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10 After School Activities For Bored Teens

Is your teenager feeling bored and under stimulated when they arrive home from school?

This is a very common issue, as sometimes our teenager’s interests aren’t always exclusive to the things they’re learning during the daytime.

10 After School Activities For Bored Teens

Many teenagers will need to participate in extracurricular activities in order to feel fulfilled. 

If you’ve noticed that your teen is feeling bored and unmotivated when they arrive home from school, perhaps it’s time to enroll them in some after school activities. 

These activities can encompass a whole host of different things, and you’re sure to find something here that would interest your teen.

Not to mention, after school activities can also help to boost college applications. 

To find an extracurricular activity that your teen would enjoy, keep reading, as we take a look at some options below. 

1. Chess Club 

Chess club is a great way to stimulate your teen’s brain, as well as helping them to build friendships with others who are interested in playing.

Chess has surged in popularity during the past few years, mainly because of the hit Netflix show, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. It is no longer regarded as a stuffy, boring activity. 

Chess is great for improving memory, analytical thinking, and self awareness, which are all transferable skills that can help your child in other cognitive activities too.

Many chess clubs will have teacher’s that can help take your teen from beginner to intermediate, where they’ll be able to compete with other players. 

Observing the more advanced player’s in the class can be highly beneficial too, and it’s a chance for your child to find motivation to improve. 

2. Performing Arts

Performing arts can be a great way for teens to express themselves. This is especially true if you have a teenager who’s very much in their own shell.

Performing arts can be an incredible way to build confidence, and build friendships with others. 

Not to mention, acting is a great way to improve your teen’s cognitive skills. Remembering lines can help to improve memory, as well as improving timing. 

We all know that the teenage years can be tricky, and often our children are going through a lot of different emotions. Performing arts can be a great way to express these emotions, and ‘let it all out’. 

If standing center stage really doesn’t appeal to your teen, working backstage in a theater production can also be incredibly rewarding.

Working on costumes or set pieces are great options for people who are creatively minded. 

3. Learn A Language

A great option for bored teens is to learn a new language. This means that they don’t even need to move from the comfort of their own bedroom if they don’t want to.

There are some physical classes out there that teach in person, but if this isn’t an option, there are thousands of courses on the internet. 

In Europe, around 90 percent of the population can speak another language, but in the US, this number falls at just 20.

This means that kids are missing out on the option of making connections with people from other countries, as well as narrowing their career options in the future. 

A good way to approach this with your teenager is by asking them which country they’d really like to visit in the future.

Then, learning the language of this country can be a stepping stone for the future, and a source of motivation. 

4. Volunteer Work

10 After School Activities For Bored Teens

Many people think volunteer work is only beneficial for putting on college applications, but this simply isn’t the case.

It’s a chance for your teen to do something fulfilling and beneficial for the community, as well as build their self esteem. 

Volunteering can be a great way to help your teen’s emotional development. Assisting in the community, and witnessing the hardships of others can be a great tool for practicing empathy (see also “What Is Empathy Diversity Training?“).

Appreciating what they have and the life they lead is integral in terms of emotional maturity. 

Volunteer work can encompass a whole host of different things, from serving food, packing food, and making meaningful conversation with the less fortunate. 

If your teen has a particular interest in animals, you could look for some volunteering opportunities in local animal shelters. 

5. Partake In Sports

Another great option for bored teens is to partake in a sporting activity. If they’re feeling bored and lackluster, sport can be a great way to get rid of all of the extra energy they’re harboring. 

Sports are incredibly important for good mental health, so if you feel like your teen isn’t getting enough exercise, this might be a good option to talk about.

Participating in sports can help to relieve stress, as well as release endorphins that can generally make you feel happier. 

Most highschools will have an array of different sporting activities for your teen to participate in, so there will be plenty of options whilst choosing.

It’s a good idea to get involved in a team sport outside of school, so that you can meet other people who share the same interests. 

Building a sense of team spirit can also help to improve your teen’s confidence, and give them a sense of belonging outside of the family unit. 

6. Reading 

If your teenager shows an interest in reading, it’s a good idea to fuel this interest, and offer to purchase some books that they can enjoy.

Perhaps your teen is feeling bored, but they don’t particularly feel like going outdoors either? If this is the case, reading can be a great way to quell boredom. 

There are so many different categories of books out there, that there is bound to be something that your teen will enjoy.

Many schools will have assigned reading from English classes, and oftentimes, students find that these don’t interest them at all. 

Showing your teen that there are thousands of other books out there that might appeal to them, and allowing them to choose what they’re interested in, can help to broaden their horizons. 

Reading can help to develop a number of different skills, including empathy, by seeing things from another character’s perspective.

As well as this, it can help to improve grammar, and expand their vocabulary. 

7. Babysitting 

Babysitting jobs are a popular option for teenagers, because it allows them to serve the community in a way, whilst earning some pocket money in the process.

It can be incredibly difficult for some parents to find childcare, so employing local teenagers is a popular option for many people. 

Babysitting can help develop your teen’s confidence, as they undertake a sense of responsibility.

They can help out with the younger children’s homework, as well as setting boundaries, and generally supervising them 

8. Learn An Instrument 

10 After School Activities For Bored Teens

Learning how to play a new musical instrument can be a great option for bored teens after school. Start out by asking them what they’d be interested in playing, then simply go from there.

Learning a new instrument actually helps to develop a portion of the brain, and continual practice can improve cognitive abilities massively. 

It’s also an opportunity for your teen to get involved in something which is personal to them.

Reaching milestones along the learning process can be incredibly rewarding too, and help to give them a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

9. Tutoring

Does your teen exceed in one particular subject area? If so, this might be a great opportunity for them to help other students through tutoring.

Helping other people with something that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about can be incredibly rewarding. 

It can also be rewarding for your teen in the sense that it gives the other students a sense of accomplishment too when they improve.

They have the chance to feel a sense of pride when their student reaches a certain milestone in their learning. 

10. Join A Robotics Team 

If your teen is particularly giften is science or matters of engineering, joining a robotics club can be a great way to allow their skills to flourish. 

These activities have become increasingly popular in recent years, and involve the building of robots to participate in competitions.

Robotics clubs are focused on innovation, and helping to let creativity flow. There are over four thousand robotics teams in the world, and regular tournaments are held. 

If your child gets to compete in tournaments, it’s a great opportunity for them to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there are a whole host of different after school activities that your teen can participate in.

Whether they’re interested in group activities that involve other people, or they’d rather do something meaningful as an individual, there is something out there to suit every teenager.
Simon Lewis