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33 Amazing Food Ideas That Are Perfect For Guests At A Graduation Party

If you are hosting a graduation party then you need to make sure that your menu is worthy of the celebration.

33 Amazing Food Ideas That Are Perfect For Guests At A Graduation Party

We have put together this list of the most amazing food ideas that will impress your guests. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Classic Bruschetta

It might seem simple, but a classic bruschetta is a sophisticated and elegant party food. It’s something that everyone will love and it is easy to eat with your fingers.

The flavors are fresh and light and also very versatile, so this dish will go with all of the different foods that you will be serving at your party.

2. Crescent Roll Hot Dogs

Crescent roll hot dogs are a fun and easy food to make for a graduation party. They look appetizing and they taste great – a reminder of childhood. It takes 10 minutes to make and only 3 ingredients.

The crescent roll hot dogs are served on sticks which makes them really easy to eat with your fingers or standing up at a party.

3. Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pinwheels

Pinwheels are a really simple food to make for parties. The ingredients go a long way so they are also very budget friendly. The cream cheese is so tasty and contrasts perfectly with the salty bacon.

You can add as much shredded cheese as you want to, depending on how indulgent you want your pinwheels to be!

4. Sour Cream & Onion Dip

A party buffet is nothing without a good dip, and this one is super tasty. It is savory and punchy with onions, chives, garlic powder and onion powder. These strong flavors blend into the creamy dip.

You can serve it with cucumber, celery, apples, crackers, potato chips, bread, or whatever you fancy.

5. Buffalo Fries

These buffalo fries are perfect for sharing. They are easier to eat than buffalo wings, but they still have all of the same amazing flavors. The potato is tender and soft but with a crisp outside.

The sauce is hot and spicy and the blue cheese is tangy and strong. It’s a flavor sensation that your guests will adore.

6. Veggie Tray With Dip

Party food doesn’t all have to be cheesy, meat, and junk food. This healthy veggie tray is colorful and appetizing but is also super nutritious. You can include whatever vegetables you fancy, or whatever is in season.

You can also choose your favorite dips, but try and make sure there is a contrast. For example, one creamy dip and one tomato dip. This recipe uses a hummus dip which is really tasty.

7. Cheese Ball Bites

These cheese ball bites are a great addition to any party. They are fun and tasty, but nice and mild for anyone who wants to avoid spicy foods.

They can also be suitable for vegetarians if you leave out the bacon (but it does taste amazing with the cheese). The crunchy coating is made up of pecans and pretzels.

The salty and nutty flavors perfectly complement the different types of cheese.

8. Meatballs

A bowl of tender, juicy meatballs always go down well at a party. They are classic and simple, and you can flavor them with whatever you fancy. This recipe uses Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese to flavor the meatballs.

You can add a glaze, or serve the meatballs in a rich tomato sauce. Make sure you leave some cocktail sticks next to the meatballs so people can eat them with their fingers if they need to.

9. Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls are fun and tasty, and they are much easier to eat with your fingers than slices of actual pizza. This recipe uses an air fryer to make the cooking process even quicker and easier.

You might want to make a double batch, as these little pockets of cheese and tomato will be very popular at your graduation party.

There will be trapped steam inside the pizza pocket, so let them cool a little before you serve them or your guests could burn their mouths.

10. Pull Apart Garlic Pizza Bread

Whatever the question, garlic bread is the answer. This pull apart garlic bread is a great option for a party as guests can help themselves and eat it with their hands.

You can add other fillings too – this recipe uses pepperoni and red chili flakes to make the garlic bread even more delicious. It makes it similar to a pizza in flavor.

11. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Graduation is a celebration, and celebrations need cake. This cake is a classic recipe that people of all ages will love. It is soft, fluffy, and moist, just as a cake should be.

The pineapple is sweet and tangy, and the cherries add a lovely pop of color. This cake looks impressive but is actually pretty easy to make, so you will be able to balance it with the other food you need to prepare.

12. Fruit Kabobs

Colorful fruit kabobs are a great sweet option for a party buffet. They are sweet, juicy and healthy. You can serve them with dips if you want to – a yogurt dip, a chocolate dip, or a berry coulis.

You can switch up the fruit to use what is in season to ensure that you have the ripest, best tasting fruit available.

13. Spicy Apricot Wings

Chicken wings are super tasty and easy to eat with your fingers. This recipe uses a sweet yet spicy sticky glaze to flavor the chicken wings, with sriracha sauce and apricot jam.

The Chinese spices and fragrant ginger and garlic are totally irresistible, with zingy lime juice to tie all of the flavors together.

14. Oreo Cheesecake Bites

These oreo cheesecake bites are rich and creamy. They are perfectly bite-sized, which means that they are not too sickly. The oreo cookie acts as the base of the cheesecake and the delicious creamy filling sits on top.

It only takes 25 minutes to whip up these tasty treats and your guests will love them.

15. Hormel Chili Dip With Nachos

You only need three ingredients to make this spicy, cheesy dip. It is rich and addictive, and packed with flavor.

It is best served with potato chips or corn chips, but if you want to be healthy you can serve them with veggie sticks instead. You could also serve it with some steak slices or sausage pieces to dip in the sauce.

16. Ham & Cheese Pinwheels

Another pinwheel recipe – this time a classic combination of ham and cheese. Instead of using a flour tortilla, it uses crescent roll dough.

As well as the ham and cheese, the pinwheels are flavored with garlic powder, parsley, and a poppy seed garnish. They are simple but tasty and suitable for everyone to enjoy.

17. Blueberry Scones

If you want to add a touch of class to your special celebration then you should make these blueberry scones. You can serve them with butter, jam, cream or all of the above!

