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7 Best Dorm Room Safes To Protect Your Valuables

The last topic you may be considering as a new semester begins is the security of your college residence.

Living in a dorm, where there are so many people around you, including your classmates, hallmates, and student assistants, leaves you and your valuables at risk.

7 Best Dorm Room Safes To Protect Your Valuables

55.4% of the 38,100 recorded campus criminal incidents in 2017 comprised robberies, burglaries, or thefts of motor vehicles, as per Campus Safety and Security.

Having a safe in a dorm room is a terrific method to ensure the safety of your belongings. The top 7 dorm room safes are described in the following paragraphs.

Tips For Security In Dorm Rooms

While locking your door will help prevent security threats, the majority of college campus dorm rooms have classic keyed locks, which provide an instant security danger in the event that lost or missing keys are found.

The five following college dorm security suggestions will help you safeguard yourself and your stuff if your campus hasn’t yet switched to keyless door locks:

1. Consistently Keep Your Windows And Doors Locked

Yes, there are conveniences to living in a dorm. While you’re away, your dorm room is left exposed, leaving one’s valuable belongings, laptop and devices, textbooks, or wallets easily accessible for potential thefts. 

It’s so simple to head down the hallway for a short discussion, to use the showers, and to get a snack from the machines without stopping to think about locking the dorm room door. 

Sadly, many people are capable of committing crime, and not all crimes are carried out by total strangers. 

The easiest way to make sure you and your belongings are safe is to keep the door and windows secured at night or when you’re away, even if you’re only running across the corridor for a moment. 

With classmates, flatmates, and peers continuously coming and going, it’s essential to keep the dorm room safe at all times.

2. Install Security Cameras In Dorm Rooms

There is probably a lot of foot movement in your dorm room throughout the day.

You can simply monitor your dorm safety and make sure your possessions are safeguarded even when you’re not there by implementing dorm security cameras. 

You can record high-definition audio and video at any time of day and stream captured footage live from your phone with wireless motion-activated security cameras like the VistaCam 700, enabling you to always be on the lookout for unauthorised intruders. 

If something disappears, installing a dorm surveillance camera is a terrific method to keep oneself safe. 

Because you probably won’t be able to screw into walls to place wired surveillance cameras, etc., be certain to consult with your campus’s dorm policies to make sure you’re in compliance with the residential laws and regulations.

3. Keep All Valuables Locked Up In A Safe

Think about purchasing your own private safe to keep your belongings in as an additional measure of dorm protection. While you and your roommate(s) may get along, you might not have full control over who they bring to your room. 

You may be confident that nothing will ever happen to things that are most important to you by locking up your safe with expensive items like jewellery, gadgets, cash, credit cards, etc.

4. Use A Security Bar

Since conventional keyed door locks are still used in most dorms, it makes sense that students should be concerned about how any stolen, misplaced, or cloned keys might affect the security of their dorm rooms. 

If you are asleep, etc., you can stop potential undesirable intruders from accessing your room by employing a security bar as a protection mechanism.

5. Use Combination Locks To Protect Your Priceless Possessions

Students now have access to a wide range of secure storage solutions, such as lock boxes, vaults, locking cabinets, etc. 

Choose one of these storage alternatives for your more priceless assets and items, such as your devices, textbooks, assignments, sensitive papers, etc., if you have the space in your dorm. 

Even though locking up all of these things can seem excessive, having to buy new textbooks or repeat an assignment could cause you stress, take more time, and cost you more money.

You can also use combo padlocks to protect other important goods, such as your bike, closet, etc., and a laptop lock to secure your devices or expensive equipment, depending on your demands.

Top 7 Safes For Dorm Rooms

1. Vaultz Locking Storage Box

This safe is ideal for securing your things in your dorm room. This storage box will keep your belongings safe, whether they are your passport, computer, phone, or even cash. 

It has a sturdy design and two combination locks to safeguard valuables from theft and knocks and scratches. It also contains mesh netting for further organization and a safety cable for added security.

If it’s crucial, be prudent and store it in a Vaultz.

Main Features

  • Keep valuables in dorm rooms safe
  • A pair of combination locks
  • Includes a security cable
  • Organizational mesh netting

To locate Lock It Up options for all of your valuables, private and personal items, prescription medications, etc., search “Vaultz” on Amazon.

