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30 Amazing Nurse Graduation Cap Ideas To Try

Whether you are just about to start your first year of nursing school or you have already earned your degree… congrats!!

Even just getting started is a huge accomplishment, but graduating is a moment to be very proud of

30 Amazing Nurse Graduation Cap Ideas To Try

Considering how much time you’ve undoubtedly spent studying and taking tests, it’s likely that you haven’t given much thought to how you’re going to adorn your graduation cap on your big day.

To help you come up with some ideas and inspiration, we’ve made this list of 30 cap decoration ideas for nurses.

Take a look at what past graduates have made to give you some ideas for your own cap.

Graduation Cap Ideas

1. Little Miracles NICU Cap

This NICU nurse graduation cap is so adorable, you won’t believe that it was made by hand!

If you’re a bit of a girly girl, you’ll love how the sparkly background, black bow, and pink and white flowers come together to create such a beautiful design.

2. “I’ll Be Your Nurse” Cap

You’re going to be saying this line pretty much for the rest of your life, so you might as well get a head start on it now!

For some added decoration, add some flowers or other small ornaments.

3. “Good Things Come in Small Packages” Cap

This suggestion for a graduation cap design that’s perfect for a future nurse in a NICU is so adorable, don’t you think?

Grabbing some glitter paper, word stickers, and adhesive sheets of rhinestones would be all that you need to reproduce this project in a snap.

4. Friends Themed Cap

If you’re a fan of the television show Friends (and who isn’t?), you will immediately remember the yellow frame that was used for Monica’s peephole in her apartment.

The design you choose for your nursing school graduation cap could become an instant classic just like this.

5. A Lovely Day To Help Save Lives Cap

This is a particularly beautiful design for a nursing graduation cap. From the small 3D flowers to the ECG lines to the stunning blue theme, this is a very pretty cap design.

6. NCLEX Is Coming Cap

Fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones will without a doubt get this reference. In the show, House Stark would say their iconic line “Winter Is Coming” when they felt something bad would happen.

Similarly, the NCLEX is the one thing that recent nursing graduates dread more than anything else in the world.

When people see this hilarious concept for a nurse’s graduation cap, they won’t be able to hold in their laughter!

7. Funny Fixing Cuts Cap

This nursing school headgear does a great job of showcasing the more “glamorous” side of the profession.

Stick-on rhinestones, artificial flowers, and glitter letter stickers are all you need to recreate this hilarious nursing grad headgear.

8. “Busted Mine…” Cap

This is among the most well-known and well-liked humorous nurse graduation caps.

It seems that this “busted mine to save yours” cap is everywhere on Pinterest in a variety of iterations. It’s not only really funny but also very accurate!

9. “You Almost Lost Me..” Cap

You’ve made it this far despite the difficulty of nursing school.

This adorable and hilarious concept for a nursing school graduation cap is the perfect way to honor your accomplishment and show your pride for what you’ve done.

10. Shot Time Cap

This cap is very funny because it works on two levels, you can now officially celebrate your graduation from nursing school by getting your shots and also having a few drinks!

Get it? This nursing school graduation cap is not only amusing but also quite simple to recreate.

11. A-FIB Cap

Who doesn’t love a good pun? This A-FIB graduation headgear is not only humorous but also extremely well-designed and presented.

People will really appreciate all of the careful attention to detail that you put into the flowers and the several nursing symbols, but you can make this design as simple or as complicated as you want.

12. RN Journey Cap

This phrase for nurses to put on their graduation caps is brilliant since it conveys not just one but two different ideas.

It’s not only a perfect reminder of the long and difficult road that you took to complete nursing school, but it also references the little ones who you will be helping once you begin your career.

13. “Be The Change…” Cap

How much nurses do to help people all over the world cannot be understated.

Because of this, the famous phrase “be the change you want to see in the world” is perfect to add to your graduation cap.

14. Nearly There Cap

The completion of your nursing education puts you one step closer to achieving your dream of becoming a nurse. Show this off through your cap decorations.

15. “She Laughs Without Fear” Cap

This Bible quote is perfect for many situations, but we feel that it works especially well for graduating nurses.

Going into nursing is very daunting, but going in fearless is the best way to be.

