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Tween TV: Find The Best TV Series Families With Tweens Can Enjoy Together

When looking to get the family together for some quality time, finding the right TV show can be a little tricky. Especially when you have a tween. You don’t want to show them something inappropriate but you also don’t want to watch something overly childish. 

So, what can you do? 

We have the answer! We have X of the best TV series that the entire family can watch. The perfect blend of funny, engaging, and most of all, actually enjoyable!

Forget having to kick them out of the room because of a steamy makeout scene, we have something for everyone to enjoy. 

Let’s get into it! 

Best TV Shows For 8-13 Year Olds 


Do you and your family love medieval theme shows with a hint of dragons and magic? Then Merlin is a must-watch! 

Merlin follows the tales of King Arthur, all of his ladies and men, and his loyal servant, Merlin. Who will one day become the greatest wizard to ever live.

Join Merlin and Arthur as they go on incredible adventures full of trolls and myths, Merlin learns to control his magic, and they develop a bond like no other. 

With 5 seasons, there is plenty to keep you and the family entertained for a few hours after dinner! 

One Day At A Time

This is a modern reboot of the 1975 classic, One Day At A Time. With the “assistance” of her traditional mother and the landlord of the apartment complex where they all reside, a recently divorced Latina mother of two raises her teenage daughter and tween son.

Although funny and endearing, it obviously addresses contemporary subjects like sexuality, mental health, and politics, making it less appropriate for young audiences.

One Day At A Time is an excellent show for the family that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. It is especially great if you are going through some tough times with your tweens. Which can seem like every day! 

Once Upon A Time

Does your Tween love the classic fairy tales but feel they are a little too old for a Disney movie? Once Upon A Time is the perfect upgrade. 

In this fantasy novel, a young woman finds herself pulled to a little Maine town and learns that she is more than she ever thought to be. In fact, her tale is so compelling that it practically qualifies as a fairytale, and the residents of the town serve as the other characters.

As this series progresses themes and certain scenes can become dark and intense making it more suitable for slightly older audiences such as 12 years and up. 

Once Upon A Time features even the most peculiar of fairy tales that your kids may not have even heard of. Giving you the perfect opportunity to explain what they are. 

The Librarian’s

Magic, mystery, and adventure are the words to describe The Librarians perfectly. Adventures of four people were chosen as “librarians” to guard a cosmic library where magical objects are gathered and housed, each with unique skills and abilities.

Along with a designated guardian, the librarians look into strange occurrences in the mortal world involving lost or stolen artifacts and other magical beings that want to take the library’s powers and tip the scales of good and evil.

Parents may remember the classic movie franchise but trust us, this series is going to blow all of your doubts out of the water!

Lost In Space

Nothing brings a family together like being stranded on an alien planet. The Robinson family, which consists of estranged parents, two adolescent daughters, and a tween boy, crash lands on an unknown planet after being chosen for a rare space mission that is derailed by unexplained events.

To survive and get away, the family struggles against all circumstances. But there are concealed threats all around them.

This is the perfect show if you are in the mood for sitting in front of the TV for a few hours.  Your tweens will be glued to the screen and ready to go into outer space!

The Book Of Boba Fett

Is Star Wars simply taking over your life? Well, if your tween is a major Star Wars fan and they haven’t seen The Book of Boba Fett, it is time to get watching.  

Boba Fett is a bounty hunter whose career has been successful for decades. He has seen everything from the fall of the Galactic Empire to its complete demise.

He was an unaltered clone of the renowned Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, who raised the youngster as his own son. His original code name was Alpha.

Follow Boba as he continues to work on his father’s legacy and become one of the greatest bounty hunters in the Galactic universe. With his apprentice and other acquaintances by his side. 

The Book of Boba Fett is a sci-fi lover’s dream and with no hints of adult content, it is great for younger viewers as well! 

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Based on the beloved book series, The Extraordinary Baudelaire Orphans follows the orphans as they embark on a perilous journey to discover long-buried family secrets. They encounter numerous odd folks along the route who both facilitate and obstruct their progress.

Think Adams Family with less murder. And with Neil Patrick Harris playing the lead, you know this show is going to have you crying with laughter. 

There are 3 seasons to A Series of Unfortunate Events giving you plenty of time to bond with the family and enjoy the weird and wonderful tales of the Baudelaire orphans. 

Gortimer Gibbon’s Life On Normal Street

Gortimer Gibbon’s Life On Normal Street may not have you giving second glances as you doom scroll on every streaming service, but once you press play you will be hooked. 

For Gortimer and his two closest friends, Ranger and Mel, navigating Normal Street—a common neighborhood with a hint of magic lurking beneath the surface—is anything but regular.

This is the perfect blend of quirky, mystical, and rather funny. You and your family will finish each episode feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

Star Trek Discovery

Released in 2018, Star Trek Discovery is the latest spin-off from the Star Trek series. And if you are simply too embarrassed to show your tween the special effects used on the original show in the 1960s then this is the greatest to spark their love for sci-fi. 

The Starship Discovery explores new worlds and lifeforms ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise as one young female Vulcan Starfleet officer learns to comprehend all things strangely.

It’s safe to say that this franchise’s darkest series is this one, and some of the episodes might be too intense for certain tweens.

