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24 Beautiful Prom Hairstyle Ideas And Accessories

If you ask any high school girl what the most important night of her life is, she will almost certainly say prom night.

High school prom is the social event of the year, and students often spend months planning their outfits and looks.

24 Beautiful Prom Hairstyle Ideas And Accessories

On prom night, every girl wants to look and feel like a princess.

From finding the perfect dress and fabulous shoes to wearing the very best makeup and choosing the right hairstyle, there is a lot that goes into creating the perfect prom outfit.

This year’s prom hairstyles provide something for everyone, whether you want a gorgeous braided updo or flowing curls with a bohemian flair.

The days of wearing a boring hairdo to prom are long gone.

Fresh flowers, crystals, and beautiful clips with a hint of shine are just some of the great decorations that can be found in this season’s fresh and attractive designs.

No matter how you decide to style your hair, you should make sure that it is a representation of who you are and what you like, as well as what is comfortable for you and what causes you to feel like the most incredible version of yourself.

Remember, this is your day to shine!

Here are some of the best hairstyles to try out this prom season, as well as some hair accessories to add if you want to draw even more attention to the look.

1. Elegant And Timeless Soft Braid Interwoven With Wisps

Updos are the best option to choose if you want to display the back of a stunning dress.

Wearing a lovely updo with a gentle braid that frames the face, will give you an elegant look that will make you feel like a princess all evening.

2. Updo with Glamorous Twists and Layers

Wearing a twisted and layered updo will make you feel like a Hollywood star since the style is beautiful, sophisticated, and intricate.

3. Stunning Half-Up Hairstyle With Loose Waves

Having an exquisite half-up hairstyle with gentle waves that almost have a beachy feel to them is simply wonderful.

It is stylish and sophisticated, but at the same time, it is easy enough that you can relax and not be concerned about having a million bobby pins in your hair.

4. A Braid On One Side with Gently Curled Hair

This is the perfect prom hairstyle for you if you have some very lovely jewelry that you’ve been wanting to show off! This hairstyle looks particularly stunning on long hair, but it is not difficult to modify at all for medium or even short hair.

5. Combining A Loose Fishtail Braid With A Soft Twist

This gently twisted hair with a playful fishtail braid is the cutest hairstyle imaginable for the girl who is trying for the no-fuss casually fashionable feel that she is striving for.

6. Relaxed Single Braid With Gentle Waves

This is the best prom hairstyle to show off your flawless shoulder-length hair if you’re searching for something cute and sophisticated.

A charming and easy look with a hint of a boho style may be achieved by creating a casual single braid and adding a few gentle beach waves.

7. A Loose Woven Bun With Curly Strands

This hairdo is breathtaking, and it would be ideal for a springtime prom because it is both understatedly beautiful and fancy at the same time.

8. High Ponytail

Nothing says “fun” quite like this easygoing, cheeky, yet in no way less cool haircut!

If you dress up this look with an exquisite dress and show-stopping jewelry, you’ll have achieved the ideal level of sophistication and style.

9. Fishtail With A Twist Garnished with Flowers

If your whole vibe screams boho and carefree, then this is the style for you! This intricately braided fishtail with fresh flowers is sure to make you the center of attention as soon as you step into the room.

Be sure to pick flowers that match the color of your dress for this look.

10. Alternating Crown Braids And Loose Curls

This look is guaranteed to turn heads all night long because of its undone curls and straightforward crown braid.

11. Angled Braid And Side Messy Bun

Braids never looked more beautiful! Try something a little bit unusual with this angled braid and off-center messy bun combination.

It’s sure to get you noticed. It’s lighthearted, enjoyable, and different from anything else!

12. Glitter Ponytail

While ponytails can be a bit boring, this hairstyle is anything but! This hairdo, which has elegant twists and just a touch of sparkle, is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially when the light catches it.

13. Half-Up Style With Loose Curls

The ultimate hairdo for prom is a lovely half-updo with magnificent cascading curls.

