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All The Best Activities For Your Next Sleepover With Friends

Sleepovers with friends are the perfect opportunities to make memories and have a great time.

Whether it’s a special occasion or just for some fun on the weekend, you’ll probably be planning some activities or ways to keep the group entertained whilst they are at your house.

All The Best Activities For Your Next Sleepover With Friends

The sleepover host may feel some pressure to keep their guests entertained, especially if they have different interests. However, there are a few different activities that will be fun for everyone! 

In this article, we are going to list the best and most fun activities for you and your friends to do at your next sleepover

Fun Teenage Sleepover Ideas

All the ideas we’ve featured here can be adapted depending on the age and size of the sleepover group.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to planning the perfect sleepover, sometimes the simple activities are the best and most entertaining. 

Sleeping Arrangement Ideas

Depending on the size of the group of teens that are staying for the sleepover, you might be confused as to where they will sleep.

The first rule of sleepovers is to make sure your guests bring enough bedding with them if you don’t have a good supply. 

When it’s a big group, move the furniture out of the way in your living room and spread cushions and pillows on the floor so your guests can find a comfy spot to set-up their beds.

Another idea, weather permitting, can be to camp outside! There’s nothing better than looking up at the stars around a campfire with your friends in the summer months.  

If you want to put in some extra effort to make the sleepover special, you can camp inside!

Making a den is something that often reminds us of childhood, but it doesn’t have to stop when you’re a teen.

Grabbing blankets, chairs, cushions, and a bunch of other items to make a den fit for a sleepover. 

Teen Activities Involving Tech

No matter how hard you try to keep the screen time to a minimum, teens just want to have fun (with social media).

At some point phones are going to be out, so why not make the most of them? 

  • TikTok challenges: this is probably something you don’t need to explain at a teen sleepover, but if you’re really stuck for ideas then remind everyone of the thousands of challenges that can be found on the app and encourage them to make their own. 
  • Create a photo studio: creating an in-house photo studio is a little more work than some of the other ideas but is great for special occasions. 

You can do this with a white bed sheet hung up and some props that you have around the house.

There are a number of inexpensive packs you can buy online too. Grab a phone and a tripod and you’re ready to go! 

  • Movie night: movie nights are a classic sleepover pastime. Get everyone plenty of pillows, blankets, and other cozy items to snuggle up with. If you have a projector, this is the perfect opportunity to dust it off and bring it out. The most important thing for this activity is the snacks! Make sure there are plenty of options. 
  • Video game marathon: if you have a video game console in your house such as an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Wii then you can set-up a den to play video games somewhere in your house. Fill it with pillows, beanbags and a ton of snacks and drinks for them to feast on whilst they compete against each other. 

Teen Party Games

All The Best Activities For Your Next Sleepover With Friends

Party games can be played by all ages, but some are more suited to teens than others.

Dig out a bunch of your board games and see if they are interested in playing any of them. If not, why not try one from this list. 

  • The cereal box game: all you need for this game is a large cereal box and a pair of scissors. Players take it in turns to pick up the empty cereal box with just their mouths! After everyones had one turn, cut a strip off the top of the cereal box to make it lower and more challenging.

When a player can’t successfully pick it up twice in a row, they are out. Keep going until one winner remains. 

  • Escape room at home: there are a number of different free and paid escape rooms online that will keep the sleepover crows entertained for hours. Everything you need will be listed in the instructions of the particular escape room you choose. You may need to push some furniture back to make space for larger groups.
  • What do You Meme TikTok edition: if you don’t already have this game, then we highly recommend purchasing it! It can be a great game to play over and over, for all ages. 

Make memes out of your favorite TikTok creators and have a laugh doing it with this party game.

Due to the age rating, it’s advised that this game be played by older teens. 

Teen Cooking Activities

If the sleepover group are a bit cooking mad or just enjoy getting creative with food, then why not indulge this and put-on some food related activities?

This also helps to give teens a little more experience in the kitchen!

It doesn’t have to be a super messy affair if you plan accordingly, if it’s nice out you can even set-up the activities on the garden table. 

  • Make your own pizza party: this activity kills two birds with one stone as it keeps everyone entertained and also means they are making their own dinner (supervised of course). With some pre-made pizza bases, plenty of tomato sauce, and bowls full of different toppings everyone will enjoy getting stuck into making their own pizza. 
  • Cupcake decorating: similarly to pizza making, cupcake decorating is a fun way to pass an afternoon. The group can either make the cupcakes themselves or decorate pre-made cupcakes. Ensure there are plenty of different sprinkles, icing, and fun edible toppings such as candy to experiment with. 

This activity should probably come with a sugar warning. Things may get hyper!

  • Blind taste testing: everyone must have done this at some point in their childhood, whether with friends or cousins late at night when you’re overtired and can’t stop giggling. Take it in turns to blindfold someone and have them try different foods you place on a spoon so they can guess what they are. 

Try not to be too mean to each other and watch out for any allergies. The last thing anyone wants at a sleepover is a trip to the emergency room. 

  • Create a sundae bar: ice cream can be a year-round treat if you want it to be. If the weather is good, you may want to do this one outside to avoid sticky floors and ice cream spills. With bowls full of toppings and plenty of sauce, let everyone go nuts with their own sundae toppings for a delicious sweet treat. 

We suggest using a plain vanilla ice cream as the base of the sundae to avoid an overly sickly flavor. 

  • Make smores: who doesn’t love s’mores?! These tasty treats are perfect for any occasion, especially sleepovers. Getting everyone to pitch in and build a small campfire in the garden or assemble the smores in the kitchen is a great way to get everyone involved. 

Teen Beauty Activities 

A fun way to keep everyone busy for an afternoon or evening is to set-up some beauty activities.

These can be as simple as a mini nail painting salon (see also “Nail Ideas Perfect For Teens“) to a makeup bag full of goodies. 

  • Blind make-over game: the blind make-over game is a hilarious way to keep everyone entertained and have them laughing for hours. Splitting into pairs, each person takes it in turns to be blindfolded and puts make-up on the person in front of them. Once they’ve taken their blindfolds off, make sure to snap a quick photo!
  • Set-up a nail salon: getting your nails painted or painting them yourself can be a great confidence booster! Why not set-up a mini nail salon at the kitchen table filled with loads of different nail polish colors and tools that are needed to give you that fresh nail feeling? And of course, plenty of nail polish remover too. 
  • At Home Spa Treatments: keeping in theme with the beauty treatments, why not give some spa treatments a go. These don’t have to be complex, they can be as simple as a cucumber on the eyes, sheet masks, and foot baths to make everyone feel relaxed and pampered. If you’re stuck for ideas then have a look at this list.   

Themed Sleepovers

Themed sleepovers are super fun! No matter the theme, this gives you a base to plan activities, decorations, and food around. 

Themes could include: 

  • Spay Day Sleepover
  • Hollywood Glam Sleepover
  • Movie Night 
  • Camp Out 
  • Pizza Night
  • Games Night
  • Halloween Fright Night 
  • Christmas Theme
  • Escape Room Theme

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of things for teenagers to do at sleepovers, you just need to use your imagination!

Most of these are inexpensive, you just need some delicious snacks to keep everyone going.

We hope you enjoy putting these ideas into practice and have a lot of fun doing it. 

Simon Lewis