Locke And Key

The three Locke siblings and their mother relocate to Keyhouse, their family’s ancient mansion after their father is found dead under mysterious circumstances. There, they learn that it is filled with mystical keys that might be related to their father’s death. 

A mysterious demon awakens and will stop at nothing to grab the various keys from the Locke children as they investigate them and their special powers.

 The coming-of-age mystery Locke and Key by Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill is about love, sorrow, and the unbreakable ties that define family.

With 3 seasons and no sign of being canceled, you and the family can enjoy this Netflix Original from dusk till dawn. 


Feel like Star Trek and Star Wars are a little overused and want something new in the sci-fi genre? Firefly is the only show that should be on the list. 

After Earth’s resources run out in the year 2517, a crew of a spacecraft navigates through space. Mal “Mal” Reynolds, the captain, navigates his bandit crew through every obstacle in order to keep them flying and alive.

This 2002 sci-fi classic does have some allusions to Star Wars but it was canceled after only 1 season. So, you better savor every second of every delicious episode. 

The Flash

The Flash, originally released on The CW network, was a hit among superhero fans. With Grant Gustin as the lead role, this TV series was a grateful nod to the DC comic. 

This action-packed superhero drama follows Barry Allen, a regular guy with a strong desire to assist people, on his fast-paced escapades. Barry unexpectedly gains the remarkable ability to move at supersonic speeds after a mishap involving a particle accelerator. 

Barry has always been a hero in his heart, but now that he has his newfound abilities, he can finally act like one. And yes, there is more than 1 season. There are 9 seasons of this incredible action-packed show! 

Lockwood & Co.

Is The Umbrella Academy everything you could ever want in a show but the explicit dialogue and gruesome fight scenes are just a bit too much for your young tween? Welcome, Lockwood & Co.!

Three teenagers form a paranormal investigation team in a world overrun by ghosts, risking everything they have to uncover a sinister plot.

Sarcasm and quick wit are at the core of this show with ghosts, monsters, and awesome fight scenes. You can expect everyone in the family to be off their phones and enjoying the show. It is only in its first season but you can expect this to be one of Netflixs’ top rated shows!

Agents Of Shield

If superheroes seem to run your life and your household then Agents of Shield should already have been watched and analyzed. But just in case you have been slacking, we have included it on this list. 

The world is still facing new threats and it is up to new director Agent Phil Coulson to ensure the Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. do their jobs and protect the planet.

With the Avengers taking on the big guys and even venturing to outer space, someone has to make sure that the smaller problems are handled. 

You can expect the dry humor, stolen glances, and mind-blowing action in Agents of Shield that you would expect from any marvel movie. 

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

In 1982, the weird and wonderful world of The Dark Crystal was released. And dark fantasy fans have been dying for a TV series since. Well, those dreams were answered in 2019 when The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was released on Netflix. 

It is full of magical worlds and adventures led by potent CGI and puppets, with a vocal cast that features Awkwafina, Sigourney Weaver, and Andy Samberg. Imagine the muppets meet Labyrinth. Weird, uncomfortable yet totally captivating! 


If the Superman movies weren’t enough for our superhero fans then Smallville has got you covered. Released in 2001, you can guarantee that this show is perfect for tweens, and adults, with heartthrob Tom Welling as Superman, and teenage girls. 

Young Clark Kent, who is learning to use his alien powers for good while also coping with the ordinary problems of adolescence in Smallville, Kansas, strives to find his place in the world.

Superman is placed into a world he has never seen before and is expected to protect it against evil. What could possibly go wrong?

Surviving Summer

Summer Torres, a disobedient girl, has been dismissed from two prestigious private schools in America, leaving her mother unsure of what to do.

So she sends her to Shorehaven, a small Australian town where life is centered around surfing and nothing else. She initially feels out of place, but she quickly realizes that life in Oz isn’t all that horrible.

This is the perfect show for families that prefer the stresses of real life with a little bit of a TV drama flare. While being a tween show, each character is deep and extremely relatable for both tweens and adults. 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Before Bella Swan, and Elena Gilbert, there was Buffy Summers. Only she was no damsel in distress. This 15-year-old was destined to protect the town of Sunnydale. Her mentor and “Watcher,” Sunnydale High’s librarian Giles, as well as classmates Willow and Xander, assist her.

The group of four creates The Scooby Gang, often known as the Scoobies, with assistance from the enigmatic vampire Angel, who eventually becomes Buffy’s boyfriend.

This is the perfect TV series if your tween is showing some interest in the dark and fantasy world of vampires, werewolves, and romance. 

It has been almost 25 years since this cult favorite first appeared on our screens, and it still holds up well. The creators of Buffy crafted a masterpiece that was brought to life by a brilliant ensemble, led by the incredible Sarah Michelle Gellar. It was slick, snarky, and just the perfect amount of scary.

Wrapping Up 

Finding a TV series which has everything you and your tweens enjoy while ensuring it is appropriate can seem like an impossible task. With sexual content becoming more normalized, you may feel that you cannot find anything suitable!

Our aim is to make your mission easier. Above are 18 excellent TV series for you and your tween to enjoy. So, grab a blanket, dim the lights, and get the popcorn in the microwave to settle down for a night of action, mystery, and romance! Depending on which show you watch of course.

Simon Lewis

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