16. ER Nurse Cap

On this graduation cap, the lower words read, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Nurses are the epitome of selflessness and dedication to the care of others.

You can make your own version of this motivational graduation headgear by using some cursive letter stickers and some stick-on jewels in a variety of colors.

They used this rhinestone diamond ribbon as the border around the piece, but you can decorate it to your own style.

17. Nursing Stickers Cap

Putting a variety of nursing-themed stickers on your graduation cap is a simple but lovely way of decorating it.

18. Angels Holding Stethoscopes Cap

This concept for a nursing graduate is really inventive! We think it’s absolutely brilliant that they made the stethoscope out of contrasting black and white jewels.

Stick-on rhinestones are an easy way to reproduce this effect.

19. Glam Nurse Cap

Who says that nurses can’t be glam sometimes? We adore how this nursing graduation headgear manages to be both straightforward and glamorous.

To make a super adorable adornment for a graduation cap, all you need to do is glue some letters onto a glittery background. To make it look like an ECG line, you can decorate it with some rhinestones.

20. PEDS Nurse Cap

This is such a cute and creative concept for a graduation cap for a pediatric nurse.

The letters ask, “who says we have to grow up?”, which is an appropriate question for PEDS nurses to wonder given their job.

21. Floral Design Cap

We really love the floral pattern on this nurse’s graduation cap. It’s uncomplicated, elegant, and will stand the test of time!

This appears to have been printed or hand-made using metallic gel markers and black paper.

22. ABCD Cap

If you graduated from nursing school, you’ll be very familiar with the basic components of care. This funny take on that standard procedure is one of our favorite designs.

Stick-on pearls, pink and black word stickers, and three-dimensional craft flowers are all you need to make your own version of this graduation cap design.

23. “Educated Dealer” Cap

You have to agree that this is quite hilarious, don’t you think?

Since you have recently graduated from nursing school, it’s safe to conclude that you are now an educated professional in prescribing medicine.

24. “I’m Very Hygenic” Cap

What a creative and hilarious concept for graduation headgear for nurses!

Even though we all know that nurses are responsible for loads more than simply making sure they properly wash their hands, we have to admit that this is rather funny.

25. NCLEX And Chill

This very funny cap design is a pun on the phrase “Netflix and chill”. Your fellow graduates will almost certainly have some good laughs once they see this design.

All you require is some red glitter paper, some white letter stickers, some black letter stickers, and the nursing symbol.

To create an effect similar to that of the Netflix logo, you will stack the black and white stickers one above the other.

26. Nap Pun Cap

This play on words is adorable and will have you and your friends in fits of laughter. Those who have successfully completed nursing school have absolutely deserved a snooze!

You may make your own version of this hilarious graduation cap concept by using gold and black text stickers, 3D flower stickers, and any background color you want.

You could even make it match your school colors to show pride in your school.

27. “Until It’s Done, It Seems Impossible” Cap

The uplifting message on this graduation cap is appropriate for anyone graduating from any academic program, but it particularly resonates with nursing students.

Nursing school is challenging, and there are times when it can feel like there is no way out of it. However, you have made it this far, and now you’re ready to get out there and begin your career helping others.

28. Return Of The Nurse Cap

Nursing school is incredibly difficult, and it’s possible that during your time in school, you faced a number of challenges and failed at certain things.

But you still managed to earn your diploma despite all of that! This motivational idea for a graduation cap lets you celebrate both the good and the bad times in your life.

29. “Giving Hope” Cap

The nurses who work in emergency situations are true heroes. They are there to help individuals make it through the most difficult times of their lives.

That is pretty much summed up by this graduation cap, isn’t it?

30. Daring NICU Nurse Cap

You’ve certainly had a lot of exciting experiences while you were in nursing school, but the fun isn’t over yet!

Now is the time to begin the true journey that lies ahead of you as you pursue a career as a nurse.

A white fabric marker, gold letters, artificial flowers, and some stick-on pearls are all you need to duplicate this stunning graduation cap.


If you’re graduating from nursing school soon, then congratulations! Once exams are over you can finally give thought to how to decorate your graduation cap.

Take a look at the many examples above if you need a bit of inspiration for how to personalize your graduation cap.

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