It is classy and appropriate for an evening out, but at the same time, it retains a certain air of ease that makes it appropriate for dancing the night away.

14. Gentle Bohemian Waves With A Touch Of Glam

Boho just got more lovely. This soft half-up hairstyle with gentle waves and a hint of crystal bling is the ideal prom hairstyle for ladies who appreciate the gorgeous understated appearance.

All you need is a few bobby pins and some hairspray to get this look. This hairstyle is sure to steal the spotlight!

15. Stunning Updo Featuring A Plain Braid And Flower Accents

This updo is truly stunning in its own right. This prom hairstyle has a short braid along the hairline, combined with an updo that has soft, airy curls and, fresh flowers scattered throughout the style.

16. Gorgeous Loose Upsweep Adorned with Crystal Accents

The prom hairstyles of this year offer something for everyone. We just adore the way the lovely curls are swept up and embellished with crystals. It is the epitome of femininity for those girly girls.

17. Half-Up Hairstyle With A Crown

A basic half-up hairdo with flowing waves may be transformed into a show-stopping appearance with the addition of a crystal crown.

This hairdo would look fantastic on you no matter what color dress you wear or what style it is.

18. Stunning Side-Swept Look With Loose, Flowing Curls

If you are wearing a garment that just covers one shoulder, this is the ideal hairdo to complement your outfit.

You may create a stunning style that is sure to get people’s attention by sweeping your hair to the side and then accessorizing it with a couple of crystal clips or a few fresh flowers.

19. An Untidy Fishtail Tucked Into A Low Bun

This is the ideal hairstyle for the prom since it is both beautifully elegant and has a touch of whimsicality. It also won’t get in the way as you party the night away on the dancefloor.

20. Timeless Wavy Ponytail

If they are done properly, ponytails have the potential to be lovely even in a formal event.

The typical ponytail is taken to a whole new level of beauty by this style, which has a crown with a small bouffant and gentle curls, as well as strands that frame the face.

21. Elegant Crown Braid

This stunning crown braid will look that frame your face while keeping your hair out of the way and will look beautiful with any outfit.

22. A Lax Side-Sweep With Just A Hint Of Sparkle

This wonderfully stunning loose side sweep with a lovely crystal clip is sure to dazzle your date while also providing the perfect opportunity to display the back of your dress.

23. Boho-Chic With A Loose Pin Arrangement And Baby’s Breath Flowers

This hairstyle has a spectacular appearance that is guaranteed to draw a lot of attention on prom night. It is not that complicated to do either!

All you need are a few bobby pins that are strategically placed and a lovely string of crystals.

24. Chignon That Is Both Elegant And Effortless

You can never go wrong with a stunningly smooth chignon since it is at once elegant, traditional, and sophisticated.

Beautiful Hair Accessories For Prom Night

A Headband

A shimmering headband may give a traditional “girl next door” appearance a dash of sparkle and sophistication. To complete the look, pull your hair into a basic bun and then gently position the band on top.

Use a curling wand to create volume in your hair, and then gently undo a few strands that frame your face. When you look in the mirror, you’ll see a beautiful young woman staring back at you, and you’ll feel like the prom queen.

Statement Piece

Updos are a staple at prom nights for a good reason – they are extremely beautiful, drawing your hair up and away from your neck.

Complete your bombshell prom night beauty look with a spectacular hairpiece that will grab everyone’s attention.

Flower Crown

A flower crown is a perfect way to call back to the hippy, flower crown era of the past.

With such a flawless look for the prom, there is no question that you will make your prince charming fall head over heels in awe of you.


Ribbons are an accessory that will never go out of style and exude an air of romance.

You just need to twist it around a plaited bun for it to work its magic on your hair, and then watch as your prom date’s jaw drops as you make your grand entrance.


If you are stuck for ideas on how to style your hair for prom night, then try out some of the styles above to see which one looks best with your whole outfit.

No matter which one you pick, you are sure to feel like a princess on prom night!

Simon Lewis