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25 Delicious And Stylish Birthday Cakes For Teens

Teenagers can be hard to please at the best of times, but when it comes to birthdays, it’s only natural to want to give them an amazing day to celebrate them getting one step closer to adulthood.

25 Delicious and Stylish Birthday Cakes For Teens

One element of a teen’s birthday that many people want to get right is the cake, but what kind of cake should you get for your teenager? 

In this article, we are going to be looking at twenty-five ideas that would make for excellent birthday cakes so that you can begin your search for the perfect cake for your teenager! 

Before we begin, remember that if you aren’t brave enough to try and make these cake designs for yourself, you can always commission a baker to do it for you. 

Chanel Birthday Cake

Is the teen in question already beginning to show signs of being a designer brand enthusiast? Then consider making them a designer cake, such as this Chanel-themed cake.

Designer items can be incredibly pricey, so baking or buying a cake that has those designer themes could be the next best thing to surprise a teenager without having to bankrupt yourself!

TikTok Birthday Cake

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms around at the moment, so if you have a teenager that tends to spend a fair portion of their time on it, then a TikTok cake such as this one could be the perfect birthday cake for them. 

Sleepy Teen Birthday Cake

Teenagers are known for sleeping in and finding it difficult to pick up their clothes from the floor of their room, and if your teenager fits this stereotype, then this is the cake for them!

Depicting a sleeping teenager in a room with clothes all over the floor and a messy bed, this cake is eye-catching thanks to its highly impressive, creative, and intricate design. 

Starbucks Cake

If Starbucks is your teen’s drink of choice, then this Starbucks cake is a must for their birthday.

There are all sorts of ways that you can go about making this cake, such as by changing the kind of drink used in the main design (this particular example depicts a strawberry Starbucks drink) to reflect the teen in question’s regular Starbucks order.

Sephora Makeup Birthday Cake

For the makeup and fashion obsessed, this Sephora birthday cake is an amazing choice. The cake has multiple elements to it, designed to look like a Sephora bag with a box on which the bag sits. 

The addition of makeup scattered around the base as well as a high-heeled shoe next to the Sephora bag adds even more character to this fantastic cake. 

Netflix Movie Cake

Netflix is the streaming platform of choice for many, including teens who enjoy binge-watching.

This cake not only demonstrates a love of Netflix, but also a love of film and cinema in general thanks to the sprinkling of popcorn and the movie-themed decorations on the top. 

For movie and television buffs, this cake is a must for a birthday. 

Xbox Gaming Cake

Gaming is a hobby that people of all ages can enjoy, but if your teen is particularly passionate about video games, then this could make for a great birthday cake.

If the teen in question is a gamer but not an Xbox one, then find out how they go about their gaming sessions- such as via PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch- and change up the design to reflect this. 

Cell Phone Cake

Teens and adults alike are rarely seen without their cell phones in this day and age, and if your teenager is particularly fond of their mobile device, then this cake is definitely a birthday cake to consider. 

Change up the screen of the phone to display the apps that your teen uses the most to make it a little more personal.

Pirate Cake

This next cake is a must for those who might have been fans of pirates when they were younger (or who are still fans of pirates, as you are never too old to be a fan of a swashbuckling adventure!). 

This could also be a great cake for teens that are fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as well.

Giant Donut Cake

Are donuts your teen’s go-to junk food of choice? Then consider baking them this giant donut cake for their birthday!

The great thing about this cake is that it can easily be changed up to suit your teen’s personal preferences in terms of their favorite donuts. 

Hamburger Cake

In the same manner as the donut cake, this hamburger cake would be an amazing and creative choice for a birthday if your teen is partial to burgers. 

You will have to use certain colors and flavors to create an exact replica of a burger, but it all depends on how realistic you want the cake to look.

There’s nothing stopping you from making a pink and purple hamburger cake if you think your teen would prefer it!

Designer Cake

Another choice when it comes to a designer-themed cake, this particular cake displays the names of popular designer brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Vogue. 

Change up the names to reflect your teen’s favorite designer brands, and add on some cute fashion decorations to top it all off. 

Chocolate Explosion Cake

For chocoholic teenagers, this chocolate explosion cake is a must for their birthday. Use their favorite chocolate to decorate and bake into the cake to make it as chocolatey and delicious as possible. 

Nike Cake

For sports fans, consider this Nike cake. This particular cake uses the Nike logo and decorates the top of the cake with Nike tick macaroons, but you could also incorporate your teen’s favorite sports into the cake too with decorations such as footballs or basketballs. 

McDonald’s Cake

McDonald’s is a guilty pleasure for kids, teens, and adults and if the teen in question has a soft spot for the fast food franchise, incorporate it into their birthday with this amazing McDonalds-themed cake. 

Social Media/ Apps Cake

Another take on social media in a birthday cake, this particular choice includes various app logos that are stuck to the cake. 

This can be personalized to your teen’s favorite apps, making it a great choice for teens who are always in their apps on their phones. 

Thank U, Next Ariana Grande Cake

If Ariana Grande is a favorite pop star of your teen, then this cake- which refers to the singer’s Thank U, Next hit song- is one that you will want to consider. 

The copious amounts of pink with black and white hints here and there also make this an aesthetically pleasing cake too. 

Guitar Cake

For musical teens, this guitar and musical note cake is a must! Young and aspiring musicians are sure to appreciate a cake of this nature, particularly those whose instrument of choice is the guitar. 

Surfer Cake

Beach bums are sure to love this surfing-themed cake, which features a cute surfboard topper as well as various other ocean-themed decorations. 

Selfie Queen Cake

Plenty of teens are a tad addicted to taking selfies and if that describes your teen perfectly, then consider this selfie-themed cake. 

This particular cake is designed for a girl, but if it is a teen guy who is obsessed with getting that perfect self-portrait, simply swap out the figure on top and rename it “Selfie King.”

Galaxy Cake

Some teenagers spend their time looking out to the stars thanks to an interest in space and if that sounds familiar, then this galaxy cake- with a dark blue and gold color scheme and featuring various stars, moons, and planet decorations-, then this will be a perfect birthday treat. 

Messy Bed Birthday Cake

This next cake is another take on the sleepy teenager, featuring a teen in their bed on their phone surrounded by various items such as soda cans, game controllers, and headphones. 

This is a must for a teenager who spends their weekends scrolling on their phone whilst in bed!

iTunes Cover Art Cake

Another cake that is well suited for music fans, this iTunes cover art cake can be changed to display your teenager’s favorite artist as well as their favorite song. 

Ramen Noodle Cake

Prepare your teen for the college meal of choice with this ramen noodle cake! Highly creative and detailed, ramen lovers are sure to love this unique choice of birthday cake. 

Coca-Cola Cake

Last but not least, if your teenager is a fan of soda, then why not incorporate it as a theme on their birthday cake? You can even make the cake cola-flavored too to emphasize the Coca-Cola theme. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have twenty-five different ideas for a birthday cake that a teen would love. When making your choice, it all comes down to the specific interests and hobbies of the birthday teen and creating a theme surrounding it

We have demonstrated this in some of the cakes we have listed here, such as the fast food cakes, the designer brand cakes, and the music-themed cakes. 

Once you have a clear idea of the interests of the teenager in question, you are sure to find the perfect cake for them that is guaranteed to make their birthday all the more special and memorable. 

Simon Lewis

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