plan, so be sure to put your ideas to the girls and simply go with what they would enjoy the most.

Make sure they know there’s an adult nearby, but be sure to give them their space when required. 

Simon Lewis

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