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How To Make A DIY Easter Basket For Teens – 28 Super Fun Ideas!

Easy is one of the most fun times of the year – plenty of candy, chocolate, and fun games to play.

How To Make A DIY Easter Basket For Teens – 28 Super Fun Ideas!

There’s also nothing more enjoyable than putting together an easter basket for someone. But what if that certain someone is a little bit older and might not want anything too ‘kiddy’?

Well, this is why you might want to make your own Easter basket. You can then tailor the design, color and most importantly the gifts inside the basket to their unique tastes.

Whether they like football or prefer something around the theme of baking, there’s a basket design for everyone.

So, what designs and themes of Easter baskets can you make for yourself? What are the best gifts to put in each one? Well, we’ve done a little bit of research so that you don’t have to. Check out these 28 amazing ideas for Easter baskets specially made for teenagers.

28 Super Fun Teen Easter Basket Ideas

1.  Baker Style Easter Basket

This is great for a teen that has started to develop an interest in making anything sweet. You can fill this basket to the brim with all manner of useful cooking utensils, from measuring spoons to handheld cookie cutters, you can even put all the gifts in a mixing bowl.

You can also make this Easter basket very colorful by choosing the right utensils. The color of your Easter basket will really make all the difference, a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

2. Football Themed Easter Basket

This is a great gift for a teenage boy. Not only is this brimming with delicious candies, but it also comes with a few miniature footballs.

You can decorate this with pom poms and fill it with straw. You can even fill it with energy bars if you know your teen is particularly sporty.

Another idea is to place all your Easter basket gift ideas in a cooler. You can then stock it up with cold drinks, giving your teen something to quench their thirst when they are on the football pitch. Remember, energy and hydration are key!

3. Coffee-Themed Easter Basket

This next gift idea is perfect for those caffeine addicts who are looking for something to pick them up in the morning as well as something to satiate that sweet tooth. Why not wrap up their own personalized mug with some of their favorite biscuits or chocolatey snacks?

You can also include coasters, sugar, a cafetiere and a whole host of other coffee-related paraphernalia. You can put this in a wicker basket if you want the bespoke option or you can go for a more modern material.

4. Personalized Easter Basket

This is a great option for someone that you care about very much. You don’t have to spend all the money in the world to take a small piece of wood in whatever shape you like and carve the name of that special someone in it.

You can get these cut in whatever shape that you want, whether it is their favorite animal or something more associated with Easter like a chick, a lamb or a rabbit. If you are making a basket for more than one person, then this is a great method of distinguishing one from another.

5. Comfy Rabbit Easter Basket

Just because someone is a teenager, doesn’t mean they grow out of having comfort objects. These rabbits are not only super cute and funny, but you can sew names into the ears. Fill these heads to the brim with candies, chocolate and little toys.

There is no limit to what you put in your rabbit Easter basket. If you really fancy treating that special someone, you can put in a Fitbit or a handheld gaming device. The great thing about these Easter baskets is that they can be kept in the corner as a special decoration.

6. Pedicure Easter Baskets

We all know how much teenage girls like to pamper and preen each other, so having a basket brimming with nail varnish, face wash and some shampoo. This is great if your daughter is getting started on the journey of applying makeup and nail polish.

You can also include other items of self-care, whether it is a scented candle that they can use to freshen up their room or even a face mask kit that they can apply and relax with. This is a great Easter basket idea for anyone who likes to indulge occasionally.

7. Baseball Cap Basket


If you have a young teenage boy in your house, the chances are they really won’t want anything pink or frilly.

So why not throw all their Easter treats into something they can wear? Whether it is crisps, chocolate eggs or candies, if you can fit them in a baseball cap, then throw them in.

Take away all the thrills and create an Easter basket that is actually very practical. This is a great gift for a boy who either likes to play ball or skateboard. The wider the hate, the more treats you can stuff in, although be careful that the cap still fits their head.

8. Fancy Pink Easter Basket

Just because your young girl has grown into a teenager, that doesn’t mean that she still isn’t a fan of the color pink. However, you might want to de-girlify your basket with some finery like lace and pearls, just to make your Easter basket seem a little more adult.

It is very easy to take a simple basket and decorate it to make it look like something fit for royalty. Take a few bows and attach them to either side of the handle and wrap a string of pearls around the rim. You can also experiment with different colors such as yellow or blue.

9. Super Snack Easter Basket

When it comes to sweet treats, sometimes you’ll want to go big and create a super snack basket. This is more of a bucket than a basket and you’ll want enough room to hold jars of candies, bumper-sized chocolate bars and packets of cookies.

You can co-ordinate this one so that it has many themes. If you know that the person receiving the basket prefers a certain color, then you can deck out your basket in that scheme. This could also be a very covert way of giving yourself candy for Easter!

