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Can Homeschoolers Go To College?

Do you want to know whether homeschooled children can go to college? Maybe you are considering homeschooling your children and want to know if it would impact their ability to attend college?

Can Homeschoolers Go To College?

Or are you curious about homeschooling and want to know more? No matter the reason that brought you here, we have the answer for you!

Finding out if homeschoolers can go to college or not can be tricky, especially if you don’t know much about homeschooled kids.

You head online to find out more but are met with page after page of confusing and contradictory information, leaving you unsure where to turn or who to trust.

How do you know who is giving you the right answer about homeschoolers and college? 

Well, you can turn to us! Today we are here with all the answers you need. Keep reading to find out if homeschoolers can go to college and what the application process would look like. 

Can Homeschoolers Go To College?

Let’s dive straight into the article! Yes, homeschoolers can go to college! As more and more parents opt for homeschooling, it can be a sigh of relief to know that your child can still apply for and attend college if they wish. 

Of course, some factors need to be considered. Homeschoolers do not often follow the same curriculum that is set in schools.

While this allows parents to educate their children as they see fit, it can pose problems when applying for colleges.

While it might not be an issue when the homeschooler is sitting in college classes, it can be tricky to get their foot through the door if the admissions office does not know much about their homeschooling experience. 

Homeschoolers must provide as much information as possible to help the admissions team learn as much as possible about their educational background.

Children applying from mainstream schools don’t have this issue, as colleges know the context of the courses they’re taking and the environment they are in daily. 

But this should not put you off! As homeschooling becomes more common, college admissions are changing to reflect this.

In Texas, public universities and colleges are now legally required to treat homeschooled children the same as other college applicants.

We can expect to see more legislation like this pass if the popularity of homeschooling continues to rise. 

How To Apply For College As A Homeschooler 

We mentioned that the application process has more challenges for homeschooled students than those taught in mainstream education, so let’s take a look at what homeschoolers should consider (and do) when applying for college! 

Understand The Requirements 

First, you need to understand the requirements for admission. Every college has its own requirements for homeschooled students.

Some will want a supplemental form where you explain your learning experiences, whereas others want official test scores like ACT or SAT scores. 

Be sure that you check this before you start the application process so that you know what information is needed and if you need to take official tests. 

Can Homeschoolers Go To College?

Give Context 

While there might not be a separate application for homeschooled students, colleges like additional academic information.

You might need to provide a detailed syllabus for each class you have taken and provide an equivalent grade. In cases where an educational provider has taught homeschooled students, they should be listed. 

Extracurricular activities should also be listed here. Colleges like well-rounded students, so they want to see evidence of voluntary work and extracurriculars.

Sports, part-time employment, or hobbies can be listed here to show prospective colleges all sides of you! 

Take Community College Courses

It is strongly recommended by experts that students utilize dual enrollment courses at local community colleges. These classes allow students to gain high school and college credit from one course!

Not only does it provide home-schooled students with a classroom environment, but it shows they are ready for college-level work. 

For students that don’t wish to attend classes in person, look for dual enrollment courses that are taught online or are entirely remote. We do recommend that homeschooled students try a classroom setting though.

It will provide them with invaluable experience before they head to college, and can help show how they will perform in this type of environment. 

Choose The Right Recommendation Letters 

Where possible, avoid letters of recommendation written by family members. Even if your family members are instructors, it can be hard to get the tone of the letter right.

You don’t want the letter of recommendation to sound like an overbearing parent! 

Have someone write a letter of recommendation who knows you well enough to list your personal characteristics and academic abilities.

For homeschooled students, this could be a community college professor, employer, or coach. 

Support Network 

Homeschooled students don’t always have access to counselors that can answer questions about the application process or address any concerns, leaving them feeling isolated and confused.

The admissions office at your prospective college can provide you with the answers that you need, but it is also worth establishing a support network. 

You can find communities of people online going through the same experiences as you. There are plenty of online groups and homeschool associations you can join to ask questions, share your experiences, and meet new people.

It’s also worth finding ones for prospective college students so that you can meet new people before you head off to college! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it! Homeschoolers can go to college, but the application process is a little harder.

Be sure to use the tips we have suggested today to create a detailed application that will stand out to admissions officers.

The college application process is a tough one for anyone, regardless of their educational background.

Providing that you offer plenty of detail and can prove your academic abilities, there is no reason why a homeschooled student can’t attend college! 

Simon Lewis

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