2. Arizona Green Tea Safe Can

Handmade with a genuine Arizona Green Tea container, useful for storing money and jewelry. Has an invisible screw off top, weighs as much as a filled can, and allows you to conceal valuables.

Very well constructed, hard to discern from the genuine item, excellent weight. The inside has a good breadth and is rather deep. Seals tightly to safeguard your possessions. 

3. Lock And Roll Portable Under Bed Safe

The ECR4Kids low profile, lockable mobile storage container is ideal for securely securing your possessions. 

College students who need to lock away their personal laptop, passport, purse, and any additional valuables will find it to be quite useful. Ideal for boats, RVs, and second houses as well. 

Roll the container beneath any typical bed frame after putting your belongings inside and locking the lid. includes a security cable with wire braid to fasten it to the bed or other permanent post. 

Main Features

  • Movable storage container with locks
  • Ideal for under-bed storage and is low profile.
  • Perfect for RVs, boats, dorms, vacation homes, and homes
  • Consists of steel cable to properly secure

4. Master Lock Personal Safe

This tiny, portable safe is perfect for protecting small valuables including sunglasses, MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras, gaming systems, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports, and cameras. Lock everything away. 

Lock up valuables by firmly wrapping the cable around a stationary object or around the safe. Cable functions as a handle for carrying. 

This personal safe is made of a sturdy, water-resistant material. comes with a set-your-own-combination feature for easy locking. has a port for charging cables and earbuds as well. The inner storage space is lined with shock-absorbing foam.


  • Ideal for leisure, campus, work, travel, or other occasions
  • Enduring water-resistant design
  • Create your unique combination for easy locking
  • Port for earbuds and charging cables
  • The internal storage compartment is lined with shock-absorbing foam

This is helpful in preventing someone from taking your belongings, but it won’t stop someone who is determined to rob you. Its goal is to stop people from grabbing things they might see out in the open.

5. AmazonBasics Security Safe

With the AmazonBasics secure safe, you can properly lock up your valuables. The small safe’s 0.5 cubic foot volume is ideal for holding a variety of items, such as legal papers, passports, jewels, cash, and more. 

Enjoy the sense of security that comes from knowing your valued and critical items are safe, whether you’re traveling for a lengthy trip or just attending work for the day.

Main Features

  • 0.5 cubic foot secure safe with two emergency override keys and an electronic lock
  • A steel structure with a carpeted floor to prevent dents and scratches; safe is not watertight or fireproof
  • Two live door bolts and stealthy hidden hinges; detachable internal shelf that is movable
  • Uses AA batteries, which are not included, and is reprogrammable; To mount the safe to the wall, floor, or shelf, four bolts are included.
  • Exterior dimensions are 13.8, 9.8, and 9.8 inches (L, W, and H); Interior dimensions are 13.5 by 8.75 by 9.5 inches (L, W, and H), and the door is about 2 inches thick.

This wonderful personal safe fits neatly on a nightstand, is simple to operate, and has two extra methods of opening if you forget your initial input code: a key entry option and a backup security code. 

There is enough space for a pistol and ammunition, as well as for passports as well as other necessary papers. can, if necessary, be bolted down.

6. The Club LB200 Vault Security Lock Box

This lock box is a part of Winner International’s premium The Club range of goods. intended to keep personal valuables concealed, safe, and secure. 

Winner International is dedicated to offering goods that address common safety and security needs.

When you buy a Club brand device, whether it be a steering wheel lock, a utility lock, a regular lock, or another safety necessity, you are purchasing peace of mind.

Main Features

  • Quickly fastens to your car’s seat mounts
  • Easily accessible, fits under most car seats, and is secured with a plaited steel cable (included)
  • Ideal for protecting goods inside of a car, hotel, campground, RV, office, and more
  • A fantastic location for keeping valuables including cash, phones, cameras, firearms, wallets, jewelry, keys, and more
  • Two keys are provided

It’s true that someone with the correct equipment could cut the cable or break the lock in a matter of minutes, however if they don’t have such tools, it won’t happen quickly. 