They are sweet but not too sickly, tart but not too sour, and perfectly crumbly and buttery. They are finished off with a vanilla glaze which makes them even more delectable.

18. Garlic Bread Pizza Dip

You will love this amazing, cheesy dip served inside a ring of delicious garlic bread. It is topped with pepperoni slices which makes it look and taste, just like a pizza.

This is a fun appetizer that your guests can get stuck into. Make sure you leave plenty of napkins on the table as it could get a little messy!

19. Pickle Sliders

These pickle sliders only take 15 minutes to make and they are really adorable. They taste like burgers, with delicious ground beef, mustard, ketchup and seeds.

The fillings are placed between two slices of pickle instead of a burger bun. This makes it low carb and also something fun and unusual. If you want to make them easier to eat, poke a cocktail stick through the center of each one.

20. Sloppy Joes

Everyone loves sloppy joes and this recipe will not disappoint. The beef mixture is succulent and tender in a delicious sauce. The worcestershire sauce brings out the rich flavor of the meat and gives the sauce a savory flavor.

This recipe uses provolone cheese which is mild and melts easily. You can use whatever type of cheese is your favorite. Make sure you taste the sauce to check that it is seasoned to your liking.

21. Taco Dip

If you want to make something that is going to really impress your guests then this seven layer taco dip will certainly do the trick. The bottom layer is refried beans flavored with taco seasoning.

On top of this is a mixture of cream cheese and sour cream. Salsa is spread evenly on top. Next, mix together crisp lettuce with fresh chopped tomatoes, green pepper and green onions.

Scatter this on top of the salsa, then add a layer of shredded cheese. The final layer is a garnish of sliced black olives.

22. Classic Icebox Cake

This icebox cake looks really impressive and tastes fantastic. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare, and then you leave it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, or overnight if you have time.

This recipe makes enough cake for 8 portions, so you could double the ingredients if you have lots of guests coming to your graduation party. Garnish the cake with crumbled cookies to make it look even more appetizing.

23. Easy Chili Party Ring

This chili ring is so delicious and it looks amazing. A ring of crescent roll hot dogs surround a lake of delicious beef chili. This is topped with an obscene amount of melted cheese.

Your guests will be able to break off the crescent hot dogs and dip them into the comforting chili, as the melted cheese strings and stretches. They won’t be able to get enough.

24. Texas Trash

This party snack might not sound appetizing, but it really is. It has a crunchy texture, a punchy garlic flavor, and a buttery finish. It is savory, salty, spicy, and only takes 5 minutes to make.

It includes various cereals, pretzels, and nuts in a big bowl – if you can serve them in individual bowls. One of the great things about this recipe is that you can customize it to include your favorite savory snacks.

25. Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes

Whether it’s a graduation party, a birthday party, a Christening or an anniversary, vanilla cupcakes will always be a good choice. This recipe shows you how to make the perfect vanilla cupcakes that you can use for any occasion.

You can decorate them in whatever way you want. Why don’t you try making fondant graduation caps to decorate the cakes, or some graduation scrolls. You could also spell out a congratulatory message using the cupcakes.

26. Macarons

Macarons are associated with elegance, class and sophistication. They can be tricky to make, but this recipe makes it as simple as possible. Once you get the hang of it you can experiment with different flavors.

These dainty treats look wonderful piled up on serving trays at a party, or given as individual favors to your guests. Make sure you whip the egg whites up enough so that they are stiff, holding the mixture together.

27. Bang Bang Shrimp

If you want to include a seafood dish on your buffet menu then this recipe is ideal. The shrimp is succulent and tender, and the crispy coating has the perfect texture.

Everyone will love the sweet chili sauce, and you can make it as spicy or as mild as you want depending on your personal taste (or what you think your guests can handle).

If you want to make them even more special, skewer the shrimp with bell peppers and serve them on a platter.

28. Hot Crab Dip

Another seafood option you could use for your party spread is this wonderful crab spread. Some people avoid cooking with crab because it can be tricky to get the flavors and the textures right, but this recipe makes it really easy.

The tabasco sauce adds a great kick of spice that really compliments the delicate flavor of the crab. The dip is baked in a skillet until the cheese is bubbling and melted.

29. Ritz Cracker Canapes

Ritz crackers are the perfect base for canapes. Finger food is ideal for parties, and it can be very elegant.

You could try making shrimp and guacamole bites, jalapeno popper crackers, or a sweet canape like chocolate and raspberry bites, or strawberry cheesecake bites.

It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to put together canapes and they are a great way to kick off a party.

30. Mozzarella Sticks

You could serve store bought mozzarella sticks at your graduation party, or you could make your own. They taste so much better and they are healthier too!

The crispy coating is the perfect texture to contrast the soft cheese that is melty and creamy. It is best to use sticks of strong cheese rather than fresh mozzarella for this recipe, as they will hold their shape a lot better.

31. Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

Sometimes it can be difficult to slice a cake and serve it in the middle of a party. A great alternative to this is to make cake balls.

They look just as good as a full size cake, but they are really easy to eat with your fingers and you can make them in different flavors. You can decorate them with colored sprinkles to continue the theme of celebration.

32. Jalapeno Popper Wonton Bites

This recipe is a different take on jalapeno toppers. The crispy wonton cup is the perfect vessel for the tasty fillings – salty bacon, spicy jalapenos, soft cream cheese, and melty cheddar cheese.

They will disappear fast so you may want to make a double batch!

33. Grilled Ranch Potatoes

A potato side dish is a great addition to your party food as it can be enjoyed alongside all sorts of different recipes. These potatoes have a delicious ranch topping that is mild yet flavorsome.


These recipes will help to make your graduation a big success. Your guests will be totally impressed with the flavors and will certainly be left satisfied.

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