10. Spa Night Easter Basket

This idea is a little bit more left-field, but it is a great way of combining a few great flavors and ideas in just one jar. You also don’t have to spend that much money on this gift, you just need a cheap jar and treats like coffee, chocolate, and marshmallows that you can combine together.

You can also personalize this gift by including the initials of the recipient on the front. If you have someone with a longer name that you know really likes treats, then you can print each letter of their name on each mason jar and fill it with different goodies.

12. Arts And Crafts Easter Basket

If you have a teenager who you know has an artistic streak, then why not get them a basket that will encourage them to indulge in their creative side? You can fill your basket with paints, pens, pencils, stationery, lined and plain notebooks that they can practice their sketching on.

13. Eclectic Easter Basket

This is something a little different from the usual Easter basket because not everybody is into sweet treats. If your teenager likes dried noodles, chips or even an iPod, then you can fill your basket with their favorite things. Don’t be limited by the Easter rules!

14. An Easter Basket To Help Them Unwind

This is another great one for helping someone relax at the end of a stressful day.

There are plenty of things that can get a teenager stressed: the mounting pressure of exams, a big football or hockey game or just having to prepare themselves for big events like prom or graduation. So, help them relax with a basket full of candles, creams and scented sprays.

15. Sporty Easter Basket

This is another one for the sports fans, filled with plenty of sugary fuel that will keep your teen going when they are playing on the field.

You can even theme the basket, having it in the style of a literal basketball net. You can also include some sports accouterments such as sweatbands, water bottles and protein snacks.

16. Classic Easter Basket

Just because your teenager is getting older, doesn’t mean they don’t still want the traditional chocolate eggs in a basket with a few bunnies and bows.

17. Easter Basket With Makeup

This is another Easter basket that is great for any young girl who is learning to use makeup for the first time. You can fill an Easter basket with lipstick, eye shadow, gloss, blusher and nail polish, there are no limits.

18. Brownies Easter Basket

This next Easter basket comes with one of the most delicious sweet treats of them all: brownies. You can pair these with tea bags or even coffee, that’s the great thing about brownies, they really do go with anything.

19. Bunny In A Mason Jar

This is a very original idea that we found on the internet and it is very easy to make. All you need to do is get a chocolate easter bunny and seal it in a mason jar. The final result is simple yet very classy.

20. Easter College Basket

Going to college can be one of the most difficult transitions in a teenager’s life. So why not remind them of home with an Easter-themed care package featuring all their favorite chocolates and pictures from home?

21. Candy Wrapper Easter Basket

Instead of filling a regular basket with chocolate, why not make the basket out of the chocolate wrapper themselves? All you need is some glue and a small amount of patience, and you can have your own gobstopper or Hershey themed basket.

22. Personalized Easter Crate

A crate is a great way of really piling the Easter gifts on, especially if you have teddy bears and large eggs to fit in there. You can also emblazon the name of the recipient on the side in a nice Easter font.

23. Painted Easter Basket

Why not paint your own Easter basket that a teen can later keep to store laundry and other items in? You can either paint it with an Easter theme or you can opt for a picture that suits the person you are gifting it to.

24. Guy’s Easter Basket

Sometimes when a boy becomes a man, he might not want a childish Easter basket. However, you can honor his transition from boy to man with an Easter basket that contains goodies like cologne, soaps, wristwatches or even a brand-new pair of shoes.

25. Tasseled Easter Basket

Tassels are a neat and affordable way of embellishing your Easter basket. You can take some colored tassels and easily attach them to the handle of your basket. This is a great option for jazzing up a plain white basket.

26. Beach-Themed Easter Basket

This is a gift basket that you can get for an Easter spent by the beach. If your teenager likes to surf or just relax in the sun, then get then a gift bundle that contains sunglasses, flip-flops, suntan lotion and a selection of their favorite sweet treats.

27. Cupcake Easter Basket

How cute are these cupcakes? Nothing says ‘I care about you’ more than a sweet little cupcake that can be enjoyed by both male and female teenagers. This is also a great gift for anyone who might not want lots of candies for Easter.

28. Man’s Man Easter Basket

Finally, we have a bundle that will appeal to any boy who is already exhibiting all the signs of manhood – from an obsession with hardware to a love of football. This also allows you to think outside of the box when it comes to baskets, using materials made from tin or hardwood.


When it comes to Easter baskets, the only real limits are in your imagination. You can deck out your Easter basket in all manner of gifts, you don’t even have to use any candies at all (although who doesn’t love a good sweet treat at Easter?)

An Easter basket could be just the thing that a teenager needs, particularly if they are going through a stressful period in their lives like going to college or studying for an exam.

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