Since this unit cannot be fastened with bolts, a cable is utilized to anchor it to a bigger, heavier object. Additionally, a connector is included that can be used to lock the unit without a connection.

7.  DormVAULT

With a sophisticated, svelte, vertical design that makes intelligent use of color, material changes, and surface textures, Dormvault outperforms conventional safes.

A bracket on the Dormvault fastens to L-shaped shelves, bunk beds, furniture posts, and bed frames. 

In the event that installing brackets is not possible, a security cable is offered as an option. The spacious 11″ x 8″ x 4″ interior of the Dormvault features two movable shelves as well as a door pocket for holding tablets, e-readers, or paperwork. 

The low profile molded hinge and door ribs both increase strength. designed to safeguard your possessions during college life. Simple to use, contemporary design. Dormvault safes have been bought by over 100,000 clients. 

Main Features

  • Dormvault is the only safe created specifically for college living. It is attached to furniture using a unique mounting system
  • The door is closed with a lock cover made of engineered polycarbonate
  • Easily install without tools
  • Flexible access is made possible through adjustable trays

With a streamlined elegant vertical design that uses a simple form with modest added dynamics including a tasteful use of color, material changes, and surface textures, Dormvault outperforms conventional safes.

The product seems more refined and crisp because of the variety of surface textures.

College Security

Each fall, nearly 20 million individuals go to college, many of them are unaware of the dangers and threats they can encounter if they are not vigilant or well-prepared.

In fact, the majority of students—and even some parents—believe that their campus is a secure area cut off from the outside world. That, however, is very far from the truth.

Every day, crimes take place on college campuses.

Even some of the safest communities and college campuses in America have some level of crime, which can range from robberies and assaults to bullying and stalking.

Therefore, nobody is exempt from safety issues.

Because of this, it’s crucial for students—especially freshmen—to understand how to keep safe while away at college. 

Parents need to have a conversation with their college children on how to be conscious of their surroundings, including topics like using Uber safely after a night out, keeping personal belongings safe, and employing a buddy system while going out. 

Here are a few crucial safety lessons parents should teach their students before college starts.

They will probably spend most of their time in their apartment or dorm, apart from lectures and the library. Additionally, it is where they will keep the majority of their goods, including laptops, televisions, money, jewelry, and more. 

It is crucial that your student understands the significance of dorm safety and puts it into practice for this reason. Here are some guidelines for staying safe on campus and in the residence halls.

1. Keep A Closer Eye Out At Night

It is obviously ideal if the student does not travel the campus while alone at night, particularly frequently. 

They should arrange to study with others and depart as a group instead. Consider purchasing some safety gear they may keep on their bag, such as pepper spray or perhaps a high-voltage lamp, in case they do have to cross campus alone.

The personal safety software Noonlight, which was created especially for students, is another method of defense. Students open the app and press the safe button while on their own while walking.

The app will alert local authorities of their location if they remove their thumb while in need of assistance or in danger and do so without entering a pin. If emergency assistance is required, a quick-tap assistance button is also available.

2. Be Familiar With The Area

Make sure your student is always aware of their destination and means of transportation before leaving the residence hall or campus. 

It rarely turns out well when you try to wing it. Instead, they should utilize a GPS, download the campus map, and move around busy spots. Prior to the first day, it really doesn’t hurt to practice going to and from classes.

Make sure your student is also aware of the campus security office and how to use the campus security phones. A shuttle service is offered by several colleges up to one mile from the campus. Your student ought to utilize these services.

3. Be Discreet On Social Media

It’s critical that your child refrain from posting any personal information on social media, such as where they live in the dorm, their class schedule, or any other facts that could reveal to a criminal when or where to find them.

College students are subject to the same safety regulations as high school students.

4. Tell People Where You Are Going

Encourage your teen to stay in touch with both you and their pals on a regular basis, especially if they’re going someplace alone or out on a first date. 

They should inform someone of their whereabouts, their companions, and their expected return time. In this manner, if they do not return when they promised, people will be able to investigate the matter and assist them if necessary. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has been helpful to you in finding a safe for your dorm room and providing you with some additional safety and security information for when you start college.

College is a really exciting time in a young person’s life, but it’s crucial to think about protecting yourself and your belongings in this new environment.

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